Franchise Public Relations

You can protect your owners and national brand by working with a franchise public relations team to implement a crisis plan.

Can your franchise owners handle a crisis?

It’s always unexpected, inconvenient, and can make a franchise owner feel like they’re all alone in an uncomfortable spotlight. Maybe a consumer complaint goes viral on social media, or perhaps an investigative reporter sets up a sting and catches an... Read more

3 Reasons to Seek Awards for Your Franchise

Award-winning team. Ranked on the Franchise 500 List. Fastest-growing international franchise. Named a Top Global Franchise.   Recognition has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Just imagine one (or all) of these preceding your brand name. Now that’s a... Read more

3 ways to tout your awards through franchise PR

Congratulations on your franchise award! Recognition of the hard work and dedication of your team feels great, and achievements like these should be shared with your audience. But is sharing the news of your prestigious award boastful? If so, then... Read more

Promote Your Franchise’s Awards with Public Relations

Franchising is not a new phenomenon. According to Statista, there was an estimated 792,000 franchise establishments in the United States in 2022. Entrepreneurs are actively seeking franchises to purchase to help them start their own businesses. While franchisors offer different... Read more

Powerful blog posts can boost franchise success

A lot of franchise executives and managers wonder what the big deal is about a blog. Their company has one. Somebody updates it every now and then. Nobody can tell whether it does any good or not, but everybody knows... Read more

Create your own value: use earned media to showcase your franchise’s growth

In a world filled with social media clickbait, annoying web jingles and over-produced ads, it’s sometimes hard to get your franchise’s successes noticed above the din. Not only are many media outlets downsizing or even folding up shop, the competition... Read more

Establish a local presence through franchise public relations

The perks of owning a franchise are obvious for the business owners: brand recognition, training and more. However, it’s important to ensure that there’s no disconnect between your national recognition and your local presence. Franchise public relations can help solidify... Read more

3 ways PR can generate leads for your franchise

For a franchisor, generating leads isn’t just focused on bringing new customers into your businesses, it is also about attracting candidates who will make solid franchise owners. And, without a multi-pronged franchise public relations strategy, your company could get lost... Read more

Make your next opening newsworthy with franchise public relations

You’re trying to get the word out about your newest location. After all, that’s some exciting news! Yet when you reach out to news outlets, all you get back are crickets. That’s where franchise public relations experts come in. When... Read more

Franchise public relations

Generate leads for your franchisees through PR

Public relations, as you may already know, can be a huge factor in growing your franchise. Through thought leadership and sharing your success as a franchisor, you can attract potential franchisees. But should the PR stop there? Just as the... Read more

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