Construction Public Relations

3 Keys to Choosing the Best Construction Company Spokesperson

One of the most important assets to any company is the spokesperson. This person is often the face of the company in the media, and is typically the go-to name for any interviews or other correspondence that will represent the... Read more

Earned media is exactly the push you need

Contech is a crowded industry and it can be challenging to convince prospects that your solutions is the obvious choice to address their pain points. Winning customers over before direct contact is made is a great way to ensure success... Read more

Rely on an experienced PR agency to handle a construction PR crisis.

Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

Crisis mode in construction can mean anything from delays due to weather to ordering the wrong shingles, but there’s also the potential for brand crises that needs to be addressed. A construction public relations crisis can take you and your... Read more

Construction tech public relations knowing your language is important for media outreach.

Does your PR team know the construction tech industry?

The construction industry is a hands-on, complex, and ever-changing industry to be in. That’s why it’s important to have someone that can speak your language when choosing your construction tech public relations team. Construction tech PR can get your messaging... Read more

Construction Public Relations

Out building the competition? Time to outshine them, too

As read on CNN, new home construction and improvement have been surging due to a lack of availability of existing homes and an influx of work from home opportunities over the last year and a half. This screams that opportunity... Read more

Construction employees smiling because construction public relations is helping them grow.

How PR boosts the construction tech solutions you’ve built

The world of sales revolves around the idea of introducing a solution to the customer’s problem. Your strategy in construction technology is no different. You are consistently coming up with new solutions that provide ease and efficiency to your client’s... Read more

Construction public relations can help your company stand out as competition gets fierce

Lean on Construction Public Relations During the Boom

We’re finally in the second half of 2021, and the construction business is in full swing, catching up on a backlog of projects after over a year of delays, labor challenges, and material limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now,... Read more

Hard hat on construction site

Use PR to supplement your recruitment efforts

A recent CNN Business story tells a sobering story: America desperately needs 1 million more construction workers. The skilled labor shortage is nothing new, but it’s grown worse during the ongoing pandemic. Contractors and construction businesses across the country are... Read more

Construction tech public relations can help establish your brand as a trusted tech solution.

Growing Construction Tech Against the Status Quo

There’s an old phrase that says “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” We don’t ride horses to the grocery store, and we don’t create newspapers on the printing press anymore –... Read more

construction public relations

Time to Build a Better Social Media Blueprint

When it comes to sharing some of the largest or most complex projects your construction firm has recently taken on or finished, working with a team of PR pros who truly understands construction public relations is critical to getting the... Read more

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