Why Webinars Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Manufacturers have a great tool at their disposal to boost their reputation and increase the visibility for their brands. Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads and build goodwill.

So, why are webinars so helpful? When a decision-maker signs up for a webinar, they’ve already indicated a certain interest in your company. Over time, this provides the opportunity to convert them into customers. In Forbes, Elliot Schimel writes that webinars can help companies build useful, long-term B2B relationships:

Eighty-three percent of executives say they return to webinars by the same vendors. If you earn executives’ trust in a webinar by providing valuable information, they will become repeat customers. But make sure you’re contacting them in between webinars through email, social media and micro-webinars to keep them engaged.

Webinars are also not throwaway content. If recorded, a webinar can make great marketing collateral for months or years. It can be posted to social media, hosted on the company’s website, or embedded into blogs, acting as a long-term lead generator.

The manufacturing public relations experts at Ripley PR can help your company leverage webinars to the fullest. We’ll develop a comprehensive public relations strategy to develop and promote your webinar series to maximize your visibility. To find out more, contact us today at (865) 977-1973 or online.


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