Share your Sustainable Advancements with Manufacturing Public Relations

Lean on manufacturing public relations to tell the story of your sustainable efforts.Sustainability hasn’t always been synonymous with manufacturing, but the truth is that many companies are making exciting contributions toward a greener future without getting the recognition they deserve. Some are implementing better processes and techniques, and others are developing eco-friendly products. Either way, without a solid manufacturing public relations strategy, any momentum to be gained from news of these efforts could easily be lost.

At Ripley PR, we specialize in manufacturing public relations and have worked with companies navigating supply chain issues, recruitment woes and more, so we understand the challenges manufacturers consistently face in today’s economic climate. We also know there are wins to be celebrated, and we want to help identify them, develop a plan and then tell the world. Sustainable efforts and advancements are one such win that shouldn’t be ignored.

Be intentional in tracking your green efforts

The first step to translating your eco-friendly work into newsworthy material is to collect the data. Have you implemented new technology that makes your production lines more energy efficient, or have you reduced the water consumption of your facilities by a notable amount? If so, make sure to track the statistics to add weight and specificity to your news. Are you developing and manufacturing a new biodegradable product that reduce the strain on landfills? Develop sound projections and studies that can be referenced to avoid any claims of greenwashing.

Once you have the facts, lean on a team experienced in manufacturing public relations to develop a strategy around publicizing the news. It can be challenging to deliver sustainability announcements without sounding self-serving, but the right PR team can channel the right messaging into press releases and earned media placement that will be compelling to your target customers and stakeholders.

Don’t expect that others will simply learn about your sustainability initiatives and efforts on their own. Call Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 today so we can discuss how you can benefit from manufacturing public relations.

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Prepare for Uncertainty With B2B PR

Technology’s impact on B2B industries over the last several years has been transformative – and it’s set to accelerate as companies recognize the full potential of a range of applications and emerging tech such as software, AI, analytics and automation. A market that’s already in the midst of rapid, disruptive change is poised to experience an unprecedented shift.

The coming upheaval presents a wealth of opportunities for B2B businesses that are prepared to take advantage of all the tools available to them. An informed strategy for growth and positioning will help brands evolve for an unpredictable market so they can not only survive but thrive in new economic circumstances.

But successful adaptation for evolving B2B businesses depends on your customers. If they don’t know that your company offers new applications or features that support increased productivity and efficiency or enhanced customer experience, you won’t see the results.

In order to keep your customers and industry experts up to date on your innovation, consider hiring an experienced B2B public relations agency like Ripley PR. Our team of skilled communications experts can help your company stand out in an industry where change is constant. Our services include:

  • Media relations: We’ll leverage our relationships in key B2B media sectors to ensure brand awareness and thought leadership.
  • Content marketing: We’ll help you develop and distribute thoughtful, strategic content for blogs, social media, and earned and paid media placements that will support your company’s message and mission.
  • Crisis communications: We’ll help you manage any situations that could negatively impact your company’s reputation or earnings. We’ve helped many clients work with the media to successfully navigate potentially disastrous circumstances.

If you’re ready to learn more about Ripley PR’s stellar B2B technology public relations services, call (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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Develop into a construction master with PR

Ask any musician, and they’ll tell you it’s not easy to become a rockstar. In fact, a lot of them never hit the big time. Your favorite doctor can discuss long hours spent as a resident. Obi-Wan Kenobi — yeah, let’s get a little nerdy — was a padawan and apprentice before he ever became a Jedi master.

It’s hard to become an overnight success, no matter the industry. It takes drive and ambition to keep building the momentum needed to be seen as a leader among your peers. A good construction public relations agency helps, too.

I like this definition of thought leader I found in an old Forbes article:

A thought leader is an individual or firm that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognize as one of the foremost authorities in selected areas of specialization, resulting in its being the go-to individual or organization for said expertise.

From the time we’re small, we all want to be respected, right? We want to make our parents proud. We want to make our peers jealous. We want to stand out for what we’re doing. Even as an introvert, it’s nice to be recognized. But as a business leader, how do you get there?

PR can help you become a thought leader in the industry. Construction’s own version of a Jedi master, if you will.

  • Through social media, we can highlight your company and your achievements, as well as showcase new products.
  • By garnering earned media, we can help establish you as an expert on a national level. By securing interviews with trusted trade publications as well as mainstream business outlets, we can position you as a leader in the field.
  • Our team can also help coordinate networking opportunities, such as speaking engagements or trade show appearances. We’ll help craft content that will showcase your knowledge and solidify your position as a thought leader in the industry.

Call us today at 865-977-1973 and let us make you a rockstar in the industry.

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Protect your automotive brand with good PR

How often do we see a brand make one bad move, and our perception is forever changed? They made one mistake, but unfortunately, that’s all we see about them in the media. The truth is, every brand can make bad headlines, so why don’t we see them all? The reason is, you guessed it, good PR.

Build trust

If one bad headline is all we see, it can be difficult to offer support for a brand. However, if that brand has built up a series of positive media coverage over the years, it’s better equipped to bounce back from negative attention. Through public relations, you can earn trust with your target audience over time to soften the blow of negative media coverage, and sometimes to even leverage against it.

Respond to negative reviews

Don’t take it personally; every business gets them. The trick is to take a breath, don’t get too defensive, and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Oh, and respond. Oftentimes the worst thing you can do with a bad review is ignore it. When these things go ignored, they can stew. That stew can then spill into social media, and boom. Your brand is blasted everywhere when you could have avoided the whole situation by responding, resolving the issue before your reputation was tainted.

Have a crisis plan

No media crisis can truly be anticipated, but things go south when we least expect them to. This is why it’s imperative you have a solid crisis management plan in place. This includes: media spokesperson/people, social media strategy, press statement outlines and more. An experienced automotive public relations agency like Ripley PR is well-equipped to help you develop the best plan for your brand.

Garnering positive media coverage, handling negative reviews and developing a crisis plan require a lot of effort and professionalism. To learn more about how to keep your name above ground, give Ripley PR a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit us online.

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Tell your story: home service public relations

When a customer calls a home service provider, they are likely having a very bad day. Finding a provider that can be trusted can be a difficult thing. Brand recognition can be a powerful tool to empower a customer to make the right decision and place that call to your team.

A young tradesman stands proudly intron of his service vehicle.

Backing your marketing plan with industry-leading home service public relations know-how is a great way to build the trust and brand recognition that your business needs to stand out from the crowd.

Working closely with a team of PR and content development pros is a great way to tell your community your story. Here are some PR strategies that can help the best businesses shine:

Steady stream of press releases

Press releases can be a great way to keep your community in the loo. New hires, growth, volunteer events, and even non-promotional tips for seasonal issues can be a fantastic way to keep your company in the limelight and top of mind.

Ongoing media outreach

An expert media relations team will know exactly how to build relationships with top outlets in your area. Coming up with unique story ideas for TV, print and radio opportunities and sharing them with the bests hosts and writers in your area is the task and the right team of media relations pros have the know-how to get results.


PR can be a great way for the best home service businesses to tell their story. Consistent press release distribution and a media outreach plan can be the difference between your CSRs fielding record breaking amounts of calls this year.

To learn more about harnessing the power of PR, reach out to the Ripley PR team at (865)977-1973.

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Reach your Stakeholders with Manufacturing Public Relations

Implementing a solid manufacturing public relations strategy can bolster your relationship with your stakeholders.No matter how big or small your manufacturing outfit, the objective remains the same: grow as much as possible while delivering goods of the highest quality. To do so effectively and with few roadblocks, it’s important to keep all company stakeholders engaged and apprised of your accomplishments. From employees to board members, and from community representatives to customers, this is easier said than done. Consistent, targeted communications are best handled as a team effort, and partnering with an agency experienced with manufacturing public relations can help.

Here are a few examples of how manufacturing PR can ensure that your brand is both top-of-mind and favorable for your stakeholders:

It Builds Positive Name Recognition for your Company

Name recognition is one of the most effective ways to build awareness of your company. When executed correctly, PR can help set a strong, positive name for you in the industry. This keeps you top of mind for your stakeholders, generates trustworthiness and begins establishing you as a leader in your market.

This can also reach potential employees, granting them a solid understanding of your company culture, mission, and beliefs, allowing you to recruit top talent to your manufacturing business.

It Positions your Company in a Favorable Light for Investors

A solid manufacturing public relations strategy generates consistent and positive press coverage. This can improve your negotiations when speaking with potential investors. It also demonstrates credibility, which lends to securing more funding and partnerships.

Having a consistent presence across key media outlets also increases your perceived value and industry thought leadership, further boosting your investment opportunities.

It Raises Awareness for Potential Customers and Clients

Not only will the press releases, bylined articles, and features win you greater attention through trusted online sources, you can use these strategies in line with your own media. Your blogs and social media can be used to further communicate with your growing audience and build greater awareness of your services, company culture and the mission that drives your business.

By effectively, and consistently, communicating with your stakeholders using PR strategies, you position your company for greater success and growth.

For more information about how manufacturing public relations can help boost your relationship with your stakeholders, contact Ripley PR online or call 865-977-1973 today.

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Tech Public Relations: Generating More Leads with White Papers

Get your target audience hooked on your next whitepaper with tech public relations.One of the best tools in your tech company’s traffic funneling arsenal is a well-written and informative white paper. Without the right support, however, they can be quite the undertaking. Partnering with an experienced tech public relations team can help with the heavy lifting. By establishing a compelling narrative around a common industry problem, you can position your tech as the de facto solution to the challenge at hand.

With a white paper, you must persuade first on facts and data. Get the ingredients wrong–too heavy on the promotional or marketing side–and you’ll leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth.

But when you steep it in research and finish it with accurate, on-brand messaging, your white paper will result in a smooth and engaging lead generation tool for your business.

So how do you brew up a winning white paper, and what do you do with it to ensure everyone gets a taste?

Next level white papers with tech public relations

First, understand that good white papers need thorough research and data. These aren’t one-day deliverables like blog posts.

Take your time and sufficiently educate the audience on the problem, hypothesize and detail your solution, then take them on a journey as you discuss examples of companies finding success with that solution. When you’re done, hit them hard with a strong conclusion that summarizes your most poignant points.

Second, don’t leave the white paper in hiding, gated behind a lead gen landing page–by all means, do set up a landing page that grants access to the paper–but also make sure you announce the white paper with a press release to targeted media outlets. When you share the good word about your white paper, you increase the reach and effectiveness of your marketing funnel.

With earned media coverage, you can leverage the audience of well-known, trusted media sources and reap the benefit of positioning your solution as more credible in the eyes of your audience. Not only does earned media reduce skepticism and resistance to your proposed solution, it heightens your tech company’s perceived authority and expertise in the industry.

Did we mention the SEO benefits? Backlinks abound and traffic signals soar when your story announcing the white paper is published. When done right, using tech public relations alongside your content marketing–social media, blog, newsroom and newsletters–to announce your tech white paper will pump traffic into your gated lead gen.

To market white papers effectively takes work, and having a team experienced in tech public relations can make a plan this come to fruition much easier than going it alone. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, contact Ripley PR or call 865-977-1973 today.

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Let Ripley PR help you own your tech company’s verticals

As a B2B tech startup, you probably already know the vertical markets you should focus on to get the word out about your SaaS-based solutions.

But do you know how to own your verticals by positioning yourself as the leader in those markets?

You can start by partnering with a proven B2B tech public relations agency that knows how to make you a standout in your field. Through a combination of content deliverables, like press releases, social media posts and long-form articles, the smart PR professional knows how to weave together your company’s story to drive your success.

Touting your successes

Most potential B2B customers want the companies they do business with to show how they can solve their specific problems or help them generate more success.

By helping you shore up key awards and memberships to key recognition lists, a good B2B tech PR agency provides you with leverage to be the difference-maker in your space. Winning awards boosts your visibility by increasing your chances for earned media.

The fact that your company is good enough to win prestigious awards and the increased visibility your company receives as a result is attractive to potential customers. This recognition is often the key differentiator when you’re up against your closest competitor in a bid for business.

Thought leadership

In addition to award-winning services, customers also want to know if you “know your stuff.”

Public relations professionals know how to put your expertise on display in more subtle ways. Your press releases, social media posts and public appearances should not always be self-serving. There is as much value in demonstrating you are the leader in your industry because of your knowledge of the market as there is in selling your company directly.

You should be the first person the media calls upon when the news involves your industry and the first to provide advice. If your focus is on digital payment security, you can easily speak out when a data breach occurs. If your company provides construction tech services, be the most coveted speaker at the upcoming construction innovation conference.

If you aren’t already that person, the right public relations agency will make you that expert.

Manage your reputation

Hopefully, you will never need to contact a PR agency because of a business crisis but managing your reputation shouldn’t be relegated for use to only those times when something bad has happened.

With B2B tech public relations, managing your good reputation is spotlighted to generate goodwill about your organization. If your team volunteers at the local food bank every month or you provide rewards to your customers, spread the news of your good deeds to build a positive reputation. It can also help if a crisis does eventually happen because customers are more likely to forgive a company they view in a positive light.

If you’re tired of seeing your competition get the accolades, the quotes in the local press and the majority of the business, it’s time to call Ripley PR to see how we can promote your B2B business. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website to see how we can help you own your vertical.

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Showcase your accomplishments with construction public relations

You’ve just won an outstanding award, but you’re too modest to show it, that’s where construction public relations enters the equation. You shouldn’t be afraid to let everyone know about your accomplishments and a firm like Ripley PR can help you.

There are a few areas where celebrating your accomplishments, whether it be awards or a job well-done, will be beneficial to your company.

Client Credibility

If I’m looking for a construction company to build my new church, would I be more likely to go with the winner of the company voted “best in customer satisfaction” or the company that’s hard to find with a simple Google search?Construction public relations can help show off your accomplishments

Also, don’t be afraid to share a picture of that completed job. Provide evidence of a happy client and a job well-done. That can trickle over to others looking for your services.

Sharing your shine can add instant credibility to potential clients and strengthen your relationship with your current partners.


I’m tired of my work environment and the foreman at my jobsite is making it unbearable to show up to work. While I’m looking for my next job, I noticed on the local news site that Rodney’s Construction is voted winner of “Best Workplace in New Jersey.” I’m going to be more likely to at least send in an application to that place.

According to Forbes, employees are most concerned with well-being in 2022. Recruits will be more likely seek out places with evidence of a healthy workplace.

A team like Ripley PR can help you strategically share your accomplishments moving forward. Through media outreach, press releases, social media, and more, we can help get you in the headlines. The media talking about your accomplishment is not you talking about your accomplishment.

There is more information to discuss in this area and we’d be happy to have that conversation with you. Contact us online or give us a call 865-977-1973.

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3 Keys to Catching Franchisees’ Attention with Franchise Public Relations

There’s a reason why construction workers wear neon clothing when doing road work, right? It’s so they can be seen. Shouldn’t you, as a franchisor, operate the same way? When trying to recruit new franchisees, it’s important for your franchise to put on the bright vests and neon hard hats to recruit new owners, and utilizing franchise public relations is a great way to do just that.

Here are 3 keys to catching franchisee’s attention with franchise PR:

  1. Identifying the right audience

Your franchise is unique and deserves owners that fit the mold. Are you looking for younger franchisees? People looking to leave the corporate grind? Experienced owners? Narrowing down your ideal franchisee is going to make recruitment much easier.

  1. Show off your differences

What makes your franchise different? What makes it unique? Many franchisors offer the same things when trying to recruit new owners, but finding new and fresh ways to position your franchise as the go-to spot for entrepreneurs can take franchisee recruitment to the next level.

  1. Choose the right PR partner

There are lots of public relations agencies vying for your business, but are they all the right ones? The short answer is no, they’re not. Not all agencies have experience working with franchisors and can adequately assess their needs. Choosing the right partner is key.

There are thousands of motivated entrepreneurs out there looking for their next ownership opportunity, and your franchise may be their best landing spot. It’s important to work with a partner that understands your needs and growth strategies as a franchisor and can position your brand for an explosion of growth. If you’re ready to partner up with that agency, give the PR pros at Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973 or visit our website.

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