Win-win: How PR can help improve awareness for your franchisees

(And generate franchise leads in the process)

win win solutions for franchise developmentIf you’re running a franchise, you generally have two goals:

  1. Grow the number of franchisees you have
  2. Ensure your franchisees are successful

Franchise public relations can help you improve both franchise development and the success of your franchisees simultaneously:

Your most successful franchisees are your biggest brand advocates. If you’re not taking advantage of their stories, you’re missing out on a great way to generate exposure for them as well as help them convince franchise leads why your franchise is the one they should invest in.

Franchise PR pro tip:

Creating content centered on your successful franchisees (like blog Q&As, profile stories, etc.) can help generate buzz for both you and your franchisee.


Announcing your new franchisees improves awareness and ultimately, their chance for success. How much are you doing to help promote your franchisees (beyond paid media) when they open their new location? If you’re not reaching out to the media on their behalf to get them coverage, you’re missing on out on improving their chances of success and improving awareness for your franchise as a whole.

Franchise PR pro tip:

Community awareness is crucial for any new business to succeed, but especially so for a new franchise location. Not only does helping your franchisees gain earned media awareness via press releases and media pitching improve their chances of success, but it also shows potential franchise leads that you’re invested in the success of your franchisees instead of just their franchise/royalty fees.


Are you using public relations to your advantage to create a win-win for your franchise and franchisees? If not, give the experts at Ripley PR a call at 865.977.1973. We blend equal parts art and science to create franchise public relations strategies for a variety of national and international franchises, and we can help do the same for you.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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