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Dealing with Social Media Controversy Through Public Relations

Home service franchises aren’t immune to crises. These days, it’s easier than ever for any brand to become the subject of scrutiny because of a controversial social media statement by an employee or a location owner. All it takes is... Read more

During COVID-19, Open Communication with Plumbing Franchise Clients and Employees is Crucial

Even during a worldwide pandemic certain businesses are considered essential and have been continuing to provide services to the public and other businesses. If you own a plumbing franchise business, you know this already. Your technicians are entering businesses and... Read more

Has COVID-19 Changed Franchise Discovery Days?

Discovery Days are a fixture of the franchise industry. It’s a chance for prospects and their spouses to come to headquarters, experience the company culture and lifestyle, meet the corporate team, and maybe even enjoy some time in a getaway... Read more

Franchise PR can help you land speaking engagements to boost your brand – and make the most out of the trade show experience

Trade shows are a fundamental part of the franchise business. They give companies the opportunity to show off what they do, get insight into their competitors, network with partners and potential franchisees, and catch up on new and emerging trends.... Read more

Franchise public relations can help you find the right franchisees.

How PR can Help You Find the Right Franchisees

Finding the right franchisees for your brand can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re looking to expand into states where you don’t already have a presence. You can’t be at every location all the time, so you need to... Read more

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Why It’s Important to Hire A PR Agency That Understands Your Industry

Why does your franchise brand need a public relations strategy? That’s a trick question. All franchise brands, no matter what they do, need a franchise public relations agency that understands the industry they’re in, specializing in both franchising as a... Read more

Why Your Franchise PR Agency Should Know the Industry Like You Do

As a franchise company, you know your industry well. But does your current public relations agency? When it comes to creating successful franchise public relations strategies that can propel you to the top of your space, you need more than... Read more

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Is PR the key to more home service franchise conversions in 2020?

The home service industry – plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical and more – is a complicated space in which to own and run a business. To have the combination of skills necessary to not only know the trade and provide... Read more

It’s Important to Partner With an Agency Who Understands Your Industry

As a franchisor, you generally have a clear-cut idea of who you are looking for in prospective franchise owners. If prospects don’t fit the mold, they probably won’t get the opportunity to become an owner. The real question is: Would... Read more

3 Ways Franchise PR Can Make The New Decade Better Than Your Last

New Year’s resolutions are highly popular amongst the masses all over the world. People will vow to become more physically active, while others aspire to grow their careers. But people shouldn’t be the only ones with these yearly goals –... Read more

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