Good to Great B2B Public Relations

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PR Creates Conversations for Your B2B Business

Journalists answer six questions when writing an article: who, what, when, where, why and how. They’re vital to an article’s flow and capacity to be informative. After all, a journalist is having a conversation with his or her readers, and... Read more

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Why storytelling is key for B2B awareness

From a historical perspective, storytelling is as old as our time here on Earth. It’s an intrinsic human characteristic — something that is in our very nature. Over the years, storytelling has shifted from oral traditions to written narratives, from... Read more

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The Power of Video in B2B Public Relations

One could argue that one of the advantages a B2B company has in delivering its message is that most operating in the B2B space occupy a niche and have a very clear audience. B2C companies may have an ideal customer... Read more

Does Influencer Marketing Work for B2B?

Influencer marketing has been around for longer than Instagram and Snapchat. In the 80s and 90s, we called it “celebrity endorsement.” But the social media age has put everyday people on center stage, giving them a voice and allowing them... Read more

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Grow Your Business with B2B PR

When it comes to marketing and advertising, B2B companies don’t have as many options as consumer-facing companies. Their audiences tend to be smaller and more specific than B2C ventures. After all, anyone can drink a soda, but only a few... Read more

Creating Trust in Your B2B Company Through Great PR

It’s no longer sufficient just to promote products or services. Your company has to promote the quality of its business culture through B2B PR. Read more

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PR Can Make Your B2B Dreams a Success

Everyone’s got an idea how to grow a B2B business. From growth hacking to lead generation, everyone is an expert on how to excel in the B2B industry. But, who can you trust? When you’ve put your blood, sweat and... Read more

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3 Reasons Good PR Is Essential for B2B Businesses

Public relations can deliver the tangible results business leaders want Skepticism about PR can be especially strong among B2B companies. For distributors and manufacturers who sell primarily to other businesses, the markets are more narrow than they are for consumer-facing... Read more

B2B, You Have an Audience, What Are You Putting Out There?

Positioning yourself as a customer satisfaction leader is more important than ever for B2B. The digital age has given companies much more visibility when choosing a vendor. What are you putting out there? Is it effective? B2B companies have thrived... Read more

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4 results B2B public relations can deliver

If you’re in the business of selling to other businesses, public relations needs to be a part of your communications strategy in 2019. B2B public relations encompasses a wide variety of tactics—from social media, events and content creation to reputation... Read more

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