Your buyers are doing their homework so it’s time to let PR help you shine

The home service industry might be one of the most important in the world, even if a lot of folks don’t realize it.

Think about it. Where would we be without working toilets, running water, electricity, heat, air conditioning and all those other little comforts we take for granted?

Often, we’re quick to thank the folks who keep these things running, but the hidden heroes are the folks behind the scenes, like HVAC manufacturers. A strong home service public relations agency like Ripley PR can help shine a light on those companies, though.

Quality mattersResearch and documents

B2B sales are very different from B2C. When selling to consumers, there are plenty of ways to reach them, from YouTube to a President’s Day sale. B2B sales and communications, though, are based on strategy, scope, scale and complexity.

B2B buyers are going to be looking at a number of things, from your usefulness to reputation. They’re doing online searches before you’ve even managed to get them on a phone call. B2B buyers don’t want to get their info from your sales brochure or a salesperson but rather through good old-fashioned research. While we can’t help you with pricing, building reputations is what we do best.

Building a reputation

We work with B2B clients every day, helping them develop messages, create content and more. Your value doesn’t come from a price tag, but something much more in-depth. You may know your product is awesome, but you need to be able to relay that to your audience, which includes your peers and fellow experts. That’s where we come in.

From creating industry thought leaders to increasing brand awareness, we help each of our clients build a reputation of trust and reliability. We’re there to share your successes and product news. We’ll even have your back during a potential crisis, although we hope you never need it.

We love working with B2B companies, and we’d love to work with yours. Contact Ripley PR today at 865-977-1973 and let us get started.



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