Why does your Construction Firm Need Public Relations?

Partnering with a public relations agency is one way construction companies can up their game, win more leads, get media attention and improve their online reputations. Other benefits of working with a strategic construction public relations firm include being seen as a thought leader by your peers and customers and being the construction company of choice, attracting potential construction personnel.Two construction professionals share project updates on social media

How does increasing your visibility help your construction company?

  • Construction and building firms need to have visibility in order to increase awareness about their projects. Whether residential or commercial, your work needs to be promoted in the right outlets so the right audiences take notice. PR can accomplish this for you.
  • PR can present your company as an industry expert. By working with print and digital media in the construction industry, PR professionals can get your story coverage, and secure interview and speaking engagements at important construction industry events, furthering your visibility.
  • Building your online reputation is also key in order to attract the best staff. Recruiting the top talent can be difficult in the construction and building trades, but PR can promote your business as a preferred builder to work for.
  • Through social media tactics and website content SEO strategies, PR can help your construction firm build a social media and online following. Public relations firms are experts in social media best practices and know how to create content that gets likes and attention, furthering your visibility with your audiences.

Finding the right PR firm to partner with your construction business and boost its visibility is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure your business’ future. While traditional PR firms can help with basic promotional strategies, choosing a firm that already knows the construction industry, its terms and language, its top industry trade magazines and papers and the leading industry journalists and news media makes a difference.

Ripley PR, an experienced construction public relations agency, is uniquely positioned to get your construction business more leads, more publicity and the attention of more qualified employees. Call the Ripley PR experts at (867) 977-1973 to learn how PR can work for you.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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