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Manufacturing PR Can Promote Your Innovative Image

Manufacturing is all about working smarter, not harder. With manufacturing public relations, you can build the visibility and reputation of your brand by promoting its image as a technological innovator. Innovation Drives Value To stay competitive in the manufacturing industry,... Read more

Manufacturing public relations can help you recruit fresh talent to the manufacturing industry.

How to Keep Talent in Your Manufacturing Company’s Pipeline

Recruiting members of the younger generations to the manufacturing industry is a hot topic. Millennials have recently ranked manufacturing as their least preferred job, causing a significant uptick in job openings since 2017 for this vitally important industry. Conversely, the... Read more

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3 Ways PR can Make 2020 Your Banner Year

How PR can help your manufacturing company with recruiting, tech adoption and new markets There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020: The world’s largest time capsule, the Yahoo! Time Capsule, will be opened, the Summer Olympics will be... Read more

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Finding and Leveraging Your Voice in Manufacturing

Earned coverage is a great way to get recognition for your manufacturing company. Getting media coverage in local, national, or trade media carries a lot further than advertising. Earned media is authentic and an honest endorsement by the media outlet. PR professionals develop relationships with the media to keep your company in print. Read more

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The Most Important Manufacturing Trend: A Good PR Plan

Manufacturing has come a long way, hasn’t it? From the Internet of Things becoming more commonly used to various forms of virtual or augmented reality literally changing how manufacturers see operations, manufacturing trends have become more and more technology-driven. As... Read more

Share What Sets Your Manufacturing Business Apart

In a crowded marketplace, manufacturing companies can struggle to be seen. Without the right public relations strategy, your business could be totally invisible to potential clients and customers. What Makes Me Special? However, you might wonder why you need PR... Read more

The ABCs of Z

Recruiting Gen Z for Manufacturing Jobs The world is changing. So is manufacturing. For decades, the reality has been that manufacturing is a high-tech occupation requiring specialized skills and training. Now public perception is being to catch up. Changing Views... Read more

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Does Your Manufacturing Startup Need PR?

When you’re just starting a manufacturing business, your resources are likely extremely limited. Deciding where to allocate them is a matter of success and failure. When resources are scarce, they are precious. Manufacturing public relations might not seem necessary at... Read more

Prepare for the Crisis You Haven’t Had …Yet

Manufacturing PR can help Cast your industry aside — we all hate the c-word. A crisis is something we just don’t want to think about, and some of us may honestly believe that one will never happen. The problem with... Read more

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LinkedIn Isn’t Just for CEOs and Salesmen

LinkedIn has been the leader in social media networks for finding prospects online for B2B companies like insurance and finance. Manufacturing companies, however, have been slower to adapt and accept this new way of building relationships. There is a common... Read more

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