Healthcare IT Public Relations

Protecting Your Healthcare IT Brand

As cybercriminals continue targeting the healthcare industry, any company dealing with patient data has to be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a breach. A Healthcare Dive article about the rising number of ransomware attacks in the industry quoted... Read more

Healthcare IT public relations connect your services with medical professionals that need them

Earn and Maximize Recognition with Healthcare IT Public Relations

Covering a report by BakerHostetler on the industry in 2020, Kat Jercich illustrated quite clearly in a recent Healthcare IT News article that the opportunity for reliable tech and security services in the healthcare industry is significant: Healthcare was one... Read more

Female Asian doctor with African American doctor looking over charts on tablet

How PR can help healthcare IT providers find a path forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. Staffing issues, patchwork record-keeping, burnout and the unequal, inefficient distribution of resources have all contributed to the public image of an industry in crisis. As our country gradually... Read more

Stand Out from The Competition Using Healthcare IT Public Relations

Healthcare IT companies are at the forefront of the industry today. After a challenging year, hospitals continue to look for ways to streamline processes and make their workload more manageable on a day-to-day basis. As is with many industries, healthcare... Read more

Healthcare IT public relations can help create connections

Healthcare IT public relations can overclock your marketing

One of the greatest challenges healthcare IT companies face is distilling complex and complicated information about their services into a consumable and newsworthy format.  Whether your company is focused on improving the care continuum, client experience, interoperability or providing secure... Read more

Promoting Your Supply Chain with Healthcare IT PR

With the vaccination efforts for COVID-19 underway, attention continues to grow about the important of healthcare supply chain logistics. Writing in Healthcare IT News, Kat Jerich reports that the vaccination efforts have highlighted the need for healthcare organizations to better... Read more

3 Ways Press Releases Can Generate Leads for Your Healthcare IT Business

The demand for healthcare IT applications is growing. As more hospitals and medical practices look for ways to improve and streamline their patient services, they are searching for companies like yours to partner with. The medical and healthcare communities need... Read more

Healthcare IT company responds to a crisis

Into the (Healthcare IT) Breach

How Will Your Healthcare IT Company Respond to Crisis? As a healthcare IT innovator, you’ve shouldered a lot of responsibility. A flaw in your programming or in your product’s security could put patient records or, even lives, at risk. But... Read more

3 tips to improve your medical device company’s content marketing strategy

During COVID-19, many businesses were devastated. But in the healthcare and medical device field, business never slowed down, and in fact, media jumped on healthcare-related stories non-stop. Many organizations could have used the help of a healthcare IT public relations... Read more

Great Press Releases can Attract Investors to your Healthcare IT Business

Your healthcare IT business is in demand, thanks to the increase in need for technology advancements in the healthcare sector. Recent information published on healthinformatics’s website reports that 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices use electronic health record... Read more

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