Your B2B Success Requires Visibility

If your B2B company wants to sell anything, businesses and decision-makers have to know about you. These days, that means placing high in search results, whether in a browser or through voice search on a smartphone.

The Building Blocks of SEO

Whatever B2B public relations strategy your company pursues, search engine optimization (SEO) has to be a consideration. It starts with the quality of your website, which needs to provide good, useful content for potential customers. It needs to be easily navigable and designed to be mobile-compatible.

An important addition to your company’s website is a blog, which is an effective way to increase brand visibility, position your company as an expert in its industry, and increase internet traffic. All these things build up to increased sales.

Content and Keywords

A blog by itself is only as good as its content. An experienced B2B public relations team can tailor blog content to your business and incorporate the best keywords to attract your target audience. Keywords give online search engines a hook to find your company. Ripley PR’s veteran team knows how to fine-tune these keywords to capitalize on the increasing use of voice search on smartphones.

Earned Media Coverage

Content is just one piece of the puzzle for great B2B public relations. What you write matters, but what journalists and online websites write about your company is equally important. So, how do you get that media attention.

For one thing, it involves consistently pitching your story to news publications and journalists in a clean and engaging manner. Your company doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to do that. The Ripley PR team has years of experience cultivating the long-term relationships necessary to gain your company coverage in broadcast media, newspapers, or trade publications

Social Strategy

Don’t forget social media. That’s where the eyes are these days. A comprehensive social media strategy lets your company boost its messaging signal on all the right platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you need help figuring out how to increase your SEO and maximize your visibility, contact Ripley PR at 865-977-1973. We’re ready to help.

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