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Manufacturers: Use PR for Production of Leads, Employees, and Recognition

Manufacturers produce something tangible, usually something you can see and touch. They are skilled experts in their industry. However, they may not be expert at promoting their brand, products, people, or position as an influential employer. They may view public... Read more

Using PR to Manufacture a Crisis (Plan)

The manufacturing industry is hard enough to compete in without your company having to face a crisis unprepared. Advanced planning is essential to protecting your company’s brand and reputation in the middle of an emergency. Partnering with an experienced manufacturing... Read more

Three ways Ripley PR can massage your manufacturing message

Managers and owners of manufacturing facilities already have a lot of concerns on their plates. There are raw materials to procure, labor to manage and products to ship. It’s understandable if public relations is not top of mind, but it... Read more

manufacturing data breach crisis - Ripley PR

Is your manufacturing company ready for a cybersecurity crisis?

It doesn’t take much digging to uncover the monetary impact of cybercrime. Everything from the cost of damages, to training and hiring qualified personnel, to budgets for products and services, are all expected climb over the next five years. Boardrooms... Read more

Struggling to recruit for your manufacturing business?

With the U.S. steaming towards full employment, recruiting the right people seems challenging across the board. Whether you need machinists to work at your manufacturing plant, or design engineers to model innovative new products, the right people for your company... Read more

Navigating the landscape: Manufacturing PR that works

With goals that include reducing production waste, shortening lead times, boosting automation, and managing the robot/human labor balancing act, manufacturing companies looking to get more eyes and ears on their brand need to be prepared to discuss these and other... Read more

Crisis PR: Six things you should do if your company is hit with sexual misconduct allegations

Sexual harassment or misconduct allegations have felled figures ranging from a U.S. senator and a hip-hop mogul to a folksy radio host in recent memory. Some crisis-management firms are reaping the benefits as people – some not even yet accused... Read more

New year, new you: Two PR tactics to help amplify your success in 2018

Whatever 2018 means to you and your manufacturing company, we want to be there to help you make it the most successful year yet. When it comes to manufacturing public relations, we’re constantly strategizing with international and publicly held manufacturing... Read more

2018 manufacturing trends the media will want to cover

With January less than a month away, we’re looking ahead to three manufacturing trends the media will be most interested in 2018. The Internet of Things (IoT) – Forbes recently released an article on 10 predictions for IoT in 2018,... Read more

Ripley PR has the tools to share your manufacturing business stories

  If your business gives back to the community, and there’s no reporting in the local media, did your business really give back to the community? Yes, of course, and altruism is its own reward. But don’t you want to... Read more

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