Franchise Public Relations

How To Build Your Business With Franchise Public Relations

You’ve got a great franchise concept. You’ve set up a system that works. But the phone calls and emails aren’t coming in — or you can’t convert the ones you get into new deals. So, what’s your next step? That... Read more

Use Stories to Make Your Refinishing Franchise Shine

Kitchen and bathroom refinishing businesses are crowding into the marketplace, so how does your franchise brand stand out? The best franchise public relations strategies capitalize on the most important assets of your network: its franchise owners and customers. Strong franchise... Read more

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5 Tips for a Successful Franchise Social Media Strategy

Creating a franchise social media marketing strategy can be tough and complicated. It requires a lot of thought and planning to make sure you balance a unified voice with the engagement necessary for local audiences. Benefits of a Social Media... Read more


Whatever Your Franchise Dreams Are, You Need a Good PR Plan

The 1989 film “Field of Dreams” has a quotable moment that is still being uttered 30 years later: “If you build it, they will come.” While “Field of Dreams” is a baseball movie, the quote has come to mean so... Read more

Need Leads for Your Senior Care Franchise?

Great PR Can Bring the Right People to You Demand for senior care, especially home care, is on the rise, and the growing market offers prime business opportunities. But, as more entrepreneurs enter the senior home care space, your home... Read more

Franchise PR

Making the Leap from Business Owner to Franchisor?

You had a great idea, grew a successful business, and now you have dreams of making your business a household name. The decisions you make early on as a franchisor affect your business for years to come. You are confident... Read more

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Franchise Public Relations Can Help Achieve Brand Awareness in Your Target Markets

Every franchisor has a list of markets or territories they deem perfect for their brand, but perhaps they’ve been more difficult than others to penetrate and find qualified leads. As an experienced franchise public relations agency, we know that some... Read more

Earned Media Can Grow Your Franchise Network

You might be focused on new media for your franchise public relations plan, but PR professionals know that a balanced approach is better for business. Yes, your public relations and marketing strategy should include blogging, video marketing and social media,... Read more

Content Marketing is Worth it for Your Franchise

If you are looking to grow your franchise network, content marketing is one tool you cannot ignore. As part of a solid franchise public relations plan, content marketing will push your website higher in search engine results, establish your company’s... Read more

Crisis Management PR Can Protect Your Franchise Brand

The news is full of companies whose reputations have been tarnished by a poorly managed crisis. Today’s consumers are quick to retaliate on social media and slow to forgive. While you can’t keep crises from ever striking your business, you... Read more

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