When is PR the best choice for your construction tech company?

There are things in life that you don’t really need until you need them. Take health insurance or even car insurance? If you want to get really heavy, you can throw life insurance in there, too. Each month we pay our monthly dues to ensure that we’re covered in case of an emergency, right?

The same principle could apply to items in our home or cars. Jumper cables. A fire extinguisher. A plunger. They may be out of sight or even out of mind, but these items are vital to helping us get out of a tight spot.

You might not know it, but public relations can be just as important. As a construction public relations agency, we provide a wide range of services for our clients. Whether it’s using our carefully cultivated media relationships to garner interviews and other opportunities or creating well-informed content, our team can do it all. That includes behind-the-scenes work like these:

  • Media training: Some interviews can be tricky. Not all, but sometimes. One of the first thing we offer our clients is a media training to help them prepare for those tricky questions and the simple ones, too.
  • Speaking engagements: Our team is always on the lookout for conferences and events where we can position our clients as thought leaders in the industry and shine a light on their brand.
  • Crisis management: A crisis is a service we offer that we truly hope you’ll never need. But, when disaster strikes, it’s our job to make sure you’re prepared for any event that could come your way, from an employee situation to a technology failure.

There’s never a wrong time to sign on with a public relations agency that knows your industry and knows how to help you succeed. Give us a call today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online and let us show you what you’ve been missing.

Amanda Greever

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