Referrals are Key in B2B – Can the Right PR Agency Help?

Successful B2B companies deeply understand the value of not just selling a product or service to another company for a profit, but developing meaningful relationships and partnerships in the process that encourage sustainability for all parties. When these relationships are developed and trust is established, companies become more willing to put their name on referrals. Referrals yield business for the future and expand networks, and they are invaluable for growth.

Ripley PR knows the important role that B2B public relations can play in securing referrals. The goals of public relations are to create awareness for a company’s brand, keep the name in the public eye and help craft and maintain the voice intended by the company for their audiences to hear. When these goals are achieved, the company’s position as an expert in their industry is legitimized and therefore referrals will carry more weight.

Because a referral is essentially an endorsement with a company’s name attached to it, a bad experience can drag the referrer down along with the underperforming referral. Several things must take place before a company offers a referral:

·         The referred company must have provided excellent work

·         They should be recognized as an expert in their field

·         They need to have an online reputation that validates the referral

The right B2B public relations agency should be able to effectively position a company as an expert in their field and help manage their online reputation, leaving the company only to focus on continuing to provide excellence in service that matches that reputation and warrants referrals. Ripley PR knows from experience that removing the extra weight of reputation and brand management from a company can result in better performance by decision makers and a stronger focus on the product or service they offer.

To find out more about how your business’s referral program can benefit by partnering with an experienced B2B public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

This post was written by on March 19, 2018

Why Press Releases Work Today

The question has been asked time and time again: In the social age, is the press release dead? No, it’s not. Why? Because press releases have moved into the digital age, and they are just as relevant today as posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. In fact, press releases are noted by media as one of the best formats businesses can use to report their news. In addition, eblasts, enewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are great for linking to your press releases for more visibility. So, press releases are as relevant as a social post – even more so. Here are some additional reasons why you still need press releases:

  • Accuracy – While blogs are an excellent way to share opinions and exper-
    Manufacturing public relations

    Press releases are as relevant as a social post, but even more so. However, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are great for linking to your press releases for increased visibility.

    iences, they are often that … opinions. Simply put, blogs are a platform for an individual to be heard regardless of his or her education, background, or expertise. Press releases, on the other hand, must be accurate, and the writer is held accountable for providing information that can be relied on and verified by the reader.

  • Skilled Writing – Do you know why the character count on Twitter bothers so many people? Because it is not easy to consolidate thoughts into a limited number of words. If your company has exciting news or a new product to announce, a PR professional will craft your message carefully and with skill, making sure your company’s news gets attention and coverage.
  • Networking and Contacts – If you wanted to get your company’s message onto this evening’s news, what is the first step you would take? You could call the news station, or you could try to call a reporter directly, or you might become overwhelmed by the task and not act at all. Ripley PR knows how to reach your target media for B2B public relations. Hiring Ripley PR will assure your message is getting to the right audience.

Press releases in the social age are alive and well because they serve a purpose. Ripley PR, a nationally-known B2B public relations firm can deliver your message accurately and professionally, through its knowledgeable and experienced team. Contact Ripley PR to see how the team can help your business thrive.

Kaci Guldalian

This post was written by on March 15, 2018

Drumming Up Stone Industry Business with PR

Stone fabrication companies and the businesses that supply them with tools and technology must compete in a crowded marketplace. Building a brand sometimes feel as hard as working stone itself, but with the right stone industry public relations agency as a partner, it doesn’t have to be out of reach.

Media Coverage

A public relations partner like Ripley PR can pitch stories about your fabrication shop or technology company to trade and local publications. This kind of earned media coverage provides far more value for your company than buying an advertisement. By positioning yourself as an expert in the stone industry through regular press releases and by earning feature story opportunities, you can strengthen you brand and create an increasing cycle of visibility for your products or services.

Power of Trade Shows

Whether making granite countertops on a commercial scale or developing robotic technology to service fabrication shops, participating in trade shows is a proven way to generate leads. About 80 percent of visitors to trade events purchase products or services that they were introduced to at the event, according

Making the most out of a trade show or industry event involves generating the most visibility for your business by securing a a speaking opportunity at the event. It also means publicizing your speaking engagement in advance and creating interest on social media.

Your expertise might be in fabrication or technology development, but how good are you at marketing yourself? An experienced stone industry PR team can create proposals for trade show speaking slots and coordinate with event organizers. This will help maximize your speaking opportunities.

Ripley PR’s team of experts can also publicize your speaking engagements in advance and create engaging social media content during the trade show itself to drive interest in your speech (and traffic to your website.)

To learn more about how stone industry PR can help promote your business, give Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

This post was written by on March 15, 2018

Ripley PR can guide your automotive business through the high-tech maze

Driverless cars. Remote starts. Highly computerized vehicles.

The emerging tech trends driving the automotive industry prompt some drivers and potential buyers to ask: If my car breaks down, do I consult a mechanic or IT support? Can my car get hacked? Can someone hijack my remote start?

Ripley PR, a global public relations agency specializing in franchise, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries, can help your automotive company answer these questions being posed with increasing frequency by journalists and the media.

Technology can be scary for some consumers in the automotive industry. The days of kicking tires and peering under the hood at a car lot are long gone. Some car buyers are intimidated by the overwhelming amount of technology included in a modern vehicle. There are Bluetooth devices, endless audio-visual options and rear-view cameras and digital displays. Maintenance and value questions inevitably surface. We can calm these jitters by staying on top of emerging technology, and proactively communicating the benefits of these tech trends to consumers who may still consider automatic windows a technological luxury.

How does Ripley PR do that? We communicate the latest automotive news to general and trade publications. We promote understanding of new automotive technology through a range of social media platforms. We can even organize demonstrations of the latest technological advances in your market, and explain the rationale and value of what some simply deem gadgetry. Our content producers regularly break down complicated matters into easily digestible information.

There are also the relatively old-school crises that can develop. Recalls of faulty parts, design flaws and even high-level manipulation of emissions standards can grab and hold headlines. When that happens, you need a calm, honest, proactive response guided by PR experts who can massage a crisis plan and have a wide range of contacts within the automotive trade media.

From consumer education to crisis management, Ripley PR can be a driving force behind your automotive company’s public-relations success.

Contact us today for more information, or call 865-977-1973.

Thomas Fraser, Senior Content Specialist

This post was written by on March 13, 2018

What the Doctor Ordered

From online clinics to diagnostic tools to electronic records, information technology has transformed health care in the United States. The University of Illinois has found that IT has made treatment more accessible, improved care and efficiency, and bolstered disease control efforts.

The vast majority of health IT companies don’t do business directly with the pubic. Instead, they market their Healthcare IT public relationsproducts and services to providers and other companies – business to business.

But the leaders of strong health IT companies know that just because they don’t sell to the public doesn’t mean they don’t need effective public relations.

In fact, Health IT public relations can be vital to the success of a health IT company in a number of ways.

A public relations firm can champion your health IT company’s accomplishments and milestones through media coverage in trade magazines that track the health IT industry. Customers will recognize your name, your products or services, and your reputation in the health care community. Reputation and crisis management services provide an insurance policy for firms.

The frontiers of medicine continue to expand and the opportunities to use technology to improve the health and quality of life for patients grow exponentially, health IT companies need partners who will support them in reaching their goals.

If you’re a decision-maker in a health IT company and recognize the need for a public relations firm to help your business grow, call us at Ripley PR today. With expertise in the franchise, construction, home services and tech sectors, Ripley PR brings experience, creativity and effectiveness to innovators in the health IT industry.

Scott Barker

This post was written by on March 9, 2018

Should I Hire a PR Agency or Manage PR In-House?

As a business owner or marketing executive, you want to hire the best and most experienced employees. You wouldn’t ask a novice employee to work with your most valuable clients, or an inexperienced technician to service a complicated mechanical problem. So, when it comes to your company’s bottom line, why would you settle for less than best?

It doesn’t make sense to leave your company’s marketing success and reputation to someone without the know-how, knowledge and professional experience of an expert PR firm that is nationally known as a B2B authority. If you are thinking of hiring a staffer to manage your PR activities, we recommend asking yourself the following questions before making the decision:

  • Am I really saving money by attempting in-house PR?

You’ll be spending money on salaries, benefits, training, office space, equipment, and time on supervision, whereas a PR agency has knowledge of best practices and trends that could save you time and dollars in the long run.

  • Can an in-house staff have the broad knowledge and know-how of a large agency team?

The short answer is, probably not. An in-house team would definitely have deeper knowledge of the business itself, but when it comes to getting your business in front of media, getting coverage by news outlets, and making your social media numbers climb, using a PR firm can be a better choice. And, many firms may specialize in your industry, making the choice even easier.

  • How effective are the PR efforts of an in-house team compared to an agency?

Not many in-house teams are adept at or able to produce detailed reports on PR activities. Professional agencies have the systems in place to give real data on campaign efforts from beginning to end. Tracking software has made PR agencies much more efficient and you’ll have easy-to-understand proof of agency successes on your behalf.

A 2018 survey of businesses by HubSpot shows that 40 percent of respondents feel their top marketing challenge is “proving ROI of marketing activities.”  Professional PR firms can not only be cost-effective, and offer highly skilled staff, but they are experts at showing clients how effective they are at improving your bottom line.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on March 6, 2018

Struggling to recruit for your manufacturing business?

Manufacturing PR can help with recruitingWith the U.S. steaming towards full employment, recruiting the right people seems challenging across the board. Whether you need machinists to work at your manufacturing plant, or design engineers to model innovative new products, the right people for your company are out there. You just need to find them.

So what can you do differently? Consider manufacturing public relations.

The experienced team at Ripley PR has worked with many human resources and recruiting teams helping manufacturing companies recruit the best candidates.

Here are a few ways our team has been helping manufacturing HR teams recruit:

  • Position you company as a place where people actually want to work. What do people in the town or city you are based in know about your company? Do they even know you operate there? PR can help you tell your brand story and build your brand within the local and surrounding communities from where you need to recruit.
  • Community involvement. Our team can help you identify key community projects and events to get involved in to help you connect with people and build a positive reputation.
  • Social media. One or two posts a month directing people to your careers page won’t get you far. You need to be more intentional with your social media presence and Ripley PR can help you make the most of this incredible resource. You’ll need different posts to recruit machinists compared to design engineers or operations specialists. Does your HR manager have a following on her LinkedIn page where she can post stories about the town, new job openings, and brag about the company achievements? Are the internal employees sharing job posts on their personal social pages? Let us help you exponentially increase your audience reach with key social media strategies.
  • Website landing page. It’s one thing to direct people to your website to look for careers, but is it easy for them to navigate to the right page and to submit an application? Or do you have an antiquated system forcing job applicants to spend at least an hour to submit a basic job application? We can help you create a simple and easy to navigate careers pages where potential recruits can find the info they need and easily apply for positions that match their skills.

To find out how the experienced public relations team at Ripley PR can further help you with your recruiting efforts for your manufacturing company, contact us today.


Celeste Vlok, Senior Brand Manager

This post was written by on March 5, 2018

Franchise Public Relations: Speaking to Two Distinct Audiences

Growth is a primary goal for most businesses, and franchises are no different. Whether it is managing capacity, choosing properties, or developing a public image, steps toward growth should always be taken in smart and efficient ways. When it comes public relations, franchises have the unique need of marketing to two audiences – potential franchisees and consumers of their products or services. Employing an agency with tenured experience in franchise public relations can alleviate the headache of managing two distinct campaigns.

Campaigns targeting consumers might appear in national media spotlighting new products or services, or they might appear in local media, introducing the franchise owner and announcing a grand opening. The goal of public relations campaigns such as these is not to directly advertise or promote but to create more localized awareness for the brand itself and passively make it an attractive option for potential patrons.

Campaigns targeting potential franchisees will take a different tone and need to properly address the right audience. It is critical for franchisors to be noticed in publications that a potential entrepreneur may read, and stories need to focus on the qualities that make the company an attractive choice for a business ownership investment.

Partnering with an agency that understands the nuances of franchise public relations can save valuable time and effort. Spending enough time in-house to adequately provide publicity and coverage for the brand itself as well as each individual location is a daunting, if not impossible, feat, and it can pull team members away from accomplishing other tasks that may be better suited for their time and skills. The right PR agency will have the necessary contacts and experience to not only juggle the different campaigns that franchises call for effectively, but to make the most out of each of them and secure the right media opportunities for the brand.

To find out more about how your franchise can benefit by partnering with an experienced public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.

This post was written by on February 27, 2018

3 Ways Public Relations can Transform your Staffing Franchise from Boring to Brilliant

According to the American Staffing Association, there are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S., which altogether operate around 39,000 offices. The trend shows that staffing businesses are continuing to help fuel the recovery by helping to find employment for about 15 million individuals a year.  As the economy continues to remain robust, staffing—and staffing franchises—will continue to be an attractive business opportunity.

But, where does your staffing business fit in? If you are a large staffing franchisor, is your franchise business expanding and growing the way you had hoped? If you own a smaller staffing franchise business, how will you compete with the large staffing franchisors?public relations to help boost franchise development

Partnering with a global PR agency experienced in building success for staffing franchisors could be a way to breathe new life into a stagnant PR campaign, or it could be what a new or smaller staffing franchisor needs to take the leap into the big leagues.

If you have ever wondered what a seasoned, yet innovative B2B PR team can do for your staffing franchise, take a look at this list:

  1. We’ll generate buzz and help your franchise obtain visibility

We will help you determine who your target audience is (not always an easy feat), find the best way to reach that audience, and create a plan of action that will get results.

  1. We’ll position your franchise as a national staffing expert

Media rely on qualified experts to speak about topical issues of the day. And when there is a crisis or the need for an expert to weigh-in on a staffing industry issue, we will make sure your franchise is top of mind.

  1. We’ll make your franchise the one to watch

There are many staffing industry best-of lists, and we want you to be on all of them. We know the industry, so we know how to help you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll work alongside you to create a unique plan just for your business. Call Ripley PR at 865.977.1973 to learn about our past successes and to find out how we can make you happy you called.


Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

This post was written by on February 26, 2018

Promoting Your Health IT Company Through Case Studies and White Papers

A health IT company is only as good as its brand. To set yourself apart from competitors and to help promote your latest apps or platforms, it’s necessary to establish your business as an expert in the field.

How can you do this? Two important components of any health IT public relations strategy are case studies and white papers. They are not only vehicles to establish your expertise with technical audiences and B2B decision-makers, but they are marketing and sales tools in their own rights.

What are Case Studies and White Papers?

A case study showcases how your company solved a problem or overcame a challenge for a particular customer using its technology. They document the major accomplishments of your health IT business, building industry-specific credibility and showing off your technical expertise.

A white paper, defined as an “authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue,” helps less technically-inclined decision-makers understand the technical aspects of your products and the problems they solve. It requires often complex subject matter to be distilled into an easily understood form accessible to both experts and non-experts.

Content Strategy

Once developed, case studies and white papers can be used as part of a comprehensive content strategy. They can be published to your website and then used directly for lead generation by gating them behind a lead capture page before being downloaded.  Afterward, the content in the case studies and white papers can be repurposed for further use. They can be used as content for social media posts, blogs, and infographics.

Getting Some Help

Not all software engineers are naturally inclined toward gearing their writing to non-experts. Not every entrepreneur has the time to craft the right message or spare the bandwidth to develop the right narrative for a case study.

What’s where the health IT public relations experts at Ripley PR can help. We are experts at developing in-depth and compelling case studies and white papers. We also know how to promote them to the right audiences.

Ripley PR is an experienced health IT PR agency with a proven record for using case studies and white papers to bolster our clients’ brands and help generate positive publicity and quality leads. Contact us today.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

This post was written by on February 23, 2018

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