Who is your Franchisee?

When it comes to building your franchise brand, you need to speak to a wide audience to attract the most potential franchisees.

For instance, meet Greg. He has a successful career in finance. He has spent 25 years climbing the corporate ladder and has held many executive titles. Mostly recently he was appointed senior vice president of a major health insurance company. He finds his career fulfilling, but highly stressful, and he is looking for a change of pace. Recently he discovered that he loves indoor cycling and he is interested in opening his own studio.

Say that you are an owner of a slowly growing national indoor cycling franchise, and you assume your franchisee looks much like you. You imagine they have a fitness background, maybe they played collegiate sports or have owned their own coaching business. You may not have thought they would be like Greg, and that would be a limiting assumption.

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Building Trust with a Diverse Audience

In order to build a successful franchise, you need franchisees. Marketing and advertising are wonderful ways to gain exposure for your business, but when attracting potential owners, you need to build trust. After all, they are putting their money and faith in your business model.

What makes public relations such an effective strategy is that PR professionals convince trusted third-party sources to share your story. It’s authentic because there is no money exchanged in the process. It’s a true endorsement.

Franchise public relations can helps build your credibility. By identifying outlets that your potential franchisees pay attention to and delivering the message strategically to each vertical, we can make your message feel personalized to each audience. We know the delivery needs to be different for a business publication than a trade publication, and we know just how to craft each message to garner media coverage.

We Can Help

With the right franchise public relations strategy, you will be able to attract franchisees from all walks of life while also speaking to your customers. If you’re interested in learning more about how PR can take your franchise to the next level, give Ripley PR a call today at (865) 977-1973.

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