Manufacturing Public Relations

Publicizing your Manufacturing Company is not an Assembly Line

While many B2Bs face numerous challenges when setting out to garner publicity for their company’s solutions, manufacturers face a completely unique set of obstacles including competition from a worldwide market and the task of keeping interest in your product at... Read more

With the good comes the bad; make sure you have a PR agency that can handle both

There’s been some good news in the world of manufacturing, such as the groundbreaking of an 862,000-square-foot aluminum can facility recently broke ground in Muncie, Indiana, that’s intended to combat the can supply shortage. Then there’s Tesla’s “Megafactory” just broke... Read more

When Recruiting to Fill Manufacturing Jobs, Don’t Forget PR

A new report warns that as many as 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade despite a recent surge in manufacturing activity. According to a study published in May by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, the... Read more

Leverage PR to Celebrate Your Company Milestones

Milestones don’t happen every day. Anniversaries or major occurrences within your company should be treated in a way that represents just how important they are. Whether you are celebrating your 25th or 50th anniversary as a manufacturing company, you need... Read more

Manufacturing public relations is an essential asset to any successful manufacturing company.

3 Reasons Your Manufacturing Company Shouldn’t Overlook PR

If you go to the car dealership and buy the most expensive, most luxurious car on the lot but don’t put gas in it – it’s not going to go anywhere. The bells and whistles and neat features don’t mean... Read more

Manufacturing public relations can help tell your good news during trying times

Standout During Disruption with Manufacturing Public Relations

Very few manufacturers have been spared from supply chain disruptions compounding around the world since the pandemic took hold. From initial safety-related shutdowns to incidents like the Suez Canal, the challenges have been particularly difficult for companies with more complex... Read more

Manufacturing Public Relations

A (Virtual) Night to Remember

As the number of vaccinated people continues to increase, COVID restrictions are lifting in many areas. This is great news, but work, life, and events will be impacted by lessons we have learned for years to come. Virtual events have... Read more

Why Webinars Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Manufacturers have a great tool at their disposal to boost their reputation and increase the visibility for their brands. Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads and build goodwill. So, why are webinars so helpful? When a decision-maker... Read more

Planning for future growth starts with picking the right PR agency

As the manufacturing industry and others continue to rebound from the harsh effects of a pandemic that’s still lingering, many are left wondering “what’s next?” With the introduction of multiple COVID-19 vaccines, many are cautiously optimistic that a brighter future... Read more

Choosing the right manufacturing public relations team can help with recruiting

3 tips for choosing the right manufacturing public relations agency

Despite the challenges introduced by the pandemic, including tariffs and supply chain issues, many U.S. manufacturers and those focused on localized production are already experiencing a strong recovery. While cause for celebration, this also means that competition is mounting. To... Read more

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