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Plumber from a home service franchise checks underneath a sink

Choose a franchise public relations team that gets home service

Running a successful home service business these days is no easy feat. Competition is fierce, and from facing recruiting woes during an ongoing labor shortage to simply managing a company’s reputation online and in the communities served, there are plenty... Read more

Earned Media Coverage Creates Franchise Brand Buzz

Even in the age of the internet, it’s still useful for franchise brands to receive coverage in newspapers or magazines. But this means more than buying an advertisement. Potential franchisees are going to look at advertisements with an understandably jaded... Read more

franchise growth

How to Leverage Public Relations for Franchise Growth

Public relations is a pivotal part of any growth strategy for a franchise brand. Here at Ripley PR, we understand the important role that franchise public relations can play in boosting your growth and visibility. If your franchise brand is... Read more

Use PR to Expand your Franchise’s Message

At some point in life, most people dream of opening and starting their own business. Whether it’s a young entrepreneur looking for a first opportunity or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh start, owning a franchise is a good... Read more

PR can create a more attractive home service conversion franchise opportunity

Many independent home services business owners eventually reach a plateau. They’re doing fine – they may even be considered a wild success by friends and colleagues. But there’s another level they want to reach, and they don’t know how to... Read more

No More Agency Fails for Franchisors

Not all B2B franchisors get the attention they need or deserve. Failed publicity efforts are no fun, not to mention time-consuming and costly.  If you’re a Franchisor, but aren’t reaching the right potential franchise location owners, growing your brand can... Read more

A strong PR partnership can connect your franchise brand with the right audience, even in uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the American economy on its head, leaving millions unemployed and scared. While there has been marked improvement at times, there are still a lot of folks — of all ages — wondering “what’s next?” as they... Read more

New franchise owner opens his business after franchise public relations campaign

Onboarding PR? Don’t forget your franchisees.

According to Scott Greenberg, sometimes the very thing preventing someone from pursuing franchise ownership is having a steady job. In a recent article for Entrepreneur, Greenberg stated: When unemployment increases, so does interest in franchising. Not having a job opens... Read more

Who is managing your garage door franchise social media?

Today, home service franchise businesses need to be more professional with their online image than ever before. Just one post that sends the wrong message can put a big dent in your business’ reputation, and worse yet, recovering from even... Read more

What Makes a Great Client- Agency Relationship?

Maintaining and building any type of relationship is a moving target, and when I look at my agency’s relationships with clients, I see them being similar to both a marriage and an attorney-client relationship. In a marriage, you are building... Read more

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