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Promoting Construction Tech in Challenging Times

Sometimes challenging times mean new opportunities. Tech companies are in a position to capitalize on the accelerating adoption of technology by the construction industry. Although the industry as a whole had already begun shedding its traditional reluctance to adopt new... Read more

Construction Tech is a growing field that can benefit from public relations.

Use Social Media to Recruit the Best Construction Tech Workers

Many industries are feeling the pain of the last few months’ COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders, especially the construction business and its affiliated industries. Speculation about how the future looks for these industries is widespread, but most are encouraging. What... Read more

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Building a Better Future with Construction PR

With pandemic-related strictures easing over past weeks as the U.S. economy re-opens, construction companies need to put the hammer down on raising their visibility. Whatever else you can say about COVID-19, it continues to spur the adoption of new technologies... Read more

The time for tech is now, so let PR get you connected

It’s been a wild few months, hasn’t it? As the coronavirus epidemic swept through the country, it changed the way we do everything, from social interactions to the way we work. While we’ve had to adjust to a new way... Read more

When your construction company faces a crisis, you need construction PR.

Are You Ready for a Crisis? PR can Help You Navigate

Even the most experienced contractor or construction business owner might find themselves feeling overwhelmed when their company stumbles into a crisis of some kind. And eventually, even the most successful companies face crises – or at least potential crises. The... Read more

Planning Construction Tech PR for the New Normal

After all is said and done, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed daily life for billions.  Even after it finally fades away, businesses will find themselves having to chart their way through a new normal. Concerns about future pandemics or a... Read more

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Can Blogging Help Your Construction Company?

Generating new business can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a construction company. Contractors are busy, and it can be hard to take time away from jobs to court new clients. Relying on word-of-mouth referrals is tempting,... Read more

How ConTech Companies Should be Leveraging White Papers for Lead Gen

White papers can be a great tactic for your construction tech company’s outreach and marketing. According to Forbes, they can be one of the most effective content marketing tools, establishing your brand as a trustworthy resource and subject matter expert.... Read more

How PR can help your construction technology company connect with contractors

Technology will continue to disrupt the construction industry – but public relations can give your company an edge Construction Dive’s recent survey of the seven most striking construction technology innovations was a pretty standard look at the tech products and... Read more

Your construction company will benefit from construction public relations.

3 Ways PR Can Make Your Construction Company an Industry Leader

If you want to take your construction business to the next level, it’s time to start positioning yourself as a leader in the industry; it’s time to start considering public relations services. More specifically, it’s time for you to look... Read more

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