Word of Mouth: How Voice Search Will Transform Franchise Marketing

“Hey, Siri, how will voice search affect SEO for my franchise business?”

That’s probably not a question that Siri or Alexa or Cortana any of the other up-and-coming virtual assistants available on your smartphone or other devices can answer. If you want to know how your marketing needs to evolve alongside the growing use of voice search, turn to an experienced franchise public relations agency.

Natural speech patterns

Searching by voice is far different than searching by text. In an article in Forbes about how voice search will change SEO, AJ Agrawal writes that keywords and online content will need to incorporate natural speech patterns to be effective:

Most people don’t type the way they speak, especially when it comes to searching for something online. Think about it, when you’re searching for something through typing, you tend to use shorthand (like typing in “weather Santa Cruz” if you’re looking for the forecast in Santa Cruz). When you speak, it’s more likely that you’ll use the complete question (“What’s the weather like in Santa Cruz tomorrow?”). Because of this, it’s growing more important for voice search and SEO to pick up on users’ natural speech patterns.

Long-tail keywords

According to “Digital Assistants: Reordering Consumer Lives & Redefining Digital Marketing,” a white paper co-published by Microsoft and iProspect, half of all online searches will be done by voice by 2020. For marketing to be successful, keywords used in online content will need to be longer and more conversational than in the past. They need to reflect how your customers actually talk:

“Who is the best plumber in town?”

“Where can I get my car detailed?”

“Where can I get home health care?”

“Who can help with my franchise public relations?”

We can answer that last question without Siri’s assistance. If you’re a franchise needing to adapt your marketing and messaging to ever-changing technology, give Ripley PR a call at 865.977.1973. We have the franchise public relations experience to help you grow.

Joel Davis, Senior Content Specialist

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