Manufacturing Public Relations

Manufacturing Public Relations

A (Virtual) Night to Remember

As the number of vaccinated people continues to increase, COVID restrictions are lifting in many areas. This is great news, but work, life, and events will be impacted by lessons we have learned for years to come. Virtual events have... Read more

Why Webinars Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Manufacturers have a great tool at their disposal to boost their reputation and increase the visibility for their brands. Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads and build goodwill. So, why are webinars so helpful? When a decision-maker... Read more

Planning for future growth starts with picking the right PR agency

As the manufacturing industry and others continue to rebound from the harsh effects of a pandemic that’s still lingering, many are left wondering “what’s next?” With the introduction of multiple COVID-19 vaccines, many are cautiously optimistic that a brighter future... Read more

Choosing the right manufacturing public relations team can help with recruiting

3 tips for choosing the right manufacturing public relations agency

Despite the challenges introduced by the pandemic, including tariffs and supply chain issues, many U.S. manufacturers and those focused on localized production are already experiencing a strong recovery. While cause for celebration, this also means that competition is mounting. To... Read more

PR is a Great Way to Share Your Green Thinking

Your manufacturing company works hard to ensure effective sustainability initiatives are in place, but it can be challenging to nail the perfect way to publicize these initiatives and achievements among your stakeholders. By having a strategy in place to show... Read more

Using PR to Help Your Manufacturing Company Build a Stable Foundation

Anything built on a rocky foundation is likely to tumble over time. Even if a building looks sturdy from the outside, it can still crumble from the inside. The same applies for companies. In many different industries, there have been... Read more

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5 Things to Look for When Evaluating Manufacturing Public Relations Agencies

As a manufacturer, you’ve got a solid supply chain and some exciting news around the corner and want to share the good word with the public. So, how do you get the word out? Of course, these are things that... Read more

PR is an Essential Ingredient of Manufacturing Success

Manufacturers have a lot on their shoulders these days. They are responsible for the products we purchase and use every single day, and the trade is essential to our economy. If you are in the manufacturing business, you understand the... Read more

COVID-19 Disrupted Manufacturing; PR can Highlight the Upside

At the end of 2019, the manufacturing industry was already experiencing slower growth than in 2018, and there were some mixed concerns about a tight job market, less hiring, supply chain issues and tariff worries. Then, even though there was... Read more

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Speak Up: Why manufacturing industry speaking engagements are essential, and how PR can help

Manufacturing professionals probably didn’t appreciate how valuable industry conferences are until they disappeared a few months ago. With most 2020 trade events canceled, postponed or virtual as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturing insiders have lost one of the... Read more

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