Our Senior Client Service Team

With that rare combination of creativity and analytical thinking, CEO and Founder Heather Ripley is accomplished in sales.
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Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO
From finance to consulting, Bill brings diverse business management and marketing experience to the Ripley PR team and our clients.
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Bill Mattern, President
Working with regional, national and international brands, JD has built a solid reputation among his clients through transparency and trust.
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JD Sizemore, Account Director, Client Services
Over the years, Joel has honed his craft to create clear and powerful narratives that can inform, entertain, and persuade.
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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor / Senior Content Strategist
Amanda Greever has a superpower. She can transform bare facts into compelling stories that garner Ripley PR’s clients the media coverage they deserve.
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Amanda Greever, PR Specialist
As a graduate of Maryville College and longtime resident of Blount County, Grayson provides valuable support to Ripley PR clients throughout the U.S.
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Grayson Shockley, Account Supervisor
As a long-time reporter and editor, Matthew covered everything: politics, sports, scandals, crime, entertainment and the arts, breaking news, and in-depth feature stories.
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Matthew Everett, PR Specialist
Kaitlyn Clark combines technical know-how and an artist’s insight to deliver innovative strategies to maximize the visibility of Ripley PR’s clients.
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Kaitlyn Clark, PR Specialist
Shannon has a passion for the written word, honing her skills during a 15-year career as a journalist, editor, and freelance writer.
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Shannon Bryant, Content Marketing Writer
Brianna loves crafting compelling stories.
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Brianna Langley, PR Coordinator
During a career steeped in practical business administration, marketing and communications experience, Rob has always been driven to find the perfect solutions for his customers.
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Rob Slaughter, PR Coordinator
Jared loves sharing other people’s stories. During his career as a freelance journalist and writer, he worked with prize-winning architects, internationally-recognized artists and business owners to promote their work to local and national audiences.
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Jared Sebby, Content Marketing Writer
In her 20-plus years in the communications industry, Nancy Morgan has done a little bit of everything.
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Nancy Morgan, Special Projects Copywriter
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