Use PR to Improve Your B2B Company’s Culture

B2B coimpany cultureIf your company is struggling to recruit new employees, you may have already discovered that you’ll need to offer more to recruits than a compensation package.

A recent Glassdoor survey found that 77% of potential employees consider a company’s culture before applying for a position. And more than half said they consider a positive workplace more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

At HubSpot, the company’s Culture Code has landed the marketing firm on Fortune 100 and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for the past several years. The company practices full transparency with its employees, clearly defines its core values and focuses on flexibility. This culture encourages a great work/life balance, which can be emulated by other B2Bs.

Whether you have a poor company culture you want to improve or a great one you want to share, a B2B public relations plan can start that process.

An Objective View

The main role of a PR agency is to access your company so it can tell your story and boost your reputation. During their discovery, they will take an objective look at your business to determine their next move.

They can also guide you on what other companies are doing to improve their culture as they work to improve yours. Public relations doesn’t have to be relegated to external relations. A true PR partner will also help you communicate internally so that you can improve your relationship with your employees.

Their objective look inside your business can help you make crucial changes that improve how your employees view your culture.

A Transparent Workplace

A PR partner will also work with you to improve your transparency with both your customers and your workforce.

Many B2Bs offer transparent pricing or service to their clientele but aren’t as open with information internally. If you aren’t sharing your vision and objectives, employees aren’t sure of their roles.

You should also share your company’s achievements and awards internally before publishing them externally to promote a sense of accomplishment.

A PR agency can help you state your goals and communicate them to your team. Your clients aren’t just your customers but include your employees and other stakeholders. Learning how to communicate with them improves morale and employee satisfaction.

A Better Reputation

You probably already know that a good reputation translates into better sales. Businesses want to do business with other companies that have a solid status.

One of the best ways to improve your reputation is by having happy employees. A positive company culture means your employees speak well of your business. This improves your standing in the business community, helps you recruit better-qualified employees, and helps you retain your current workforce.

When you hire a PR agency that understands how B2B works, they can help you improve your internal and external communications. This creates a workplace culture that keeps and attracts employees.

Ripley PR is that team. We understand the B2B ethos, and our professional PR content writers know how to help you communicate with your team to build on and improve your company culture.

Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to let us go to work for you. We’ll root out your good stories to share with your team and with your customers.


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