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The Sedan May Be Dead, but your PR Shouldn’t Be

How Automotive Manufacturers Can Survive the Trends Any industry is affected by trends, but the automotive industry is in a class of its own. A car represents a huge financial commitment for most people, yet the trends seem to come... Read more

Rev Up Your Automotive PR Through Storytelling

The automotive industry has always been in the business of stories. The allure of cars has been a prominent thread winding through popular culture for generations. People aren’t interested in just buying automotive products. They are interested in the stories... Read more

Automotive Innovation Car Dashboard

How Does the Auto Consumer Value Technology?

Car enthusiasts flood auto shows seeking the latest and greatest in technology. Hi-tech automotive innovation is the basis of competition between brands. But when it comes to the average consumer, technology resonates very differently in auto than it does in... Read more

Putting Corporate Social Responsibility in the Driver’s Seat of Automotive Public Relations

Promoting corporate responsibility through public relations Automotive technology companies no longer just engineer components, they have to engineer corporate values that appeal to both consumers and decision-makers. In today’s marketplace, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a not an optional feel-good... Read more

Automotive assembly

Auto Parts Manufacturers Need PR, Too

Each car that rolls off an assembly line is a feat of modern engineering, with thousands of individual parts working in sync to produce a machine that can travel fast, carry an entire family across the country or tow a... Read more

Avoiding PR Horror Stories for Your Automotive Company

It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry as advances in technology seem to happen daily. The development of electrical vehicles and autonomous technology will transform the industry and society itself. It’s also a scary time as bad actors, technical... Read more

Image Drives Success for Automotive Industry

When people pick out a vehicle, there is a lot that goes into that decision. Consumers may evaluate price, features, and environmental impact, but two key factors are brand trust and vehicle image – what type of person do they... Read more

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Soup up your automotive PR strategy

After a house and possibly a college education, a car is the largest purchase an individual is likely to make over the course of a lifetime. But buying a new car can be a terrible investment. As soon as you... Read more

How Content Can Help Market Your Automotive Biz

Your business may be an expert in automotive technology or manufacturing, but it also needs to be expert in promoting itself. No matter how innovative your products, if no one hears about them, they won’t sell. Content marketing is a... Read more

Worker at car manufacturing plant

Drive the conversation with automotive public relations

When people hear the word “automotive business,” a lot of times they think of car, truck, motorcycle and boat dealerships or large automakers like Ford or Toyota. However, the automotive industry encompasses many more segments, including parts manufacturers, after-market retailers... Read more

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