When do I need a white paper for my B2B business?

Regardless of what industries that your B2B business serves, having a B2B public relations partner like Ripley PR can offer assistance in the marketing and promotion of your B2B clients. One of the most important aspects of a B2B public relations program is the ability to promote your core competencies of your business and an effective way to accomplish this is through the use of an industry specific white paper.  However, many B2B businesses are not aware of when the right time to publish a white paper for their company may be, as well as understanding the right type of information to share in your white paper.

White papers for a B2B business can help to define the brand knowledge of your business with potential clients across a number of key focus areas. White papers can also help drive higher sales volumes, establish your business as a credible source with other businesses and position your company as a valued though leader for business problem solving to your key markets.  B2B white paper public relations

To maximize the effectiveness of your B2B white paper, understanding the best time to release a white paper to promote your business can be built upon a number of factors, including:

New Capabilities or Product Launch
When your B2B business has expanded your capabilities or is ready to bring a new product to market, a white paper can offer significant details on what the new capabilities or products can do for other business and offer a proof of value for your business. While your company may not yet have hard data on results related to the capabilities or product, you can offer strategic information on how these new aspects of your business will differentiate your company from others.

Offering Value
If your B2B organization has a product or capability that has shown itself to be valued by your customers, you can use this data to create a white paper to share the definitive results delivered by your product. Offering succinct information on the tangible value of your products or capabilities can help drive more brand recognition for your B2B business and can be used to highlight what your business can offer to potential clients using real-world data to substantiate your claims.

Promotion of your white paper is key
If your white paper is promoting a new capability or product launch or offering details on the value of your B2B business to potential clients, promotion of your white paper by incorporating a B2B public relations program with a partner like Ripley PR can help maximize the exposure of not only your white paper, but your business on a grand scale. A B2B public relations partner will help create recognition of your business with media outlets, relevant content to be placed on blogs, social media and byline opportunities, as well as being able to promote your business as a thought leader in the B2B market.

Having a white paper to promote your B2B business can be an outstanding step to help drive additional exposure for your B2B capabilities and partnering with a B2B public relations partner like Ripley PR can help extend the reach of your brand through a concerted public relations and marketing campaign. To learn more how Ripley PR can help you with all aspects of a specialized B2B public relations marketing campaign, contact Ripley PR today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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