With the good comes the bad; make sure you have a PR agency that can handle both

There’s been some good news in the world of manufacturing, such as the groundbreaking of an 862,000-square-foot aluminum can facility recently broke ground in Muncie, Indiana, that’s intended to combat the can supply shortage. Then there’s Tesla’s “Megafactory” just broke ground in California. It’s a whopping 870,000 square feet.

Big things are happening.

Of course, there’s been some struggles, too. COVID-19 has closed down many of Vietnam’s manufacturing facilities, which will be play a part on larger global supply chains. And the auto industry’s chip shortage is getting worse as the virus continues to impact assembly lines around the world.

Sometimes, it feels like there’s a bit of bad news for every bit of good out there. Equal and opposite reactions and all that, right?

That’s just life, though. Some days are good, and others not so much. That’s especially true in ever-changing industries like manufacturing. That’s why It’s so important to partner with a manufacturing public relations agency that understands the intricacies of the sector and knows how to help you handle the good with the bad.

We know you have good news to share. Steady growth? New hires? Groundbreakings? New products? There’s a release for that. Our team can help you share big wins and more. From content creation to media outreach, we can secure coverage and recognition of your achievements among your peers and customers.

On the flip side, we’re also prepared to help you on the days where the news isn’t good. Our team also is also well-versed in crisis management, and we’re here to help you get ahead of whatever situation might arise. We’ll help you prepare for a crisis before it ever happens, and then we’ll be with you every step of the way until it’s passed.

Big things are definitely happening, both good and bad. Make sure you have a partner on your side that will help you deal with both. Call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 and let us get started.


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