Franchise Public Relations

3 Keys to Catching Franchisees’ Attention with Franchise Public Relations

There’s a reason why construction workers wear neon clothing when doing road work, right? It’s so they can be seen. Shouldn’t you, as a franchisor, operate the same way? When trying to recruit new franchisees, it’s important for your franchise... Read more

Attract potential franchisees with SEO

According to a global survey of over 1,500 marketers, 75% of respondents said search engine optimization tactics were either extremely or very effective at helping them achieve marketing goals. When Googling a product or service, naturally, you want the links... Read more

Establish Brand Identity Through Franchise Public Relations

Many of the most popular franchises out there don’t need much of an introduction. The likes of McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and KFC instantly catch our attention. These franchises have done an excellent job establishing themselves in the market and are... Read more

Franchisees have compelling stories that can help your brand, and franchise public relations can help.

Franchise PR supports growth and maximizes media placement

For franchise businesses, visibility is key. Nothing powers franchise growth like a successful new location. A thriving franchise reflects positively on the franchisee, his or her employees, and especially the franchise itself. But it’s hard for most people to see... Read more

PR helps you find qualified franchisees to grow your brand

If you have a great business, you need great people to help you expand your franchise into other markets. But gaining the attention of the right people to become franchisees can sometimes be a tricky gambit. You need to promote... Read more

PR can help your emerging franchise grow

I recently read a story about a man in Berkley who was ready to turn his hole-in-the-wall restaurant into a franchise. Grégoire Restaurant has become quite popular, with its scrumptious-looking crispy potato puffs, and owner Grégoire Jacquet is ready to... Read more

Franchise Public Relations Can Help Your Home Service Business Gain Momentum in the Media

The home service industry is a crowded, difficult industry to gain your footing in. While you may have mastered the HVAC or plumbing space, many others have done the same thing to minimal returns. When competing against other companies that... Read more

Grow your reach with franchise public relations

Curious why you’re not getting media traction you had hoped for? Franchise public relations can help your brand reach a wider audience. It’s important, as a franchise, to continue to reach a broader audience to gain exposure for your brand.... Read more

How Franchise PR Can Help Your Business Channel Electricity in 2022

Benjamin Franklin fulfilled many roles for the United States of America. But as famous as Franklin became for his roles in printing, electricity and even the founding of the United States, there is another connection you might not know: franchising.... Read more

3 Keys to Promoting Franchise Culture with Social Media

Your franchise has a lot to offer, and it’s important for prospective franchisees to see it. One of the most important things franchisees look for in a franchise is the culture. How does it make them feel? Does it look... Read more

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