When it Comes to Public Relations, what is News?

When we think of the news, most of us picture breaking news broadcasts of shootings or political upheaval. That’s why some business owners say they don’t have any news to report (which is fortunate under those standards). But “news” includes more than just conflict and catastrophe. Despite what we may think of humankind, we are not as jaded a species as one might imagine. Stories of kindness, innovation, and overcoming hardship still capture our attention. People watch and share tales of exceptional individuals and experiences. We also like to hear about local heroes and happenings.

For instance, I was talking the other day about Knoxville, TN, and some of our local heroes: people like Peyton Manning and Dolly Parton. Not everyone is a fan, of course, but most residents take an interest in their lives, achievements, and visits. For Knoxville PR, having a local hero like Manning or Dolly (even a much lesser known hero) can help capture interest in an event or endeavor.

In fact, there are a lot of different types of stories a PR professional can present about your company’s contributions.

Potential News Stories

  • An employee with a unique story, or one who goes above and beyond
  • New milestones for the business
    • Growth like revenue, or number of clients or employees
    • Business anniversaries
    • Expansion into a new sector
  • New products or services
  • Notable Hires or promotions
  • Big projects you’re working on
  • Case studies- ways you’ve solved a problem for a customer or client
  • Charitable donations- How is your company giving back?

That doesn’t mean the media will cover every new hire or ribbon cutting your business organizes. However, journalists are always looking for compelling stories. Your company has some- it’s just about identifying them and presenting them to the right people. That’s what a PR firm like Ripley PR can do for you.


To find out more about improving perceptions of your business, contact Ripley PR today.

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