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Prepare for the Crisis You Haven’t Had …Yet

Manufacturing PR can help Cast your industry aside — we all hate the c-word. A crisis is something we just don’t want to think about, and some of us may honestly believe that one will never happen. The problem with... Read more

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LinkedIn Isn’t Just for CEOs and Salesmen

LinkedIn has been the leader in social media networks for finding prospects online for B2B companies like insurance and finance. Manufacturing companies, however, have been slower to adapt and accept this new way of building relationships. There is a common... Read more

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Manufacturing PR Keeps your Company Healthy

The health of your manufacturing company has many more layers than profit margin alone. An effective PR strategy can promote your company to keep investors interested and entice new recruits.  Small changes in manufacturing make for big stories. Effective manufacturing... Read more

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5G, IIoT and Big Data: Leveraging Your Tech Advancements through PR

Per the statistical website portal statistia, 5G is expected to hit the market in 2020, and by 2021, the number of 5G connections is estimated to be as high as 200 million. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide... Read more

How PR can help manufacturers beat the labor shortage

Americans think manufacturing jobs are essential to the 21st-century economy. Eighty-three percent of us say manufacturing is important to the country’s overall economic prosperity, and seven in 10 say the U.S. should invest more in manufacturing jobs. That’s according to... Read more

Building the Perfect Manufacturing Message

In today’s world, manufacturing businesses fight for visibility in a crowded economic sector. To earn the attention of consumers, decision-makers, and potential employees, your company needs a solid manufacturing public relations strategy. Like any other manufacturing process, a great PR... Read more

3 Big Benefits to Manufacturing Public Relations

In order to grow in this competitive economy, your manufacturing business must set performance goals. A public relations strategy should be one of them. Many companies realize increases in profits when they leverage the resources that a manufacturing PR agency... Read more

Balancing Human Skills with Technology in Manufacturing

A new age of manufacturing is upon us. The technological revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, looks different than previous shifts in manufacturing. A transition to high-tech systems will likely create more jobs than it eliminates and will provide... Read more

Your 3 Step Guide to Finding the Right Manufacturing Public Relations Agency

The process of selecting a public relations agency to support your manufacturing company can be a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. When you start your search, consider these important elements to lay... Read more

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Recruit Your Next Employee Using Manufacturing Public Relations

There are plenty of bottom-line benefits to hiring a manufacturing public relations firm, but one oft-overlooked function of effective PR is the dividends it can pay in recruiting. The U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage in trades and blue... Read more

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