Why Do Construction Companies Need Public Relations?

Do you know how good your reputation is, in your field or in the local community? It’s key to branding and marketing your commercial construction company and helping it grow, and the best way to build your reputation is through a good B2B public relations strategy.

It’s not uncommon for small companies to discount the value of a public relations agency, reasoning that they are better suited to large firms with more to lose in the public eye, or those companies that have a negative situation to defuse. In fact, it’s pretty typical for business owners to think they’ll only need to hire a PR agency in the event of a crisis.

At Ripley PR, we believe that no matter the size of your company, an effective PR strategy can help you not only effectively manage crises, but help you grow your business through key branding strategies.

Consider this: the more well known your company name, the more you’re able to shape the opinions of prospective clients. That means that with the communications strategy, you can actually help influence people to hire your company. And if you start building a positive brand before any negative news or crisis becomes a possibility, you’ll be better able to maintain your reputation in the event of a mistake or accident.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is; you’ve got a story to share. Have you developed an innovative way of doing business that’s saving you and your customers money? Have you recently expanded or hired new employees, or won a major contract or industry award? Perhaps you’re a small firm that won a big project over larger firms with more resources. Maybe you have a big community initiative that allows employees to give back or help out the needy. Yes, the news will report negative stories, but if you give them good stories to tell, they’ll want to share them too.

Your B2B public relations agency can help you craft press releases, reach out personally to reporters, and train you how to talk to reporters in a way that allows you to convey your key messages. They can also help you write articles when you’re approached by a trade publication as an expert in your field, and can help manage your social media posts as well.

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