Gain More B2B Leads by Publishing Informative White Papers

White papers are often seen as an old-fashioned tactic that businesses rarely consider these days. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. White papers, when written to be informative rather than like a sales pitch, can be one of the best lead-generation tools for your B2B firm.

There is no typical white paper, and they can range in length from one page to 100 pages, but generally no more than 10 pages. Used as a lead generation tool, white papers inform readers about a topic that people are interested in. Some white papers launch a new product, discuss industry trends or delve into a problem that the company was able to solve.

White papers can be very technical or more conversational in nature, but to generate quality leads over quantity, it pays to work with a B2B public relations agency that is experienced in writing and promoting white papers. White papers help with lead generation in several ways:

  • White papers can answer customer questions in a downloadable format. Find out from your phone staff, customer relations and sales teams what areas customers want to know about and write your white paper to address those issues.
  • White papers can be used to promote a new product or service without selling using the interview technique. Have a staff person interview a company expert about a product or service, with a call to action at various places within the white paper. Interviews are a less promotional way to showcase a product or service.
  • White papers are a great vehicle to prove your B2B company’s claims. If you have a unique product or service, use a white paper to give credence to your company’s promotional materials or statements. White papers can include testimonials and examples to prove your point.

The most effective white papers include relevant search terms, simple calls to action and an easy and short form to download the paper. To be sure your white papers are professional and effective, partner with a B2B public relations agency like Ripley PR. Our knowledgeable staff are white paper experts and can help your business create white papers that increase your downloads and leads. Call us at (865) 977-1973 to speak with a B2B specialist today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on September 24, 2020

What’s the Best Way for Automotive Businesses to Increase Sales During COVID-19?

During the last eight months, the automotive industry has seen some interesting trends. Not just in the U.S., but globally too. Just as COVID-19 has seen highs and lows in the numbers of those affected, American automotive industry trends are all over the place.

Reports of the demise of small, energy-efficient cars have been reported for years, but post-pandemic will Americans realize they don’t need (and can’t afford) larger, more expensive vehicles like full-size SUVs and trucks? With more workers out of work, staying home or working from home, no one really knows. But while the jury is out, your business could benefit by partnering with an automotive public relations agency to keep you in the public’s mind when they make their next purchase.

Here are some tips for keeping your automotive business humming during and after the pandemic:

  • says there could be delays on 2021 models due to the coronavirus shutting down some plants, so that makes it essential to promote the cars and trucks that you have in stock. Think outside the box about how to promote your existing inventory.
  • Reports of Americans needing to buy fuel-efficient cars to replace their more expensive models may create more interest in the small or subcompact cars that were previously deemed on life support. As Americans look to cut costs and reduce their bills, small cars may see a come-back. Now is the time to let the public know there are deals to be had on new or used, less costly vehicles through social media platforms using popular hashtags and photo tags.
  • While people are shying away from public transportation, they might be in the market for a personal vehicle now. Target this audience by conducting research, and testing your existing public relations and marketing campaigns using analytics and reporting platforms.

If your automotive business is suffering, whether you sell new or used cars, trucks and SUVs, or if your business involves service, parts or aftermarket sales, doing nothing is not effective. Automotive public relations agencies, like Ripley PR, are experts at improving your image and getting your business the attention of buyers and the media. If you think your business needs a boost, call us at (657) 977-1973 to find out how we can help.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on September 22, 2020

Does Your B2B Tech Company Know How to Market Itself?

B2B tech public relations is about bridging the gap between tech companies and their business clients. That’s because it’s not enough to just market a product. B2B tech companies have to market themselves as the best choice for decision-makers in their sector.

Why do B2B Tech Companies Need PR?

It’s a reasonable question. After all, isn’t PR just for crisis management or press releases? A good B2B PR strategy involves so much more than that. Your communications strategy should speak to  the business leaders that make purchasing decisions in a voice that resonates with them. It uses both earned and owned media production to help you reduce marketing spend and can generate the brand awareness and reputation that can generate valuable leads. But getting a brand in front of decision-makers requires a true understanding of who your potential clients are.

How Does B2B Tech PR Establish a Brand?

When clients are looking for tech solutions for their business, they want to know their investment of time and money is going to give them a return. They need to know that the company providing the software or hardware is going to be trustworthy and reliable during the course of their working relationship. Ultimately, buyers want to know they’re getting a partner instead of just purchasing a product.

The expertise and reputation of a B2B company’s leadership can be a key factor in clients’ purchasing decisions. If that expertise isn’t visible, the company just won’t make sales. Ongoing PR can be a powerful and meaningful tool for building the brand awareness you need.

What Makes Ripley PR a Good Fit for Tech Companies?

At Ripley PR, we have experience executing public relations strategies for both B2B and tech companies. We develop deep understandings of our clients’ brands, goals and visions, and use those to construct powerful public relations strategies that work.

We can leverage the strong media connections that we’ve forged to position company executives as experts and thought leaders in their fields and position your products and services as important technology for business owners to adopt. If you’re interested in working with us as your company grows, contact Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

This post was written by on September 18, 2020

Speak Up: Why manufacturing industry speaking engagements are essential, and how PR can help

Manufacturing professionals probably didn’t appreciate how valuable industry conferences are until they disappeared a few months ago. With most 2020 trade events canceled, postponed or virtual as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturing insiders have lost one of the most important connections to their colleagues, competitors and customers.

Now that it’s clear how much conferences and trade shows matter, it’s time to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Standing in the spotlight

One of the most effective and efficient tools for business leaders is an industry speaking engagement. Standing in the spotlight in front of your peers is an enormous opportunity to talk to other decision makers and experts. There are practical benefits – you have a captive audience of potential leads and a chance to tell them, in your own words, about your products and company.

The long-term benefits are harder to measure but even more important:

  • Brand awareness: Connecting a company’s public profile with a real person helps audience members develop a lasting positive association.
  • Credibility: You’ve been selected by the event organizers, who are experience professionals. Simply being on the schedule means that many audience members will perceive you as someone worth listening to.
  • Thought leadership: Once you’re on stage, you have a chance to set yourself and your company apart as innovators. Show your peers that you’re leading the industry, not following, by offering new perspectives on familiar topics or challenging conventional wisdom.

Intense competition

There’s one catch to all this: The competition for speaking engagements is intense. It’s the C-suite version of college admissions. Finding the time, the right topic and the right audience takes intense prep work, and you have to accept that there will be rejections.

That’s why an experienced manufacturing public relations agency is your best partner for speaking opportunities. A team of professional PR experts who already know how to navigate industry events and submission processes can work with you step by step, from identifying events and topics to helping shape the final presentation.

If you’re ready to hit the stage, Ripley PR can help. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


Matthew Everett

This post was written by on September 16, 2020

Put a local spotlight on your business and let PR tell your story

It’s easy to take running water or air conditioning for granted. It can be even easier to take the contractors behind those services for granted. During the pandemic, while many were able to work from home — and some still are — the men and women in the home service industry were considered essential and still out there working hard to keep our water running, homes cooled and electricity flowing.

This meant a lot of workflows and changes needed to be made, on all levels. In an April column for ACHR News, Rebecca Cassel offered strategies HVAC contractors needed to consider as they adapted to the “new normal.”

And adapt they did. Home service companies across the nation began changing their routines, instituting best practices for safety, customer communications and more.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, the home service industry is surviving and taking care of business every single day. A home service public relations agency like Ripley PR can shine a spotlight on these efforts. It’s time your story is told.

The home services industry didn’t slow down when the pandemic hit. In a changing environment, contractors are steadfast and constant. Emergencies will arise, and the need for scheduled maintenance is a must. Your dedication to your customers and your calling is something to be celebrated.

We see you. We applaud you. And we want to get you the local attention you deserve. Contact Ripley PR today at 865-977-1973, and let us get started.

Amanda Greever

This post was written by on September 14, 2020

Great Press Releases can Attract Investors to your Healthcare IT Business

Your healthcare IT business is in demand, thanks to the increase in need for technology advancements in the healthcare sector. Recent information published on healthinformatics’s website reports that 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices use electronic health record technology. While that’s impressive, healthcare IT isn’t just about electronic records software or hardware.

As a healthcare IT organization, you are always seeking to innovate and develop new and better software, hardware or services for your users, and to gain more customers. But you also want to attract investors. Whether you are thinking about an exit strategy or a buy-out down the road, healthcare IT public relations can pave the way to your business goals.

How can PR help my healthcare IT company attract the right investors?

One of the best ways is through very thoughtful and strategic press releases. Yes, press releases used to be sent via fax and email in the past, but today’s press releases are just as important, and you can reach many more interested consumers and investors via digital  press releases,

Here are a few of the advantages of digital press releases:

  • Well-researched and targeted digital press releases can be sent to specific healthcare IT industry insiders. These are the individuals who can publicize your press release to the audiences you want to reach
  • Digital press releases can reach thousands of news outlets, IT healthcare publications and websites and industry reporters. Using targeted keywords will get your press release seen by even more customers and potential investors
  • Online press releases can position your company as experts in the healthcare IT industry, so that when reporters or TV stations need a story on healthcare IT, they have your company contact information at their fingertips
  • Investors want to invest in businesses that has business. Use press releases to publicize your company’s case studies. Investors do lots of research before investing, and case studies show them you are successful.

If you are thinking about exiting your healthcare IT company, invest in yourself by partnering with Ripley PR, an experienced healthcare IT public relations firm. Ripley PR has helped many of its clients find investors through purposeful PR campaigns. To speak to a healthcare IT PR specialist call (865) 977-1973 today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on September 10, 2020

Onboarding PR? Don’t forget your franchisees.

According to Scott Greenberg, sometimes the very thing preventing someone from pursuing franchise ownership is having a steady job.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur, Greenberg stated:

When unemployment increases, so does interest in franchising. Not having a job opens people to new opportunities. For some, it’s easier to pursue their dreams when there’s nothing holding them back, including a stable job. That seems to be the case now as COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the workforce.

Growing in the midst of a global pandemic may feel daunting, but the timing is perfect to regroup with your trusted vendors and get aggressive about selling new franchises. Advertising, marketing and public relations can all play a role in your success, but it’s important not to limit your partners to corporate-only support.

For example, the right franchise public relations team can not only increase overall awareness for your brand, helping to attract new franchisees, but they can support your individual owners as they open their businesses, too.New franchise owner opens his business after franchise public relations campaign

Keep it sold

There’s a saying in sales that goes something like, “Don’t just sell it, keep it sold.” It urges salespeople that live only for the close to remember that bad customer experiences and lack of follow through can come back to haunt them. In the retail world, that means returns and poor reviews.

It’s a little difficult to “return” a franchise, but a franchisee left to completely fend for themselves after onboarding certainly won’t net you any referrals. Their store is highly likely to underperform, too, resulting in lower royalties and hurting the overall system.

At Ripley PR, we know how critical it is to support the corporate brand and the new business owner alike. We can develop a comprehensive PR strategy for franchisee support along with a top-notch strategy for corporate brand-building.

Positioning your brand as a prime choice for aspiring business owners is in our DNA, but so is helping those new owners make a splash at the local level by fully introducing them to their market. We can get them on the map with impactful press releases and media outreach and then support them with e-blast copy and dynamic social media campaigns.

A franchisee backed by an experienced PR team is a satisfied one, and an entire system of satisfied franchisees make for an attractive investment.

To learn more about how we can help attract franchisees with corporate PR strategies and then support your new owners as they come on board, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.

Grayson Shockley

This post was written by on September 8, 2020

Grow the Reputation of Your Knoxville Company

The Knoxville area has a vibrant business community. Companies like yours can compete anywhere. So, why shouldn’t your brand be recognized nationally? Ripley PR is ready to help make that happen. As a Knoxville public relations agency, we take pride in supporting East Tennessee businesses and giving them the tools to boost their visibility and reputation.Knoxville map.

The first step is establishing the leaders of your company as industry experts. Our PR experts know how to position business owners and executives as thought leaders, connecting you with local, national, and trade media and publications as an expert source.

Earned media coverage has a much higher ROI than any advertising you can buy. The Ripley PR team has spent years building and strengthening our relationships with reporters and journalists and know what stories and topics they really want.

Once you are established as a trustworthy expert, media publications will begin to rely on you to provide industry insight or useful consumer information. The initial visibility helps grow further visibility. From there, Ripley PR can help you branch out into speaking engagements at industry or community events — even if they are held virtually.

The combination of consistent media presence and networking will pay dividends in top-of-mind awareness and a solid reputation. If you’re ready to make the transition to a national stage, consider partnering with Ripley PR. We are a Knoxville public relations agency with an international reach. Let us help your business take its success to the next level. For more information, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

This post was written by on September 4, 2020

Building a Stronger Manufacturing Business Through PR

The years ahead will continue to be challenging for all businesses, but manufacturers have to continue strengthening their brands again the prospect of future crises.


Not every crisis is going to be on the level of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s still vitally important to plan ahead for the many forms that unfortunate circumstances or controversy can take. It could be a workplace tragedy, issues with the products your manufacturing company builds, inappropriate behavior by executives, or simply the growing expectation from the public that your business must do the right thing when it comes to social issues.

Getting ready for these scenarios means developing a plan in advance. Partnering with Ripley PR, an experienced manufacturing public relations agency, will give your company access to the expertise and resources needed to fully develop implement the right kind of crisis plan.

Important tools in a crisis management toolkit include: pre-written social media posts, press releases, and media statements. These can serve as templates that can be turned around quickly when an emergency occurs.

Developing a crisis management plan in advance means your manufacturing company doesn’t have to lose precious time determining a response when the world goes haywire. By being able to provide quickly and truthfully, your company can help diffuse difficult situations, giving clients and the public confidence in your response.

Need help developing a proper crisis management plan? That’s where partnering with Ripley PR will pay off. Interested in learning more? Contact Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973.  We’re ready to help.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

This post was written by on September 2, 2020

Is Your HVAC Business’ Social Media Image the Best it can Be?

When was the last time you viewed your HVAC company’s social media pages? Knowing what your customers see when they research your business online (and they will) is essential to your success. Social media is how most of your HVAC clients will first “see” your business, and you know what they say about first impressions. It’s true for home service B2B manufacturers as well. First impressions count.

The best way to give your online image a boost is by hiring a home service public relations agency like Ripley PR, who employs specialized social media experts skilled in building and maintaining your reputation. air-conditioning-repair-man

Why does your home service social media image matter?

  • Your social media image sets the tone for your online reputation. When customers review your online accounts and platforms and they see unprofessional content or images, they will assume your business isn’t managed well either.
  • If your home service social platforms are not maintained daily, with fresh content added frequently, it conveys the message that your company doesn’t really care about how it does business.
  • Good design, professional-looking posts and informative, useful content will help your HVAC social media pages rank better on Google searches too.
  • Content that is overly-promotional and too pushy will turn off potential business customers. HVAC PR professionals know how to balance sales content with user content that gets more views.

Home service social media management isn’t for amateurs, and is best left to a professional HVAC public relations firm with proven results, like Ripley PR. Call us at 865-977-1973 or visit us online to learn how a professional social media team can turn your online image into a sales tool.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on August 31, 2020

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