Construction Public Relations

Construction tech public relations can help establish your brand as a trusted tech solution.

Growing Construction Tech Against the Status Quo

There’s an old phrase that says “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” We don’t ride horses to the grocery store, and we don’t create newspapers on the printing press anymore –... Read more

construction public relations

Time to Build a Better Social Media Blueprint

When it comes to sharing some of the largest or most complex projects your construction firm has recently taken on or finished, working with a team of PR pros who truly understands construction public relations is critical to getting the... Read more

Stay Calm with a Solid Construction Tech Crisis Plan

It’s a fact of life. Your construction tech business is going to experience a crisis at some point. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a question of when. A crisis can take many forms. It could be an extended... Read more

Silhouette of construction workers

Why PR Should Be in Your Construction Marketing Plan

Construction contractors had a rough 2020, but pent-up demand for building projects is expected to break loose in the months and years ahead. Once that happens, companies like yours will find themselves facing stiff competition for contracts and employees. Writing... Read more

Construction public relations helps contech app developers form relationships for new integrations.

Close the gaps in tech with construction public relations

Zachary Phillips recently wrote in Construction Dive about the prevalence of app use on the modern jobsite. Citing last year’s 2020 ConTech Report by JBKnowledge, he noted that 92% of construction workers use their smartphone on a daily basis. While... Read more

Let PR keep you relevant today and for years to come

The construction industry has long been known as one a sector most hesitant to adopt technology. But smart construction tech has a role to play in the industry, and slowly, the industry is realizing it, too. The COVID-19 pandemic changed... Read more

PR can prepare contractors for projected building boom

The construction industry should see a major rebound in 2021. According to a recent article by Joe Bousquin in Construction Dive, many observers predict a surge in new building later this year. In fact, the industry’s recovery after the coronavirus-related... Read more

When is PR the best choice for your construction tech company?

There are things in life that you don’t really need until you need them. Take health insurance or even car insurance? If you want to get really heavy, you can throw life insurance in there, too. Each month we pay... Read more

Construction worker flies a drone over a high-technology jobsite

Gain the edge over Contech competitors in 2021 with public relations

With safety and efficiency top of mind for general contractors and construction business owners, they’re turning to software and innovation for help, adopting new technology at an ever-increasing rate. Needless to say, the technology companies serving the commercial construction industry... Read more

Construction Tech Landscape

Are You Missing A Tool in Your Tool Belt?

The right public relations firm can help you find it! How many people still marvel at the combination of technology and construction? The team at Ripley PR knows that not only is it a powerful tool, but it’s here to... Read more

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