Why Home Service Contractors Need Better Photos

A new basic smartphone has more advanced camera technology than many DSLRs of a few years ago. Even with such powerful tools in their pockets, however, too many home service contractors still make a failing first impression on potential customers with boring, uninspired team photos on their website.

How would these HVAC, plumbing and electrical service contractors respond if their technicians routinely settled for “good enough” in their work? But “good enough” seems to be the home service industry standard when it comes to the photos that represent these businesses to their communities.

Images of your company’s employees and leadership should sell your services. Homeowners are looking for experts they can trust, and you know your techs are skilled and reliable. Make sure homeowners can see that when they visit your website.

Quality photos can also be a key element of an effective home service public relations effort. With access to your collection of compelling, thoughtful images, the experts at Ripley PR can build awareness and establish legitimacy for your brand. Here’s how:

  • Media outreach: Journalists are more likely to respond to story ideas accompanied by engaging images.
  • Brand identity: Consistently seeing your team at work on social media builds your company’s presence and creates an authentic connection with your audience.
  • Brand differentiation: A strong visual identity that connects with homeowners and media can provide a unique competitive advantage and help you stand out in your service area.

If you’re looking to elevate your image beyond “good enough,” investing a little time and effort in company photos could provide a big payoff. For more information about how you can effectively distinguish your HVAC, plumbing or electrical contracting business from the competition, call Ripley PR at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.



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