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When you have a phenomenal B2B product or service, you may wonder why business owners or managers aren’t beating down your door. You’ve done some great things, but it didn’t prompt the explosive growth you expected.

The truth is — having a fantastic product is necessary, but not sufficient. If no one knows about all of the wonderful things you do or have accomplished for other clients, you can only go so far. Some businesses realize the power of testimonials and put quotes from satisfied clients on their website. Again, this is necessary, but not sufficient. While many decisionmakers in business will go online to research potential partner companies, this requires that they first know about your brand, have a positive impression, and are willing to invest the time to inquire further. Then they’ll need to have enough trust in your brand to patronize your product or services.

This is where B2B public relations comes into play.

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Different Messages

The basic premise for B2B and B2C public relations is the same. You are building a relationship with a potential customer based on their needs and goals. The contrast is in the audience and the strategy for reaching them. You still have to market to a customer— it’s just that your customer is another business.

Successful B2B public relations requires understanding your audience and what drives the decisionmakers in your industry. Owners or managers tend to be motivated by desires to improve productivity or increase profits. However, they are still human beings driven by their perceptions of a brand.

How We Can Help

A public relations firm with B2B expertise can help draft a strategy for crafting a compelling message about your brand and then getting that message in front of decision makers in your target sectors or industries. They can help determine the best way to position your brand in the marketplace.

There are a number of ways an agency like Ripley PR can help you do this:

  • Create concise and consistent messaging to promote your business.
  • Celebrate your successes publicly through news releases and media coverage. This includes successful partnerships with satisfied clients, as well as other achievements like awards, growth milestones, or sweeping improvements.
  • Position company leaders or executives as experts in their fields through bylines and interviews
  • Finding the best way to reach the right people in your target audience whether through trade publications or social media.

For more information on growing your brand with B2B public relations, contact Ripley PR today.

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