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How ConTech Companies Should be Leveraging White Papers for Lead Gen

White papers can be a great tactic for your construction tech company’s outreach and marketing. According to Forbes, they can be one of the most effective content marketing tools, establishing your brand as a trustworthy resource and subject matter expert.... Read more

How PR can help your construction technology company connect with contractors

Technology will continue to disrupt the construction industry – but public relations can give your company an edge Construction Dive’s recent survey of the seven most striking construction technology innovations was a pretty standard look at the tech products and... Read more

Your construction company will benefit from construction public relations.

3 Ways PR Can Make Your Construction Company an Industry Leader

If you want to take your construction business to the next level, it’s time to start positioning yourself as a leader in the industry; it’s time to start considering public relations services. More specifically, it’s time for you to look... Read more

Technology like this is changing construction!

Break New Ground for Your Business with Construction Tech PR

The construction industry is embracing technology. Every day, jobsites around the world are becoming more connected with Internet of Things devices, drones, AI and more. But how does a company like yours, buried deep in the B2B construction tech space,... Read more

3 Easy Ways to Build Your Construction Company’s Reputation

We’ve all heard that the foundation of a great relationship is trust, but how does this apply to your construction company? Simple: you need to have a relationship with your customers and your community. Gone are the days where poor... Read more

Construction Tech is a growing field that can benefit from public relations.

How to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs through Construction Tech PR

We’re in the middle of the largest construction boom in recent history, so why can it be so costly to sell builders on the benefits of construction technology? Customer acquisition costs across the construction tech industry can be high for... Read more

3 Things to Include in Your Construction Company’s Marketing Plan for 2020

Is your marketing plan based on a skeleton design from 1995? If so, it may be time to update to a more digital way of reaching your audience. If you feel like your construction company should be generating more business... Read more

Capture Investor Attention with ConTech PR

The construction industry is turning to technology to accelerate past stalled productivity, and ConTech startups stand to benefit. Facing a chronic skilled labor shortage, increased competition and economic pressures, contractors are turning to technological solutions at a growing pace. Writing... Read more

Construction technology is changing, is your business changing with it?

Construction PR Keeps Your Company’s Innovation in View

To stay on top in the construction industry, contractors need to be constantly innovating and adapting to new technology. Not only can investing in new technology boost productivity, but it can also serve as a selling point in marketing your... Read more

Construction public relations can help your company get its message to healthcare industry decision makers

Is Your Construction Company Getting Attention from Healthcare Facilities?

Modern care deserves modern facilities When the average individual thinks of advancements in the healthcare industry, they immediately think of breakthroughs in medicine and treatments. For a general contractor, though, thoughts of green construction, multiuse facilities, technology-friendly design and more... Read more

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