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PR can protect the reputation you’ve built

Commercial construction companies don’t have to convince the general public they are worth hiring. Instead, they have to persuade other knowledgeable people in the industry they are trustworthy and reliable. For a construction company, reputation is the foundation of a... Read more

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Constructing Your Construction Image

Does Construction Really Need Public Relations? In the construction industry, professionals use materials to build structures. We can watch a store, bank, or school take shape into something concrete (sometimes literally). Public relations professionals also use resources to build something... Read more

Construction Public Relations Ripley PR

Beating the competition: How PR can help you recruit more skilled construction labor in 2018

According to a January report by CNBC, the construction industry is set to explode in 2018, and even construction equipment distributors are confident that 2018 will be a strong year for both sales and rentals. While this is seen as... Read more

Ripley Construction PR Services Can Help You Locate Hard-to-Find Job Candidates

Unemployment rates in most parts of the country, including the Knoxville metro area, are hovering at less than 4 percent. This has put a lot of employers in a labor pinch, and it’s especially acute in the construction sector. Finding... Read more

Use Construction Public Relations to Recruit Workers Through Social Media

Of all the challenges faced by construction companies, recruiting skilled workers is a perennial sore spot. An estimated 30 percent of construction workers exited the field when the housing market crashed in 2006, and the labor pool has never recovered.... Read more

Crisis PR: Six things you should do if your company is hit with sexual misconduct allegations

Sexual harassment or misconduct allegations have felled figures ranging from a U.S. senator and a hip-hop mogul to a folksy radio host in recent memory. Some crisis-management firms are reaping the benefits as people – some not even yet accused... Read more

Construction Public Relations Ripley PR

Is Your Construction Company Prepared for a Crisis?

As the owner or manager of a construction company, whether in the residential or commercial side of things, it’s absolutely critical that you have a crisis management plan in place before a crisis occurs. Even for the most successful of... Read more

Hammer your audience with your message

Construction industry calls for the right message in the right place One way to get noticed in the construction industry is to be recognized as an expert. But how do you get that message out and where do you deliver it? A construction... Read more

In construction, reputation is everything

Three ways public relations can help you manage your reputation The construction industry is a tough playing field. One small dent in your company reputation could potentially cost jobs and business. Partnering with a construction public relations agency may be... Read more

Be prepared before disaster strikes

  Hurricane Harvey highlights need for manufacturing PR we hope you won’t need A local journalist reporting from Rockport, Texas in the wake of horrible Hurricane Harvey probably spoke for most of the town when he described the scene as... Read more

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