Healthcare IT Public Relations

Is your health IT company on the Wall of Shame?

Ripley PR can help devise a crisis plan to limit the fallout Becoming a member of a hall of fame is great. Joining the ranks on the wall of shame? Not so much. The Department of Health and Human Services... Read more

Three things every healthcare IT startup needs to do to get in front of investors

Wherever you are on your fundraising journey, one this is for certain: If you want to get to the latter stages of VC funding, and eventually cash out, you have to get maximum exposure to the right investors. As startup... Read more

Standing Out From the Crowd: Using PR to Boost Your Health IT Brand

Big data is one of the most significant opportunities available in the health-care industry. Digital records and test results, wearable technology, sensors, robotics, and artificial intelligence generate billions of bits of information that can be analyzed. That information can then... Read more

PR provides preventive medicine for healthcare IT companies

Healthcare technology companies have a legal obligation to erect barriers to data breaches. They also should engage a healthcare IT public relations firm to develop a crisis plan in case breaches occur. Data breaches can be expensive and, in some cases... Read more

Clearly Defining Your Healthcare IT Business’s Brand and Key Messages

As a Healthcare IT professional, you already know that your business operates within a niche market. You know the industry you serve very well and likely have ideal target clients lined up, but how clearly defined is your brand to... Read more

What the Doctor Ordered

From online clinics to diagnostic tools to electronic records, information technology has transformed health care in the United States. The University of Illinois has found that IT has made treatment more accessible, improved care and efficiency, and bolstered disease control... Read more

Ripley Can Diagnose, Cure and Keep Your Healthcare IT Communications Healthy

Lawsuits are common in the healthcare IT world, and automation and digital record-keeping will continue to mark the evolution of patient care.  A professional public relations agency can help you limit the damage from legal claims as well as help... Read more

Importance of Customer References in Healthcare IT: Can Public Relations Help?

Healthcare IT companies occupy a niche industry, and the number of available clients can be limited. Standing out from competitors is of paramount importance to success, and customer references can often make all the difference. Part of the role a... Read more

Are Your Executives Speaking at Healthcare IT Events?

Attending conventions, conferences and other health IT industry events is a part of doing business. It’s a chance to connect with your colleagues, meet new business contacts and collect prospects. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about different... Read more

Health IT Public Relations: PR Professionals Can Help you Get Top Speaking Engagements

What are the best opportunities to deliver your company’s message to its target audiences in health IT? There are many opportunities for businesses in health IT to attend a multitude of events and trade shows. But which ones are useful... Read more

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