Your Home Service Business is More than a Commodity

The home service industry is one of the most misunderstood industries that exists.

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Home service businesses offer valued services that must be completed by licensed experts. But they’re often viewed as just a commodity. And when customers view home service as a commodity, they’ll likely choose the first company that pops up in their internet search without researching anything about the quality of the services being offered.

When it comes to other services, such as child daycare, pet boarding facilities or even vehicle mechanics, no one would ever just choose the first company to pop up in their search engine! Home service, of course, should be no different. Choosing a plumbing or HVAC expert to bring into your home and allow to work on your house should not be a decision that’s made lightly.

The key is positioning your business as a service instead of a commodity. And that’s how home service public relations experts can help.

In the meantime though, here are some tips you may want to consider.

Personalize Your Customer Service

One of the best ways to get your customers to see you as a service is to treat them like they matter. Because of course, they do. And as soon as they feel respected and cared for by you, the veil masking your expertise as a commodity will drop and they will see your team members for the specialists and professionals they are.

Whenever possible, choose to pick up the phone and call customers instead of emailing them, especially in regards to a complaint. Also, try to do so in a timely manner and with humility.

Taking the time to call your customers and address their concerns personally shows your respect for their satisfaction, and hearing your voice will remind them that you’re more than just letters on a computer screen.

It’s also a great idea to show appreciation for returning customers by hosting semi-regular lunch-and-learn events, where you invite returning customers to a free lunch and teach them about new home service products. Or send out electronic coupons every so often.

Personalizing your customer service is a great way set your business apart as a valued service provider.

Serve Your Community

Volunteerism and community involvement humanizes businesses faster than almost anything else. Because community service isn’t something commodities do – it’s something people do.

So, give back to your community. Sign your team up for a fundraiser walk-a-thon, or spend a day volunteering at the local soup kitchen.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t be afraid to post photos and videos to social media. Don’t just brag about your efforts, though. Rather, use your social channels to celebrate the community you live in and the people who contribute to it.

Seeing your team involved in local charities will cause your fellow community members to realize you’re on the same side – it will open the doors to trust and strong customer loyalty.

Home service businesses are different than other types of businesses because they are so often mistaken for a commodity rather than a valued service. But you can rise above that misconception with the right positioning.

At Ripley PR, we know that home service businesses require a specialized approach to public relations because we specialize in home service PR. And we’d love to help you out. Contact us today at Ripley PR to find out more.


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