Why social capital matters for your healthcare IT company


building blocks social capitalPrecision medicine, blockchain, AI, advanced analytics, cloud computing: The next generation of healthcare IT is always on the horizon. You know what else is on the horizon? Data breaches.

According to HealthcareInfoSecurity, there have been 4.3 million health data breach victims in 2018 alone.

While we at Ripley PR are experts in providing preventative medicine for healthcare IT companies via a crisis response plan to reassure patients, customers and investors after a breach, the real value in healthcare IT public relations is in ongoing efforts that build up social capital so that when a breach does happen, the blow to your brand isn’t long-lasting (or permanent).

As Chris Cancialosi, Ph.D., managing partner and founder at gothamCulture, points out, with a wealth of social capital, “… you can obtain any other resources you need — whether that means gaining investors, recruiting experts, or building your team with the best of the best.”

It also allows for the potential for your healthcare IT business to receive a mulligan in the crisis department, should one arise.

If you’re interested in generating social capital through a proprietary blend of creativity and analytics, give Ripley PR a call at 865.977.1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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