Your Home Service Company Needs a PR Partner. Right Now.

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to peak around the U.S., it’s a little too late for your home service company to think about putting together a crisis plan. You need to partner with an experienced public relations agency specializing in crisis communication who can jump right in and public relations Ripley PR

It might be tempting to turn to an existing vendor, like a digital marketing agency, to just leverage their writers to post something to social media. But it’s not that simple. Crisis communications should be carefully crafted. Even though you might know the right thing to say, saying it the wrong way can damage your business.

Your company has to be able to respond promptly and accurately to the changing situation. Customers know you are an essential business, but what steps are you taking to keep your service experts and the homeowners safe? That’s where we can help.

Ripley PR has years of experience in crisis communications and management. As a premier home service public relations agency, we’re already helping small businesses like yours all over the country. Don’t risk putting your message into the wrong hands. Call us at (865) 977-1973.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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