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Boost your email campaigns with home service PR

Unsubscribes and low engagement metrics getting you down? If you’re not considering email campaigns a vital part of your plumbing and HVAC company’s 2020 marketing plan, we need to chat. During 2019, Statista estimated that an average of 293 billion... Read more

Homeowner calculating energy consumption

3 Ways to Tap into Sustainable Plumbing and HVAC Trends with PR

Tomorrow’s home is greener 2020 is right around the corner, and the impending year has proven to be a popular target for companies pursuing sustainability goals, reducing waste, implementing eco-friendly practices and seeking to lower the carbon footprints of their... Read more

Home service expert repairs clogged drain

Get Real (But Not Too Real) With Your Home Service PR

Would you believe that most people have never heard of Brown Friday? As a home service expert, you know all about that busiest day of your calendar year. More commonly known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is notorious... Read more

From Good to Great: PR Can Be the Difference for Home Service Companies

Many people don’t think about plumbers and electricians until they need them. And that’s when they realize that they don’t know a reliable, trusted service expert they can depend on in the middle of an emergency, which just adds to... Read more

Home service expert communicating with his home service PR team

Your Home Service Business is More than a Commodity

The home service industry is one of the most misunderstood industries that exists. Home service businesses offer valued services that must be completed by licensed experts. But they’re often viewed as just a commodity. And when customers view home service... Read more


3 Ways PR protects and promotes your home service brand

Whether you’re in the business of plumbing, heating and air, electrical, or all of the above, there’s one common element that can make or break your success: Your reputation among customers in your service area. While the right marketing and... Read more

Online reputation

Branding Needs to Extend to Your Customer Reviews

While you should try your hardest, you may not be able to turn the reviewer’s experience around. Keep your other customers in mind when you respond as they likely will be more interested in how you resolved a complaint than the context of the complaint itself. Read more

Volunteers from a home service company help build a home

Let Your Good Works Shine

Tell Your Charitable Giving Story — Tactfully When I was a community journalist, I must have heard it a thousand times. A grateful recipient of charity, whether it was sponsorship of a Little League team or a whole-home renovation, would... Read more

Struggling to Hire in the Skilled Trades?

PR should be in your marketing mix Home service companies are getting hit with a double whammy. Unemployment is at record lows in the U.S., and at the same time there is a shortage of workers in the skilled trades... Read more

Bust These Home Service Myths with Great PR

Do you know the truth about the skilled trades? The negative myths about plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians and many other skilled trades just aren’t true. Maybe you’ve heard a few, like the ones that paint home service professionals as messy... Read more

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