Why a Team Atmosphere is Essential in a PR Agency

When talking to people that are interested in the PR field, many tell me that they are really interested in working in a team environment. I love when they say that because I believe it creates a positive atmosphere in which a group of people can collaborate. We often say we’re not typical and our team-oriented culture proves it. teamwork

But, why is teamwork essential within a B2B PR agency?

  • Teamwork encourages positive communication – Positive communication in any company is essential, but is encouraged and required in an agency. When we brainstorm different ideas, each individual participates and is working toward the same goal. By working as a team, you get to know your fellow co-workers and see what they are thinking. Sometimes being together and talking about your wins and (unfortunately) your losses makes your team stronger.
  • A team atmosphere supports learning – In every team meeting I learn something new from someone. Whether you are brainstorming or working together on a project for a client, you can learn a lot from your colleagues. You learn the way they think, their skills and their personality. I love meeting with my co-workers to get their ideas, even when it involves an area where I am already strong. It is inevitable that I see a unique perspective or gain new ideas. It is inspiring.
  • You are not alone – Whether you are a new or existing employee, you know you can knock the ball out of the park for our clients with the support of your co-workers. Every day I am encouraged and supported by my fellow teammates. I feel they have my back and I have theirs. I want them to reach their client goals! Even in times in where we compete internally for the highest number of attained goals, everyone pitches in to help each other work toward the same goal – to provide our clients with measurable results and phenomenal customer service.

Teamwork is motivational, inspiring and fun. A PR agency may not be the best working environment for a loner, but someone who craves to be around people. Working as a team generates out-of-the-box thinking and helps our clients and the agency grow.

If you are interested in working in this great team environment and love learning from others, I encourage you to visit our careers page to see if you qualify for one of our positions.


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