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PR is a Must for Your B2B Tech Company

The B2B tech industry is massive by all accounts, and each year more and more startups are being founded – all with the hope of filling voids in their industry. No matter which industry your B2B software serves, there is... Read more

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3 Things to Consider when Embracing PR

The old phrase “any publicity is good publicity” is commonly used, but that phrase isn’t at all true. If you had the choice to present your company in a positive light or a negative one, you would definitely choose the... Read more

Do you have a strategy to scale your SaaS business?

SaaS businesses are no longer few and far between, so growth has become much more challenging if you’re not being strategic. In today’s world, your marketing plan needs to be just as good as the service you’re providing if you... Read more

Three ways to attract investors to your Contech business

The popularity of construction technology is increasing with the trade labor gap. As competitors arise, how are you standing out to investors? If you haven’t already, consider construction tech public relations to separate yourself from the competition, keeping these three... Read more

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Using PR to Speed Up the Sales Cycle

According to Startup Talky and First Page Sage, the average cost of acquiring a new customer in the B2B Tech space is between $300 and $400 USD. Keeping your B2B technology business growing rapidly requires a large amount time and... Read more

Revving Up Your Automotive Tech Brand

As the age of the internal combustion engine begins to draw to a close, the world of automotive tech is evolving more quickly than ever. Innovation is the name of the game, and companies have their work cut out for... Read more

How Public Relations Can Give Your B2B Tech Company a Boost

Now, more than ever, time management is crucial for conducting business.  Skilled trade companies are searching for avenues to maximize time and are relying upon B2B tech companies for solid solutions.  From the small business owner to large corporations, the... Read more

How Earned Media can Benefit your B2B Tech Firm

B2B tech companies have a tough job. Not only do they have to be able to create a unique, useful piece of technology, they also have to be able to market that solution to other businesses. Sure, one could easily... Read more

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Upgrade your B2B tech with PR

Throughout 2020, businesses have weathered a forced adoption and implementation of technology, from conferencing and collaboration tools to contactless data transfer. For some industries, this has been a struggle. For a few, it’s been business as usual. For the skilled... Read more

Does Your B2B Tech Company Know How to Market Itself?

B2B tech public relations is about bridging the gap between tech companies and their business clients. That’s because it’s not enough to just market a product. B2B tech companies have to market themselves as the best choice for decision-makers in... Read more

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