Automotive Public Relations

Garner media attention through automotive public relations

Your auto business is doing great things in the industry and the community, but you feel that you’re not getting the attention you deserve. I’d like to introduce you to automotive public relations. PR can be the roadmap for you... Read more

Avoid negative press from recalls with automotive public relations

No matter what precautions are taken or what AI technology is utilized, 100% perfection cannot be guaranteed. There is always a chance a mistake can happen. For example, Hyundai issued a recall on 239,000 cars in May because of exploding... Read more

Don’t Get Your Automotive Brand Left in the Dust

Your automotive brand is great. You do great work, provide world class customer service and even have a stellar marketing plan – but why isn’t your brand continuing to grow? If you’re doing all of those things right and still... Read more

Protect your automotive brand with good PR

How often do we see a brand make one bad move, and our perception is forever changed? They made one mistake, but unfortunately, that’s all we see about them in the media. The truth is, every brand can make bad... Read more

Automotive PR can help your brand thrive in the EV revolution

Electric vehicles are transforming the automotive industry in more ways than one. Besides helping reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, EVs are driving radical changes in how cars are bought and sold. Many EV manufacturers sell directly to... Read more

Automotive public relations can make your next trade show a success.

Automotive Public Relations Can Drive Trade Show Success

Whether you’re an aftermarket manufacturer displaying the latest in your line of wheels or an engineer that has developed an innovative safety solution, automotive industry trade shows are where you’ll likely put your masterpiece on display. These events are fantastic... Read more

Race into the headlines with Automotive Public Relations

When I first met my wife, I swept her off her feet with a great first impression. Not true, but I got a second chance to tell her my story and here we are. When getting your story to the... Read more

Utilize E-Blasts to Increase Customer Loyalty

When people think of public relations, the first thing that probably comes to mind is press releases. The truth is public relations is much more than that. It is a series of tools that can help your automotive company gain... Read more

3 Keys to Upping Your Social Media Game with Automotive PR

Has your social media game been stagnant lately? Have you wanted to scream your company’s message through a megaphone because you weren’t’ getting enough clicks via social? If so, it might be time to reevaluate your social strategy and consider... Read more

How Effective Storytelling Can Enhance Your Automotive PR

In July of 2020, Ford started the “Ford for South Africa” campaign, highlighting the brand’s 96-year-long role as one of the country’s largest vehicle manufacturers. The campaign tells the inspiring story of Ford’s history and commitment to the country, providing... Read more

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