Why Your Franchise PR Agency Should Know the Industry Like You Do

As a franchise company, you know your industry well. But does your current public relations agency?

When it comes to creating successful franchise public relations strategies that can propel you to the top of your space, you need more than an agency that understands franchising at a surface-level. You need one that also has real knowledge and experience in your industry.

Every Franchise Is Special, and No Two PR Strategies Are Alike

Franchises exist in almost every commercial and service space, from automotive customization to home service, from restaurants to retail. That means a franchise PR strategy needs to be unique, too. It’s no secret that a public relations plan works best when it’s tailored to fit the company it serves, and part of being a successful agency is knowing how to shape strategies that can fit our clients perfectly.

Attracting Franchise Owners Requires Niche Expertise

The only way to build a strategy with the level of precision required to attract franchise owners in today’s market is to leverage an insider’s perspective. Lucky for our clients, we have one. Our agency is built on years of franchise experience.

When I started Ripley PR, I drew from my own experience managing marketing and PR for a national franchisor with more than 600 locations, and delivering results with branding, social media and promotional campaigns for many B2B companies. In order to draw franchise owners to your opportunity, your PR agency needs to be able to create messaging that resonates with your prospective franchisees.

Franchise Public Relations is a Collaborative Partnership

Finally, a successful franchise PR strategy isn’t built in a vacuum. Designing the right mix of messaging across blogs, social media, earned media and more requires a partnership, not just another line item in your company’s marketing budget. At Ripley PR, we’ll work with you, your current franchisees, and your marketing team to create strategies that work. Contact Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973, and see how franchise PR can help your business grow.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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