Your construction firm or tech startup is doing amazing things: Why aren’t you telling the world?

The global construction industry is hot. A 2015 report estimates that by 2020, construction will be a $10 trillion industry. Ten. Trillion. In the first three quarters of 2018, it’s estimated that construction tech startups brought in $1.27 billion in venture funding.Man-hard-hat-hammer-construction-site

In case you aren’t catching what I’m throwing, the construction industry and its related tech counterparts is doing remarkably well right now.

What are you doing to get your construction company’s name out there?

You might be the firm out there building new structures, roadways and buildings. Or maybe you’re the tech startup that’s streamlining the construction industry, making antiquated processes null and void.

It’s like the old philosophical question about a tree falling when no one is around: If your company is doing great things but you aren’t sharing that news, what is the value you’re placing on the services you provide?

A construction public relations agency knows how to help you promote the work you’re doing. You just built a new dam in Montana? That’s amazing. Let us share your story. That new concert coliseum in the heart of the city is yours? Awesome. You should see the things we can do with social media. Your mobile app is revolutionizing the industry? What a coincidence! Our media lists are filled with the outlets you need to be speaking with.

At Ripley PR, our team works with these companies every day. Our team knows how to get your company the coverage it deserves and needs, whether in news stories, features or on social media. We love sharing our clients’ stories, and we really want the chance to share yours. Contact us today and let us get started.

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