Why PR is Critical as Health IT Responsibilities Continue to Increase

According to the PwC Healthcare Research Institute, two of the top 12 industry impacting trends for 2018 are the increasing investments in and development of artificial intelligence and the security surrounding the many connected devices in healthcare facilities, also known as their “internet of things” or IoT.

Given that a breach into a facility’s artificial intelligence or IoT could mean access to HIPAA protected patient information and organization finances or even grant control to connected devices and machines vital for the wellbeing of patients, healthcare IT and cybersecurity services have never been more vital.

It stands to reason then that if healthcare IT companies are needed more than ever to reduce the risk of potentially devastating network breaches, they need to proactively partner with an agency experienced in health IT public relations.

An experienced health IT public relations agency will understand the nuances of the industry, be able to speak to the right audiences, and ultimately perform two critically important actions for the IT business.

Work Toward Positive Brand Awareness

Positive PR and top-of-mind brand awareness takes time to cultivate, and a good public relations agency knows how to gain momentum while operating within niche healthcare media markets. Through press releases and pitching stories to the media, the agency can position your IT business as an expert in the field, work toward or reinforce a positive brand image and help generate new business leads as a result.

Provide Prompt Crisis Control

No one likes the word “crisis,” but when a network fails or is breached under the watch of your health IT business, a crisis of leaked information may realistically come to fruition. To err is human, and since even the best security and IT services are still put in place by humans, mishaps are eventually inevitable. However, a PR agency can work with your IT business to put a plan in place for those mishaps, and the plan will establish an easy to follow set of guidelines for remaining calm and getting through the situation with professionalism and grace.

Considering the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and the increasing responsibilities of health IT companies, we highly recommend finding an agency that will help you increase brand awareness, build and “bank” positive PR, and quickly react when you need crisis-assistance the most.

To learn more about what health IT public relations can do for your business, contact Ripley PR at 865-977-1973 or visit www.ripleypr.com.

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