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Technology PR showcases your commitment to innovation

In an era of rapidly evolving technology, it can be hard for even the most innovative brands to stand out. But differentiating your tech company in today’s crowded marketplace can be critical for businesses that are looking to reach the... Read more

Tech public relations can help with your Contech goals.

Three tips for choosing the right tech public relations team

Public relations helps your construction tech company standout, when done correctly. Effective tech public relations can help you, not only build brand awareness, but also foster trust among stakeholders and drive business growth. However, if you pick the wrong PR... Read more

3 reasons your B2B tech company needs PR

You have the innovation, solutions, and are developing and improving new technology tools to help businesses improve efficiency, train employees, and streamline processes. Isn’t it time that more key decision makers in your target market know about your technology and... Read more

At Ripley PR, we understand the unique challenges that tech companies face, and we believe tech public relations is key to unlocking your full potential.

Maximizing Your Company’s Potential Through Tech Public Relations

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. At Ripley PR, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that tech companies face, and we believe tech public relations is the key... Read more

Instituting a solid B2B tech public relations strategy can help you become a true thought leader in your industry.

Find Trust as an Industry Insider with B2B Tech Public Relations

Although B2B tech companies aren’t always founded or led by someone from within the industries they serve, being seen as an industry outsider doesn’t exactly help close more customers for your platform. You may have the right solution for your... Read more

Hire an expert PR agency to build your brand story

Construction technology or ConTech is revolutionizing the construction industry at a rapid pace. From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, ConTech is proving to be a game-changer, with solutions to increase efficiencies and reduce construction costs, from the planning and designing stages... Read more

Partnering with an agency that can help you avoid the most common construction tech public relations mistakes can make the difference between standing out and blending in.

3 PR Mistakes Construction Tech Companies Make

For the construction industry, technology is often the talk of the town. From eliminating pen-and-paper inefficiencies to ensuring that information passes effortlessly between apps, and from cloud-based security and monitoring devices to streamlined project management software, the jobsite and home... Read more

5 Ways PR Illuminates How Your Software Solves Industry Challenges

Getting your message across can be a challenge. You know the problems you’re solving, and you know how great your product is. But do your customers know? With B2B tech public relations, you can explain the challenges your software is... Read more

Keep Investors Interested in your ConTech Product with PR

Your company has crossed the bridge from start-up to an established ConTech venture thanks to great PR that sold your vision to investors.  According to Construction Dive, funding for construction technology is holding steady at nearly $5.4 billion.  Competition is... Read more

Adding case studies to your tech public relations strategy helps to inform your leads on what you do and how you do it.

Why You Need to Add Case Studies to Your Tech Public Relations Strategy

When done correctly, case studies are a hidden gem in the content marketing world. Adding them to your tech public relations strategy helps to inform your leads on what you do and how you do it, as well as how... Read more

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