Yes, Your Home Service Business Has News to Share

Many home service contractors assume they don’t have any news for their community. That’s almost certainly not true — and failing to share stories about your business could mean closing off a potential pipeline for the leads and referrals that are crucial to company growth and long-term success.

Day-to-day operations for most HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies may not be breaking news. But over time, the progress and evolution of nearly every service business provide the material for the kinds of stories readers and journalists are looking for. Best of all, business owners stand to benefit directly from telling those stories.

Here are some common examples of noteworthy news opportunities that contractors should be aware of:


  • Business milestones: Anniversaries and significant revenue or staffing benchmarks can be an opportunity to demonstrate your company’s stability, credibility and economic viability.
  • New services and products: If you’re adding new service offerings, expanding into new territory or partnering with new brands, it helps to let existing and potential new customers know. Not only are you providing valuable consumer information, you’re offering evidence of your company’s expertise.
  • New hires and promotions: Building up your management and leadership teams shows that your company is positioned for growth.
  • Community outreach: Letting people in your service area know about your charitable and community contributions isn’t just self-promotion. You’re connecting with people who care about the issues affecting them and the people they care about. You’re also showcasing your specific concerns and potentially encouraging other people to make civic participation a priority.

If you have stories like these that you’d like to make the most out of, consider working with an experienced home services public relations agency like Ripley PR. Our team can identify and announce stories that connect with your community, and our media relations experts can help build relationships with reporters and editors in your service area.

If you’re ready to share your service stories, call Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.



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