PR Can Help Navigate the Differences of the B2B Buyer

The way companies do business is evolving right before our eyes. With hybrid workdays and more online meetings, getting the right B2B Tech public relations team can help you navigate the complex B2B buyer.

As businesses continue to go digital, B2B SaaS sales are primed to continue to grow along with that trend. A team like Ripley PR can elevate your brand story and increase awareness of your product on the right digital platforms as B2B buyers tend to shop there.

In fact, 70-80% of B2B buyers prefer remote interactions or self-service in the new climate, according to McKinsey & Company.

It’s also important to understand that the B2B technology buyer is more than just one buyer. You’re selling to the user, the manager, and the person forking out the money. With the right B2B public relations team, the buyer will be able to fully vet and see the positive feedback that your software has received.

Another way the B2B buyer is different involves your relationship. They want to be treated as partners, not as vendors. The right B2B SaaS public relations messaging can get that out to the buyer.

With the B2B buyer being more complex and connected, here are a few other ways public relations can help connect in B2B SaaS sales:

  • SEO – Keeping you at the top of the search engine is key when connecting with a buyer. With the right SEO presence, businesses searching for solutions like yours will find you first rather than your competitors. They can also find your product info and press clippings about your news easier.the right B2B Tech public relations team can help you navigate the complex B2B buyer.
  • Credibility – With a B2B technology public relations strategy, the buyer can quickly verify your authority in the space. By garnering earned media coverage and strategically placing articles, your target audience will read stories and case studies about competing companies using your software to help grow their businesses. They can see the value in your offerings through social proof, and their decision to buy will be easier.
  • Thought Leadership – Your tech will not just have credibility; you will be viewed as an expert in the field. If a journalist needs a trusted voice, you can get the call. After seeing your company in local media or on the national outlets, your thoughts can be positioned as the voice of the present and the future in your industry.

Does this sound like something you can do on your own? You can partner with an experienced B2B tech PR team like Ripley PR to create a plan and help you navigate the B2B buyer. Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or visit us online.


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Gaining Positive Publicity with Public Relations

When it comes to the home service industry, your brand and reputation are the bread and butter that help you earn loyal clients. They are the tools that keep the customer coming back time and time again to have you service their HVAC, plumbing or electrical equipment. Preventing bad press comes easy when you have loyal customers spreading positivity.

While word-of-mouth will help your business to an extent, gaining positive publicity on a broader scale may take a little more planning and organizing. That is where a strong home service public relations strategy comes into play. Hiring a home service public relations firm, like Ripley PR, can give contractors a competitive advantage for acquiring positive publicity through media and social media avenues.

Our experts at Ripley PR have years of experience in the Trades and possess the skills and knowledge that can give you a leg up on the competition. There are a few ways hiring Ripley PR can help your home service company get the positive publicity it deserves.

Earned Media

When it comes to marketing your company’s achievements and successes, it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on advertisements to get the word out. While this method works, there is a better way to earn the same return. Public relations agencies use earned media to get their clients recognized in media outlets that reach broader audiences. At Ripley PR, our experts have contacts across the media industry and in trade publications. With our Rolodex of trusted journalists, our experts will pitch story ideas and promote press releases that will get your home service company noticed by the most important people – the customer.

Social Media

Social media is another avenue that will help get your name in the public eye. People today are constantly on social media platforms, whether it be Facebook or Instagram. If you want your positive news to reach the eyes of the consumer, social media is the path to take. These platforms offer an opportunity to share positive news about the company as well as showcasing your employees. Posting blogs from your website is also a strong strategy for not only drawing attention to your social media sites but also to your website. Our experts can assist your company in developing a strong social media strategy while also assisting in developing content for your pages.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews should not be overlooked by home service companies. Anytime a customer leaves a review, positive or negative, the company should respond to it. Managing these reviews is key to developing a 5-star culture among the consumers. Our experts can help your company by managing these reviews for you so you can spend more time focusing on your home service business.

So, if you are ready to take control and develop a strong public relations strategy, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We would love to speak with you.

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3 Keys to Choosing the Best Construction Company Spokesperson

One of the most important assets to any company is the spokesperson. This person is often the face of the company in the media, and is typically the go-to name for any interviews or other correspondence that will represent the company. At Ripley PR, we understand the value of having a superstar spokesperson, and with years of construction PR experience, we can help you decide on the best person for the job.


Here are three keys to choosing the right company spokesperson:

  1. Public Speaking Experience

Do you remember watching presentations in grade school and the speaker filling their presentation with “umms” and “errs?” How about the awkward pauses and shakiness? These are all results of a lack of experience. Having experience in public speaking can be key to having a successful spokesperson. They will have a better understanding of how to “read the room,” have better point-and-talk skills, and will generally feel more at-ease.

  1. Authority Figure

When engaging the media, they typically want to hear from a company decision maker. Choosing a spokesperson with leverage in the company is important, but make sure their schedule is fluid enough to adapt to media/speaking requests. Having somebody in the corporate hierarchy can help build trust and credibility between the company and the media.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Think back to those grade school presentations. Do you remember the speaker who was trying to present a report on a book they didn’t read? Construction spokespeople work the same way. It’s imperative to have industry knowledge of current products, trends, and customer needs. If your spokesperson has no industry knowledge, it will eliminate credibility during their speaking engagements and present the company in a negative light.

Spokespeople are a valuable asset. Having a stellar spokesperson can build trust and credibility with not only the media, but also with potential customers. By partnering with a team of construction public relations experts like those at Ripley PR, you can have confidence that your construction company will be positioned as a leader and expert in the construction industry.

If you’re ready to invest in public relations, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website.

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Are You Publicizing the Charitable Giving of Your Franchisees?

Spotlighting your franchisees’ commitment to charitable giving is a great opportunity to bring deserved attention to not only your franchisees but also your brand. When it comes to highlighting the good work of your franchisees, including their charitable giving is important. Keep in mind, it is essential to relay the good news about your charitable giving in a way that does not seem self-serving. Adding an experienced franchise public relations agency to your team can help you accomplish that.

Publicize the charitable giving of your franchisees.

Franchise Public Relations

When it comes to receiving attention as a business, positive publicity is certainly the goal. Your franchisees and their actions contribute to the overall view of your brand. Do you have franchisees who donate their time or money to charitable work in their communities? It is important to utilize franchise public relations in your marketing plan, and let the voice of the public spread word of your franchisees’ commitment to giving to those in need. Through a well-thought-out PR strategy, properly pitched stories can get picked up by a variety of media including television, newspaper, trade magazines and online. A well-timed press release or an interview on a podcast or news program can reach a large audience and resonate with potential clients, bringing credibility to your brand.

Publicizing charitable giving should have a strong focus on the charity itself and the good that comes from donating to its cause. With an experienced franchise PR team like Ripley PR, you can be sure all angles of your franchisees’ giving are seen and professionally delivered to the most beneficial media outlets in a timely and highly informative manner.

Franchise Support

Showing examples of your franchisees’ giving encourages growth and repeat customers. Consumers gravitate toward trustworthy franchises, and promoting charitable giving builds trust by showing a dedication to community beyond direct business.

Franchise Development

The generosity of your franchise brand can also be noticed on a large scale. From local newspapers and evening news to highly notable national magazines and 24-hour news channels, your brand can be seen by millions of people by publicizing the charitable giving of your franchisees. With great positive exposure comes the chance to expand by gaining franchise leads, too.

Contact Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973 today for more information. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and developing a franchise PR strategy for publicizing your franchisees’ charitable giving.

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Earned media is exactly the push you need

Contech is a crowded industry and it can be challenging to convince prospects that your solutions is the obvious choice to address their pain points.

Winning customers over before direct contact is made is a great way to ensure success of your business development team, but how can trust be established before the customer even makes it into your funnel?

Working with a PR partner who truly understands Contech can be pivotal in your strategy and efforts to secure more customers.

When you have the best in construction tech public relations on retainer, building recognition through trusted media exposure is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive.

Here are some ways that a PR partner can help your Contech business leverage the media:

Press releases

Professionally written press releases can be a great way to secure mentions in trusted news sources.

We aim to help our clients understand what kind of updates are newsworthy. Examples of updates that you should be capitalizing coverage on are pivotal new hires, new integrations, and new product availability.

Sharing these releases on national news wires and leveraging existing relationships to manually secure placement is a great way to shed light on your growth.

Publishing contributed articles and case studies

Features on trending topics and sharing exceptional parentships with media can help boost your brand’s credibility.

Uncovering exclusive opportunities to share industry insight and expertise with target media verticals can be a great way to open the doors of some of your most profitable prospects and work upstream to the big fish.

Expert interviews and podcasts

Connecting you with well know personalities in the industry can further reinforce your brand and involvement in the industry. Opportunities to speak with industry leaders make for great momentum and can be reshared on social channels to further boost exposure.

There are many strategies available to help leverage the media to build credibility for your brand. Sharing your latest updates by way of professionally written releases, publishing case studies, and interviewing on trade podcasts just to name a few.

We at Ripley PR pride ourselves on being the best in the business on helping Contech brands stick out from the crowd. If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage the media to win more customers, give the experts at Ripley PR at call at (865)977-1973.

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Publicizing your Manufacturing Company is not an Assembly Line

While many B2Bs face numerous challenges when setting out to garner publicity for their company’s solutions, manufacturers face a completely unique set of obstacles including competition from a worldwide market and the task of keeping interest in your product at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

A well-executed manufacturing public relations campaign is an essential tool in battling these challenges as it helps you increase qualified sales leads, brand awareness and credibility.

The days of patching together an ad-hoc campaign of sending out sporadic news releases or email and advertising campaigns are long gone. To compete with a larger marketplace made smaller through digital growth, a uniform and consistent manufacturing pr campaign is the only way to break through to your target audiences.

A consistent PR message is a necessity when promoting manufacturing

A well-written website and news releases with compelling content are essential in today’s world. Businesses thatTwo warehouse workers may want to partner with you will research your company before moving forward. Not only do you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, but you also want to generate interest in your products.

Because supply chains were hit by COVID-19 limitations last year, many manufacturers are just now getting back on their feet as consumer confidence rebounds. Successfully positioning your organization as one that artfully navigates the challenges introduced by the pandemic can help you stay ahead of your competition.

In addition to your reliability and knowledge of your product, you also need to be seen as relatable. Humanizing your company’s processes, practices and culture and providing customer testimonials helps potential buyers get to know your organization as someone they want to do business with.

Case studies and white papers can also drive interest in your products and explain how your product can solve your customers’ problems. Simply put: your success stories make compelling content.

Finally, your message must be constant and dependable among all mediums. This consistent messaging creates brand awareness and visibility into your company and its product.

Ripley PR will help your company create a strategy that will build on this messaging. Our experience in manufacturing public relations positions your company for success. We can create a plan that includes media outreach, creative content, crisis management and everything in between.

Call Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We’ll help your manufacturing company reach your target audience and produce results that will grow your business.

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Franchise Public Relations Increases Your Brand’s Credibility

One of the main reasons an aspiring business owner will opt to buy into a franchise is because the instant credibility and name recognition makes it easier to attract potential clients.

However, brand recognition and product integrity was not achieved overnight and are the result of building momentum over time through consistent and strategic franchise public relations.

When a national business magazine like Entrepreneur or even your local newspaper or television station does a story on your organization, your brand is recognized by a whole group of people who may not give credence to an ad.

This not only drives more leads, it also attracts new owners into your system.

Choosing a public relations team that also knows home services

Outside of owning a fast-food franchise, some of the most lucrative franchise opportunities are in the home services fields – HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades.

Like fast-food chains, many customers choose to do business with a home services company that they are familiar with and know from word-of-mouth or through local visibility. This type of brand reputation is cultivated by agencies that have a deep knowledge of the industry and well-known contacts throughout the media that serves it.

This doesn’t happen without telling your story. Your stories should resonate with both prospective franchisee owners and potential customers. A public relations firm with experience in both franchise PR and home services public relations can help you get the right stories out to both of these important target audiences. And, a seasoned team like Ripley PR can help you maintain a consistent brand, delivering your key messages across all your mediums.

Ripley PR has represented both franchise and home services companies for years and has the expertise necessary to help you build your brand. Join a partner who can help take you to the next level. Call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us on our website to get started.

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Create your own news with home service public relations

Sometimes, it can be easy for small to medium-size business owners to resolve themselves to the belief that they don’t have any news to share. Even HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors that are adept marketers and maintain an active presence in their community can easily overlook great PR opportunities. The good news is that choosing to invest in home service public relations can empower contractors to keep their focus on what they do best while their partner agency creates dynamic campaigns that will attract the media’s interest.

Consider the possibilities

At Ripley PR, we don’t wait for your news to happen. When it does, of course, we want to spread the word! However, we understand the importance of getting creative, planning ahead and looking for opportunities between your latest service launch and next acquisition.Home service public relations can help your company create news in the absence of company announcements.

  • PSAs and expert advice: Even when you may not have an official announcement, as a home services expert, you have valuable knowledge to share. A proactive PR team will identify opportunities to position you as trusted local expert that can speak to protecting homes from extreme weather, reducing energy consumption and water waste, and even keeping your family safe from common hazards like carbon monoxide and electrical hazards.
  • Awards: You work hard to be the best in your market and provide for your employees, so it’s fitting you should be recognized for it. Lean on a sound home service public relations team to submit your company for awards and rankings that will add credibility to your brand, making it attractive for customers and potential employees alike. When you win, your PR team can then publicize the great news with a press release and media outreach.
  • Charitable giving: It’s tough to brag on your latest donation. We get it. However, the right PR agency can help you plan community activities and giving that can be publicized without coming across as self-serving. Not only will you positively impact lives in your community, but you’ll attract homeowners that want to do business with a company that genuinely cares.

Contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973 to find out if home service public relations can help you create – and maximize – your own news.

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With the good comes the bad; make sure you have a PR agency that can handle both

There’s been some good news in the world of manufacturing, such as the groundbreaking of an 862,000-square-foot aluminum can facility recently broke ground in Muncie, Indiana, that’s intended to combat the can supply shortage. Then there’s Tesla’s “Megafactory” just broke ground in California. It’s a whopping 870,000 square feet.

Big things are happening.

Of course, there’s been some struggles, too. COVID-19 has closed down many of Vietnam’s manufacturing facilities, which will be play a part on larger global supply chains. And the auto industry’s chip shortage is getting worse as the virus continues to impact assembly lines around the world.

Sometimes, it feels like there’s a bit of bad news for every bit of good out there. Equal and opposite reactions and all that, right?

That’s just life, though. Some days are good, and others not so much. That’s especially true in ever-changing industries like manufacturing. That’s why It’s so important to partner with a manufacturing public relations agency that understands the intricacies of the sector and knows how to help you handle the good with the bad.

We know you have good news to share. Steady growth? New hires? Groundbreakings? New products? There’s a release for that. Our team can help you share big wins and more. From content creation to media outreach, we can secure coverage and recognition of your achievements among your peers and customers.

On the flip side, we’re also prepared to help you on the days where the news isn’t good. Our team also is also well-versed in crisis management, and we’re here to help you get ahead of whatever situation might arise. We’ll help you prepare for a crisis before it ever happens, and then we’ll be with you every step of the way until it’s passed.

Big things are definitely happening, both good and bad. Make sure you have a partner on your side that will help you deal with both. Call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 and let us get started.

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PR is a Must for Your B2B Tech Company

The B2B tech industry is massive by all accounts, and each year more and more startups are being founded – all with the hope of filling voids in their industry. No matter which industry your B2B software serves, there is a chance that you have several competitors offering something similar to your product. The question is, how do you separate yourself from the rest of the industry?

One of the best ways to ensure your success is by developing a public relations strategy to help establish your company. B2B tech public relations is a great tool to utilize to reach a broader audience, and Ripley PR is the leading agency in that field. Our experts hold years of experience in the B2B tech realm and understand what your company needs to differentiate itself from the pack.

Below are a few ways your SaaS can benefit from working with a PR agency:

  • Establish yourself as an expert: Credibility is key when it comes to establishing yourself in the industry. Showing your target audience that you are knowledgeable in your field will help draw more interest in your product, thus helping you attain loyal customers. Our experts can help you gain this status by pitching you as a speaker or interviewee in trusted publications, trade group events or industry-specific radio shows or podcasts.
  • Expand brand awareness: The best PR agencies have the ability to get their clients in recognized publications using a catalog of sources in the industry. Having your products or company appear in trade publications can create a great opportunity to expand your reach. The experts at Ripley PR have contacts in the B2B tech industry and will help you garner media attention that will help expand your brand.
  • Create high-quality content: Having content about your company is paramount for a strong public relations campaign. Content about your company can be used for both social media efforts and pitching for publications. With years of B2B experience, our experts can help discover the stories that position your software as the go-to product in the industry.

If you are ready to separate yourself from the crowded B2B market, contact our experts on our website or by phone at (865) 977-1973.

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