You know how to run your healthcare IT business—let your PR firm tell your story

Healthcare IT companies require the same public relations services any other business does: media relations, branding, crisis planning, social media management.

But healthcare IT professionals have specific needs that go beyond the usual PR best practices. Medical technology is developing at a breathtaking rate, and so is the infrastructure necessary for managing it. Twenty-first-century healthcare demands up-to-the-minute information, in addition to state-of-the-art machinery and software, and if your PR agency isn’t just as informed about the industry as you are, they’re probably not providing the competitive edge you’re paying them for.


An experienced healthcare IT PR agency can help you:

  • Target the right audience. Your message should reach the people its intended for, whether you’re trying to expand public awareness, enhance recruitment, promote new products and services, or manage breaking news. This means your PR agency should know the right people at the right publications—and how to get your story to them.
  • Prepare for an emergency. The consequences of a data breach can be significant for healthcare IT companies. A PR company isn’t your first line of defense in security, but it can prepare you for worst-case scenarios; construct a strategic response before you need it; manage media access; and help you control the narrative in case of an incident.
  • Focus on your business. When you hire a reliable and proven PR agency like Ripley PR, you’re putting your company’s story in the hand of professionals with proven experience. That means you have one less thing to worry about—and more time to focus on running your business, attracting new customers, and improving your products and services.

Healthcare IT in the digital age is a fast-paced and high-stakes enterprise. It demands focus, precision, and in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology and processes. It also provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses that know how to manage their resources and focus on what they do best. If you’re interested in making the most of your healthcare IT company, contact Ripley PR—we can tell your story while you’re writing the next chapter of your success.


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