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Are You Missing A Tool in Your Tool Belt?

The right public relations firm can help you find it! How many people still marvel at the combination of technology and construction? The team at Ripley PR knows that not only is it a powerful tool, but it’s here to... Read more

How Blogging Can Establish Your Brand as An Industry Leader

The word blog can have different meanings and uses for different people. Some view it as a way to express their personal thoughts and beliefs on a subject. Others view it as a way to explore and talk about a... Read more

Engineer uses tech provided by skilled trades software company

Building a construction PR plan

Public relations is an essential tool for success in the changing construction industry More and more construction companies are realizing the impact that a successful public relations strategy can have on their business. But inexperience and inefficiency are preventing many... Read more

Diverse construction team works on project

Can PR help you recruit a more diverse construction team?

It’s no secret, and in fact it’s almost a tired notion, that the persisting skilled trade labor shortage has turned from an ongoing challenge into almost the norm in the industry. From plumbing and HVAC service providers to full scale... Read more

How PR Can Help Get Your ConTech Firm on The Radar of Investors

Construction companies had more than enough reason to turn to technology to improve productivity even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. But now facing more demand for virtual services that can limit in-person contact between clients and team members, contractors are... Read more

Why does your Construction Firm Need Public Relations?

Partnering with a public relations agency is one way construction companies can up their game, win more leads, get media attention and improve their online reputations. Other benefits of working with a strategic construction public relations firm include being seen... Read more

What Makes a Great Client- Agency Relationship?

Maintaining and building any type of relationship is a moving target, and when I look at my agency’s relationships with clients, I see them being similar to both a marriage and an attorney-client relationship. In a marriage, you are building... Read more

two manufacturing workers with tech tablet

Are you using PR to transform your construction tech company into the industry leader?

  Construction technology is challenging the status quo in an industry that is just now starting to accept change and innovate with groundbreaking new tools including automation, artificial intelligence, and software that saves time and produces a more consistent product.... Read more

Recruiting Construction Talent Using Public Relations

In the months ahead, construction businesses like yours will have to ramp up recruiting as the industry is expected to recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19 during the first half of 2020. To find the skilled laborers you need,... Read more

Don’t get lost in the startup shuffle

The construction industry has been plagued by a labor shortage, a pandemic and declining employment numbers. It’s a trifecta that has proven downright detrimental at times. While the industry added 158,000 jobs in June, the sector is still facing declining... Read more

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