Why Your Brand Message Matters

brandYour business’ brand persona is more than just a logo or the look of your website – it captures the essence of your company. A way to reach your target consumers and shine a positive light on your business is through consistent brand messaging. With so many platforms available today to share your brand, it’s easy to lose consistency throughout your messaging.

Consist brand messaging creates trust between consumers and your brand. People feel that they know and can rely on you as an organization. Steady messaging across all avenues eliminates confusion for your audience and drives overall brand awareness.

Here are some ways you can clearly and consistently share your brand’s message:

  1. Core Values – The mission and vision of your company should be the essence of who you are as a brand. In order to develop your company’s message, it is best to take a look at your core values and the foundation of your business. What is your business built upon? Do you want to evoke professionalism? Do you want to be known as the best at what you do? Taking a deep look from the inside out of your company will help you discovery who you are.
  1. Social Media – Social media has allowed a nearly unlimited reach to your consumers. However, it is important to keep the heart of your brand message consistent among the various platforms out there. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram all reach different age groups, demographics and organizations. Messaging experts at a B2B public relations agency can help you cater the same message to different audience groups and help you discover the platform that your industry best thrives on.
  1. Storytelling – Storytelling is the way you communicate your brand both internally and externally across any kind of platform – social media, press releases, photos, word of mouth, internal communication, etc. A PR agency can assist in your branding, while helping you discover your strengths and weaknesses as a company. The importance in telling your brand story is capitalizing on what sets you apart.

Your brand messaging matters because it is your first impression with your audience. Regardless of how or what platform people heard about you, you want your communication to drive to the same core message. At Ripley PR, we understand it’s not always easy for a company to soul search to define its key message and brand identity. If you are ready for a branding overhaul or a simple evaluation of your messages’ consistency, contact us today to get started.


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