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Home service public relations can help your company create news in the absence of company announcements.

Create your own news with home service public relations

Sometimes, it can be easy for small to medium-size business owners to resolve themselves to the belief that they don’t have any news to share. Even HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors that are adept marketers and maintain an active presence... Read more

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Yes, Your Home Service Business Has News to Share

Many home service contractors assume they don’t have any news for their community. That’s almost certainly not true — and failing to share stories about your business could mean closing off a potential pipeline for the leads and referrals that... Read more

Is your home service business prepared for a crisis?

One of your former technicians has gone rogue. Not only are they offering lower rates to your clients, but they’re blasting your reputation on every platform they can. What do you do? A client has gone straight to the local... Read more

You only get one first impression; let public relations help you make the best one

A couple of weeks ago, we had to have an exterminator come out to our house because we had a wasp nest that was growing … and growing … and growing. It was beyond what a little can of bug... Read more

Plumber from a home service franchise checks underneath a sink

Three Tips for Building Your Home Service PR Strategy

It’s tempting to focus on the daily work of running a home service business and let public relations take care of itself. After all, if you take care of clients, they’ll take care of you, right? But the truth is... Read more

Strategic Partnership concept on the gearwheels

PR is a proven partner that can help your home service business grow

With so many home service businesses out there, it’s vital for your company to set itself apart from the competition, and utilizing a strong public relations team like Ripley PR is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to... Read more

Home service public relations campaign going viral

Take your Home Service Company Viral

The bane of many a plumbing, HVAC or electrical company is a piece of negative publicity going viral. From investigative reporters’ stings to disgruntled former employees tearing across social media, there are several ways the wrong story or video can... Read more

Brand Reputation: Capitalizing on your Good Name

Reputation is something that carries weight for all businesses. Brand reputation is paramount when it comes to building a successful one. There is a reason why consumers gravitate to Nike or Adidas when looking for sneakers or Lexus when they... Read more

How PR helps HVAC pros beat the summer squeeze

The summer of 2021 is going to be memorable for HVAC contractors. With record-setting heat projected in most of the United States, demand for HVAC services is expected to reach unprecedented levels. At the same time, the manpower and material... Read more

In-house content creation may be holding you back

Content marketing is a useful tool for home service contractors; however, being unable to produce quality content for your brand can be a common marketing roadblock. Posting with creativity and originality is easier said than done. Often, businesses may use... Read more

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