Healthcare IT Public Relations

3 Ways Press Releases Can Generate Leads for Your Healthcare IT Business

The demand for healthcare IT applications is growing. As more hospitals and medical practices look for ways to improve and streamline their patient services, they are searching for companies like yours to partner with. The medical and healthcare communities need... Read more

Healthcare IT company responds to a crisis

Into the (Healthcare IT) Breach

How Will Your Healthcare IT Company Respond to Crisis? As a healthcare IT innovator, you’ve shouldered a lot of responsibility. A flaw in your programming or in your product’s security could put patient records or, even lives, at risk. But... Read more

3 tips to improve your medical device company’s content marketing strategy

During COVID-19, many businesses were devastated. But in the healthcare and medical device field, business never slowed down, and in fact, media jumped on healthcare-related stories non-stop. Many organizations could have used the help of a healthcare IT public relations... Read more

Great Press Releases can Attract Investors to your Healthcare IT Business

Your healthcare IT business is in demand, thanks to the increase in need for technology advancements in the healthcare sector. Recent information published on healthinformatics’s website reports that 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices use electronic health record... Read more

Preparing for Cybersecurity Panics during the Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the good in many people and businesses, whose acts of kindness and generosity in challenging times inspire us, it’s also an opportunity for bad actors to take advantage of the situation. While healthcare... Read more

doctors looking at computer CT scan

Uncertain times call for a solid PR strategy

Every media outlet is covering it. It’s all over social media. Your family, friends and neighbors are all talking about it. I’m referring to COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The virus spread rapidly, creating a pandemic for our... Read more

Avoid an image disaster with healthcare IT public relations.

Supercharge your IT Company with Healthcare IT Public Relations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is become a widespread force across the health industry this year, but healthcare IT companies can face challenges that can be disastrous when things go wrong. Healthcare IT public relations can help protect your company’s image against... Read more

doctor consulting with senior patient

3 PR resolutions to grow your healthcare IT brand

Why brand building, thought leadership and patient education should be the cornerstone of your communications strategy in 2020 It happened. It’s 2020. We made it through another decade. You might have taken a few oaths in the form of traditional... Read more

In Healthcare IT, protecting the security of your customers' data is your first priority.

Public Relations Can Help Cure the Ills of Healthcare Tech

Concerns about the security of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) has grown in recent years. In June 2019 alone, researchers discovered that 2 billion records had been exposed in a breach related to a smart home device... Read more

Keep the Reputation of Your Tech Company Healthy

Consumer distrust is a contagion that saps the ability of healthcare IT companies to succeed, but there are ways to boost the health of their reputations. Healthcare IT public relations can help inoculate technology companies against the dangers of the... Read more

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