Why Press Releases Work Today

The question has been asked time and time again: In the social age, is the press release dead? No, it’s not. Why? Because press releases have moved into the digital age, and they are just as relevant today as posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. In fact, press releases are noted by media as one of the best formats businesses can use to report their news. In addition, eblasts, enewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are great for linking to your press releases for more visibility. So, press releases are as relevant as a social post – even more so. Here are some additional reasons why you still need press releases:

  • Accuracy – While blogs are an excellent way to share opinions and exper-
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    Press releases are as relevant as a social post, but even more so. However, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are great for linking to your press releases for increased visibility.

    iences, they are often that … opinions. Simply put, blogs are a platform for an individual to be heard regardless of his or her education, background, or expertise. Press releases, on the other hand, must be accurate, and the writer is held accountable for providing information that can be relied on and verified by the reader.

  • Skilled Writing – Do you know why the character count on Twitter bothers so many people? Because it is not easy to consolidate thoughts into a limited number of words. If your company has exciting news or a new product to announce, a PR professional will craft your message carefully and with skill, making sure your company’s news gets attention and coverage.
  • Networking and Contacts – If you wanted to get your company’s message onto this evening’s news, what is the first step you would take? You could call the news station, or you could try to call a reporter directly, or you might become overwhelmed by the task and not act at all. Ripley PR knows how to reach your target media for B2B public relations. Hiring Ripley PR will assure your message is getting to the right audience.

Press releases in the social age are alive and well because they serve a purpose. Ripley PR, a nationally-known B2B public relations firm can deliver your message accurately and professionally, through its knowledgeable and experienced team. Contact Ripley PR to see how the team can help your business thrive.

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