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Every link in the supply chain can use a good PR firm

Whenever you buy a vehicle, you buy the nameplate. Ford. Toyota. Chevrolet. BMW. Ferrari (lucky you). But you also buy what’s under the hood. Automotive assembly companies have an obvious need for public relations and advertising firms to help them... Read more

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When Your Customer is a Business…

When you have a phenomenal B2B product or service, you may wonder why business owners or managers aren’t beating down your door. You’ve done some great things, but it didn’t prompt the explosive growth you expected. The truth is —... Read more

PR can help automotive businesses break from the pack

The average age of a car on American roads is approaching 12 years old – higher than ever. For automotive businesses, this presents a golden opportunity — more parts and accessories to be sold to motorists with aging vehicles. Many... Read more

Take Franchise Development to the Next Level

You have a great business. It’s so great, in fact, that you franchised it. What’s next? Successful franchise development requires a different strategy than the one that grew your business in the first place. Yes, you need to spread the... Read more

PR provides preventive medicine for healthcare IT companies

Healthcare technology companies have a legal obligation to erect barriers to data breaches. They also should engage a healthcare IT public relations firm to develop a crisis plan in case breaches occur. Data breaches can be expensive and, in some cases... Read more

PR can protect the reputation you’ve built

Commercial construction companies don’t have to convince the general public they are worth hiring. Instead, they have to persuade other knowledgeable people in the industry they are trustworthy and reliable. For a construction company, reputation is the foundation of a... Read more

When it Comes to Public Relations, what is News?

When we think of the news, most of us picture breaking news broadcasts of shootings or political upheaval. That’s why some business owners say they don’t have any news to report (which is fortunate under those standards). But “news” includes... Read more

Playing matchmaker for automotive businesses

From the Model-T of yesteryear to today’s driverless cars, Americans have been infatuated with the automobile. And companies in the automotive industry have been wooing them the entire time. Sometimes suitors need help, however. An automotive public relations firm can... Read more

Crisis PR: Six things you should do if your company is hit with sexual misconduct allegations

Sexual harassment or misconduct allegations have felled figures ranging from a U.S. senator and a hip-hop mogul to a folksy radio host in recent memory. Some crisis-management firms are reaping the benefits as people – some not even yet accused... Read more

The Six Sigma basics of Manufacturing Public Relations

Improve the quality and efficiency of your B2B marketing budget with manufacturing PR As a business owner, you want to achieve real and measurable results, and you expect the same from your marketing and manufacturing public relations team. If you... Read more

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