B2C Public Relations

Choosing the right agency to launch your B2B public relations plan

In the United States alone, there were more than 75,000 startups launched in 2023. And, according to some statistics, a shocking 90% of them will fail in the first 20 months.  Reasons for failure include lack of funding, no market... Read more

pr fills your sales funnel

Fill Your Sales Funnel with Compelling PR Content

Since the mid-1990s, everyone from Bill Gates to your marketing manager has assured us that content is king. And that advice is still true, but only to a certain extent. If you’re looking to bring in quality leads, you have... Read more

Promote your milestones with Home Service PR

You may already be sharing your company updates and news, and if not, we can help with that too, but are you fully leveraging the awards and milestones you’ve worked so hard to earn? The home service market can be... Read more

PR helps you assess your B2B company’s marketing content

The saying, “content is king,” may be cliché, but it is still relevant even as content marketing continues to evolve. If your content cache is filled with old, outdated and irrelevant information, you won’t be able to attract sales leads... Read more

3 Keys to Reaching Your Target Audience Using PR

Reaching a target audience is one of the most important steps for a business to consider when trying to grow. Engaging a target audience can not only lead to more potential customers, but it can also help establish and progress... Read more

PR Can Lift Content From Ho-Hum To Compelling

“Craft compelling content” — that’s perennial advice for B2B companies looking to build an online presence and attract new leads. So, business owners roll up their sleeves, recruit a willing employee or family member as content director and start spending... Read more

Is your Knoxville business using professionals to write your content?

The popular saying, “Content is king,” is still true. Today, however, content means more than text. It includes photos, videos, art and anything else that a customer sees or reads. As a Knoxville business owner, your company probably has lots... Read more

What Makes a Great Client- Agency Relationship?

Maintaining and building any type of relationship is a moving target, and when I look at my agency’s relationships with clients, I see them being similar to both a marriage and an attorney-client relationship. In a marriage, you are building... Read more

Your Knoxville Business Can Stay in Touch with Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven customers away from brick-and-mortar stores and into their homes. While Knoxville has experienced a relatively short stay-at-home order, people are still staying away from crowded places and using caution when going out. That has made... Read more

B2B public relations meeting

B2B Rebranding: Four situations where your company should consider an update

For many B2B business owners, branding isn’t a priority. They may be skeptical, or they may think that it doesn’t matter in their industry. They may simply feel like they don’t have the time and money to invest. These days,... Read more

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