Are You Taking Advantage of Home Service PR?

With traditional marketing efforts, you may see steady business. Ad campaigns, email marketing, commercials—all important. But are you standing out from your local competition?

Integrating home service public relations into your marketing plan allows you to boost your advertising efforts in an authentic way, and taking advantage of it can set you a step ahead of your competitors.

Build trust

Through PR, you add credibility to your brand by showing your target audience that you are the expert in your field. Things like offering helpful tips on a local TV station for homeowners to keep their pipes from freezing or listing warning signs of a failing HVAC unit in a local newspaper build trust with your target audience by showcasing your knowledge and the service you provide through the media they trust.

Become top-of-mind

The value of earned media placement is unmatched, and those footprints stick. Your audience is likely to remember you after seeing you on the morning news or reading an article mentioning you in a local magazine. And guess who will come to mind the next time they need a service that you provide?

Generate leads

Media exposure generates leads by garnering trust with your target audience and keeping your brand top-of-mind. As you continue garnering media placement, you keep that momentum going and your business growing.

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