Why it’s Important That My Company Gives Back

The problem is bigger than most people imagine, and it’s easy to get involved in youBlount County Foster Kidsr own Christmas plans and let someone else help. I am proud to work at Ripley PR, a Knoxville PR agency based in Maryville, because we are stepping up to help foster kids have a real Christmas.

Thousands of children in Tennessee enter the foster care system each year. A surprising number of these kids are in Blount County—at last count, more per capita than any other county in Tennessee. Sometimes they are in foster care for just a short period of time. Sometimes it’s permanent.

These kids are unable to live with their natural parents or guardians because of such issues as alcohol or drug addiction, incarceration, and domestic violence. They range in age from infancy to age 18 and come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. And they have wishes and needs like any other kid.

Ripley PR is again helping find sponsors for local foster children. Each child has a wish list of up to $100 worth of items. It’s fun to help, and to imagine the looks on the kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

Interested? Contact us at Ripley PR and we’ll tell you more about how to get involved.


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