Franchise Public Relations

It’s Important to Partner With an Agency Who Understands Your Industry

As a franchisor, you generally have a clear-cut idea of who you are looking for in prospective franchise owners. If prospects don’t fit the mold, they probably won’t get the opportunity to become an owner. The real question is: Would... Read more

3 Ways Franchise PR Can Make The New Decade Better Than Your Last

New Year’s resolutions are highly popular amongst the masses all over the world. People will vow to become more physically active, while others aspire to grow their careers. But people shouldn’t be the only ones with these yearly goals –... Read more

Franchise Fit: Make sure potential franchisees share your brand’s goals

Growth is a major goal for any franchise. But just adding as many locations as fast as possible isn’t a sustainable strategy. Unplanned, haphazard growth can be as bad as insufficient growth – or, in some cases, even worse. The... Read more

Give your Franchise Brand the Staying Power it Needs with Franchise PR

Franchise networks that can change with the times and keep up with customer tastes and desires have the advantage over competitors. This also requires keeping your brand in the public eye, tailoring outreach and communications to both customers and potential... Read more

Specialized franchise public relations can help grow your business.

Let PR Help You Grow Your Franchise Brand

Growing a franchise brand is hard work for even the most experienced entrepreneurs. It’s different than just owning multiple businesses. Not only do you have a brand reputation to build, but you also have to market to both potential franchise... Read more

Franchise Conversion Signing

Simplify the Conversion Process – How to Attract Quality Candidates for Your Franchise

Generation X is one of the most undervalued demographics in the U.S. Boomers and millennials seem to receive attention from the media daily, but you rarely hear about what is arguably the most forgotten generation in U.S. history. So, where... Read more

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3 Franchise PR Tactics to Boost Qualified Leads in 2020

Leads: Every franchisor wants them, but not every franchisor gets enough qualified ones that translate into sales. If you’re projecting your growth for 2020, now is the time to consider how public relations can help you achieve your goals. As... Read more

Who is your Franchisee?

When it comes to building your franchise brand, you need to speak to a wide audience to attract the most potential franchisees. For instance, meet Greg. He has a successful career in finance. He has spent 25 years climbing the... Read more

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Teaming up with PR can take your franchise to the next level

When you look up the definition for the word “franchise,” you find several references to teams, groups or memberships. Each word makes sense consider the franchise system can refer to a lot of different things: Sports: Your favorite professional team... Read more

Communicating Your Franchise Story to Potential Owners

Every franchise network has two major stories to sell. Both are about value. One story is for the customers, the people who are buying goods and services from franchise locations. The other story is for potential franchisees. Successful franchise public... Read more

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