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Embrace Blogging to Showcase Your B2B Tech Expertise

Blogging is a great way to showcase your industry expertise and how your tech business can help others become more successful. Writing a blog from your experience and point of view or choosing an experienced tech public relations partner to... Read more

New artifical intelligence software seen automating industrial machines

Incorporate PR for a well-rounded marketing plan

As technology continues to shape the modern world, competition in the industry is at an all-time high, and marketing your company in a way that stands out can seem more complex than the technology solutions you created. With tech public... Read more

Get your target audience hooked on your next whitepaper with tech public relations.

Tech Public Relations: Generating More Leads with White Papers

One of the best tools in your tech company’s traffic funneling arsenal is a well-written and informative white paper. Without the right support, however, they can be quite the undertaking. Partnering with an experienced tech public relations team can help... Read more

A man smiles for the camera for the photo that will announce leadership changes at his Tech company.

3 Reasons to Announce Leadership Changes With Tech Public Relations

Announcing a change in leadership, or even the acquisition of a star new hire, is a prime opportunity to put your tech company in front of a much larger audience than it typically serves. From securing a higher spot in... Read more

Maximize your IT company with tech public relations.

Using tech public relations to troubleshoot your IT company’s potential

Tech public relations experts understand IT is a huge industry with no signs of slowing down. Information technology specialists are in high demand, especially as technology rapidly advances. You can take advantage of this growing industry by hiring a public... Read more

3 PR tips to get your vertical SaaS in front of investors

The global business arena presents a wide-ranging set of obstacles, and vertical SaaS companies—startups in particular— should consider every avenue to attract investors. Extensive research is performed before funding any business, so is your vertical SaaS company getting the most... Read more

SaaS founder enjoying coverage garnered by tech public relations.

Upgrade to Media Coverage 2.0 with B2B tech public relations

The world of B2B tech is exceptionally exciting, always evolving and, if you play your cards right, a highly profitable arena in which to compete. The need – and demand – for solutions that improve the way we do business... Read more

How to Use PR to Attract More Investors to Your SaaS

“You’ve got to start somewhere.” How often have we heard that phrase, as people look to validate our efforts in a new venture, a new company or maybe just a new phase in life? Despite how often this terminology is... Read more

B2B Tech Public Relations Can Give Life to Your Press Release

In the age of 15 second TikToks and 100-word blogs about a tweet, B2B Tech public relations can still get your press releases to the right crowd. The press release is not dead. A team like Ripley PR can tell... Read more

Engineer uses tech provided by skilled trades software company

PR can help SaaS startups reach a new level

Your software startup has just announced the completion of a new round of capital funding that will support a major growth initiative. Thanks to an effective public relations partnership, major media outlets across a range of verticals are covering the... Read more

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