Making the Right Impression with Manufacturing PR

In manufacturing, quality control is king. After all, who will keep buying defective products? Consistent quality should one of the top selling points of any business.

So, with all the time and spent making sure that your company’s products are defect-free, why isn’t it as much of a priority when it comes to your website and social content?

Content Marketing

The written word is one of the pillars of a great manufacturing public relations strategy. Content marketing helps generate leads and increases the visibility of your company in search engine rankings and on social media.

Expertly written content can be leveraged in many ways to boost your manufacturing company’s image:

  • White Papers: Showing how your company’s products help solve real-world problems for customers through a white paper is sure-fire way to generate leads. They must be written expertly and objectively in order to avoid being overtly self-promotional. But done right, white papers can help build your company’s credibility.
  • Blogs: By publishing regular blog content on your website, your company can educate potential customers about your products and increase its visibility. Regularly published blog content boosts your SEO and drives traffic to your website.
  • Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn are invaluable when it comes to reaching the decision-makers your company wants to target. Well-written social media posts can help draw much-needed attention to your brand.

Professional Help

The problem, though, is the content produced on behalf of your manufacturing company needs to be as defect free as its products. Nothing will turn off a reader more than poorly written, typo-filled material. In this context, it pays to make an honest assessment of whether your own in-house capabilities can produce quality content. In the words of the HubSpot staff on the top blogging mistakes:

Most people make the mistake of not editing their writing. It sounded so fluid in their head when they were writing that it must be great to read … right?

Nope — it still needs editing. And maybe a lot of it.

It can pay dividends for your company to partner with a manufacturing public relations agency like Ripley PR for content marketing services. Our experts have decades of experience developing compelling, informative, and professional content for clients. Let us help you integrate content marketing into an effective PR strategy to boost your manufacturing brand’s reputation and lead generation. Call (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to find out more.w

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4 Reasons to use Blogs to Promote Your Home Service Business

A blog is a special section of a website with tips, recommendations, commentary, and sometimes even personal stories to tell your customers and future customers about your home service company. Consistently posting new blog content is a great way to generate more audience engagement and web traffic. new blog post

Blogging is a valuable tool that should be a part of your home service public relations plan to get your message out to your audience. Adding to your blog will allow you to tell your company’s story on a digital platform. An online presence will be created and can make you an expert in your home service specialty.

As a home service company, having a blog section is a great place to offer DIY tips, warnings about common home service issues, company announcements, and tell customer stories.

Four reasons to add a blog to your website are:

  1. To engage with your audience and build a community of followers.
  2. To show that you are an expert in your home service specialty.
  3. To increase web traffic and search engine optimization (SEO).
  4. To promote the good that your company does.

A blog is a simple way to promote your business, and Ripley PR has a home service public relations team ready to create blogs that will increase your website’s visibility online. For more information, please contact Ripley PR at 865.977.1973 or visit our website to learn more.

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Time to Build a Better Social Media Blueprint

When it comes to sharing some of the largest or most complex projects your construction firm has recently taken on or finished, working with a team of PR pros who truly understands construction public relations is critical to getting the right exposure on social media.

construction public relations

Social media is one of the top ways that people are exposed to information. Ensuring that you’re positioning your company in the best light to gain the attention of decision makers and potential recruits is paramount to any modern company’s success.

Having the right strategy in place can mean the difference between your posts disappearing into the already crowded newsfeeds of your audience and getting the visibility you need. Whether it is sharing your firm’s progress on the latest sustainable office build or conducting delicate work on a historic structure, those are things that can grab the attention of your desired audience and showcase your company is a positive light.

Providing examples of interesting projects your team is working on can also be a great way to get in front of top talent for recruiting. When done correctly, taking a moment to brag about some of the amazing accomplishments your company has achieved may be the nudge that project manager or account executive you’ve been targeting needs to finally send in their resume.

Sharing big wins, milestones, and the status of awesome projects on social media channels can be very powerful tool when the right strategy is in place. The team of public relations pros at Ripley PR can help you create the perfect plan to get more eyes on your work and can also be one of the best ways to grow your winning team.

If you have more questions about construction public relations or best social media practices, visit and check out more of our blogs or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.

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Embrace Social Media to Market Your Home Service Business

It was over a decade ago when social media took the world by storm. With access to millions of people across the globe, news and information began quickly spreading to households through mobile devices. Over 10 years later, there are still some companies that have not embraced the change. Don’t let your home service business be one of them.

Social media platforms give home service companies the ability to promote their brand in a way that traditional marketing does not. While there is still value in spending thousands of dollars on advertisements and billboards, social media allows you to reach homeowners in your service areas who have their mobile devices readily available.

Here are a few benefits that your company can take advantage of when utilizing social media:

  • Visibility – Social media platforms help your company target customers with posts that will remain in front of your key demographics. Being able to have your brand message seen and heard by potential customers in your market is a major plus when it comes to growth. Promoting your company’s services and expertise will help establish your brand and further legitimize your position in your market. In addition, it can also increase website traffic if you incorporate links in your posts.
  • Customer engagement – Social media has empowered – and in some cases, enabled – people to voice their opinions no matter the topic. Home service companies can use this to their advantage. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow companies to interact with their customers and build strong, long-lasting relationships. Whether you are responding to a comment or providing how-to videos, home service companies can use social media to create brand loyalty.
  • Establish Credibility – Being recognized as a trusted local expert can go a long way in gaining customers and growing your company. Publishing blogs on your social media sites is a great way to build that credibility and trust. Delivering helpful content to customers will further establish you as the go-to individual whenever there is a question or need.

Are you ready to embrace social media? Ripley PR, a leading home service public relations agency, is here to help. We have over a decade of experience in the home service industry and understand your needs as a business. Our experts can provide insight on how to utilize your social media platforms while also providing expert-level content.

Give our professionals a call at (865) 977-1973 or reach out to us on our website. We would love to speak with you!

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3 Keys to Stronger Home Service Content Creation

How many times in the last decade do you think a customer opened Yellow Pages to search for your plumbing, electrical or HVAC company? The answer is probably 0.

We live in a digital world where an online presence is a must. There are limitless ways to grow your online presence, like regular content creation and driving engagement on social media. However, trying to juggle all of these things can be tough while also trying to run a home service business.

Partnering with a team of experts experienced in home service public relations, like those at Ripley PR, can give your business peace-of-mind and confidence by taking the burden of PR and digital content off your shoulders.

Here are three ways a seasoned partner can help build a stronger online presence for your home services business:

  1. Define a Strategy

Home Service Public Relations can help create engaging content.You can have a great social media team with creative ideas, but if nobody is on the same page, things will get messy. Defining an intentional strategy for content creation will make sure each member of your team is on the same page with likeminded goals, and it can help make sure your messaging is aligned on all platforms.

  1. Build Trust

Forming a rapport between your company and your audience is paramount to positive engagement. If your followers – or potential clients – don’t trust you, then why would they pay for your service? Making sure your followers feel comfortable around your brand is key. By promoting your people, culture, and values in addition to your product, your followers will be better able to relate to your brand.

  1. Branch Out from Social Media

It’s easy to stick to the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While the benefits of using the big social media sites are boundless, there are other opportunities for growth and engagement. Have you thought about blogs to drive better SEO? Creating and posting how-to videos for homeowners on your website? Integrating these into your overall strategy can take your online presence, content and reputation to the next level.

Let the team at Ripley PR handle your content and engagement. With decades of combined home service public relations experience, our team can create a strategy unique to the needs of your company and can help build the trust that your followers and potential customers seek.

We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website.

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PR is Franchise Brand-Aid

Franchise brands like yours could be sitting on top of untapped wells of public relations power and not even realize it. When it comes boosting your brand’s image, don’t underestimate the strength of putting the stories of your existing franchise location owners to work.

It’s pretty simple. Potential franchise business owners are hungry for stories about people who have already made the plunge into franchising and are benefiting from the fruits of their labors. They want to know that their dreams of business ownership can come true.

That means the stories of your franchisees are important building blocks for a successful franchise public relations campaign to raise interest in your brand. Each of your franchisees has a story that someone wants to know about. Their stories can resonate with aspiring business owners, who can see their hopes and dreams reflected in them.

Start by prominently featuring franchisee testimonials in website content. Develop blogs and social media posts to help share their stories. Help the location owners secure interviews with the news media and trade publications. Each story shared about a location owner raises the visibility of your company. Over time, all these stories add up, boosting interest in your brand.

Instead of having to develop and implement these public relations efforts on your own, you can partner with Ripley PR. We have decades of experiences representing franchise brands and can do the heavy lifting to put together a winning strategy. We know the franchising industry and ready to help. Want to learn more? Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

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How PR can help healthcare IT providers find a path forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. Staffing issues, patchwork record-keeping, burnout and the unequal, inefficient distribution of resources have all contributed to the public image of an industry in crisis.

Female Asian doctor with African American doctor looking over charts on tablet

As our country gradually emerges from the shadow of the coronavirus, healthcare companies are looking for ways to adapt to a transformed market, creating an unprecedented competitive climate. For healthcare IT providers, navigating the new marketplace will be a daunting challenge. But it’s also an opportunity for select healthcare technology providers to establish themselves as clear industry leaders.

One of the most effective routes to that kind of competitive differentiation is PR. An experienced healthcare IT public relations agency like Ripley PR can work with your company to develop and successfully implement a strategy that will steer your brand through a period of uncertainty and disruption. Through expert media relations, we can help position company executives as thought leaders in the industry and connect their voices with key decision makers. Strategic earned media opportunities increase brand awareness and build trust, and our veteran crisis communications team can prepare you to manage public challenges with confidence.

If your healthcare technology company is looking for a path forward after a difficult year, consider calling Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 or contacting us online.

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Public relations can help you navigate supply chain crises and more

It seems like there’s no end to the fallout that’s come about from the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines are rolling out, and the world is beginning to open up again, but things are still hairy for the manufacturing industry as the global supply chain continues to suffer. As Ken Koenemann at Supply Demand Chain Executive reminds us, some of these struggles aren’t necessarily new, but that doesn’t lessen their impact:

For years, as supply chains have become increasingly outsourced, the number of risks and incidents have grown. But thankfully, many companies are finally awakening to the need to be more resourceful and more diversified in their supply chain planning and management.

As a Knoxville public relations agency, Ripley PR works with manufacturers around East Tennessee — and globally, too — helping them navigate the waters that have come with this very real crisis. From lumber to HVAC equipment, companies around the world are struggling to get the goods they need, and prices are reflecting that struggle.

Crisis management is just one of the things we do to help our manufacturing clients, but it’s arguably one of the most important. When faced with a situation like this, it’s important to get ahead of it, which means your messaging has to be on point. Your customers need to know you have the situation under control. We can help. From public relations to content, our team will help your brand weather this storm and any others that come your way.

We might be nestled in the foothills of the Smokies, but our reach is global. It’s important to partner with a public relations agency that not only understands regional concerns but can connect on a larger level, as well. Give us a call today at (865) 977-1973 and find out what we can do for you.

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Overcome mudslinging with positive home service public relations

Competition can get fierce in the home services industry. From pressure coming from larger companies with multiple departments and a sizeable fleet to smaller one and two-truck operations that charge bottom-dollar, truly owning your market is already no easy feat. But what happens when local competitors start really playing hardball, disseminating misinformation that creates confusion among homeowners and subtly paints your company in a bad light?

To respond or not to respond?

Seeing an aggressive flyer, commercial or online campaign can easily tempt you to respond. Putting you into a defensive posture, however, is exactly what your competitors want. Sometimes, a response may be warranted, but there are ways to do it without giving your competitors more attention. Do you already have an agency experienced in home service public relations fighting on your side? If not, we recommend checking out what a team like Ripley PR can do. The right agency can work with you to set the record straight, generate trust and credibility for your brand and bury the bad with more good news.

Power of positive PR

When it comes to effective home service public relations, one best practice is to never repeat a negative statement. No matter how enticing it might be, repeating language designed to undermine your brand simply keeps the negative message – and your competitors – top of mind for homeowners in your market.Positive home service public relations can result in added trust and happier customers.

The best tactic is to issue your own statements on the topic. A PR team that knows the home service space can help craft a press release, e-blasts other content like letters or blog posts that serve to educate homeowners without mentioning your competitors or their messages. Their media relations department can also reach out to journalists in your market with your statements, offering you as the local expert on the matter and securing earned coverage that will help build trust and credibility among potential customers.

To learn more about how home service public relations can help you fight mudslinging in your market, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.

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Why Webinars Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Manufacturers have a great tool at their disposal to boost their reputation and increase the visibility for their brands. Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads and build goodwill.

So, why are webinars so helpful? When a decision-maker signs up for a webinar, they’ve already indicated a certain interest in your company. Over time, this provides the opportunity to convert them into customers. In Forbes, Elliot Schimel writes that webinars can help companies build useful, long-term B2B relationships:

Eighty-three percent of executives say they return to webinars by the same vendors. If you earn executives’ trust in a webinar by providing valuable information, they will become repeat customers. But make sure you’re contacting them in between webinars through email, social media and micro-webinars to keep them engaged.

Webinars are also not throwaway content. If recorded, a webinar can make great marketing collateral for months or years. It can be posted to social media, hosted on the company’s website, or embedded into blogs, acting as a long-term lead generator.

The manufacturing public relations experts at Ripley PR can help your company leverage webinars to the fullest. We’ll develop a comprehensive public relations strategy to develop and promote your webinar series to maximize your visibility. To find out more, contact us today at (865) 977-1973 or online.

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