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what-journalists-want-digital-ageThe executives of any enterprise know what their customers want, but in order to reach more customers they also need to know what journalists want. That’s why they turn to public relations firms such as Ripley PR.

Public relations professionals know that journalists and customers need the same thing from companies – expertise.

Customers want companies to deliver products and services developed by the best in the industry; journalists want experts to deliver the knowledge and insight from industry leaders that lend credibility to their articles.

In its annual survey of more than 1,550 journalists and people who influence opinion, Cision, a leading media communication technology and analytical company, found that journalists continue to rely on public relations professionals to do their jobs.

In fact, with newsroom staffing levels and media resources shrinking, journalists are even more dependent on public relations firms. This is true of firms that represent B2B companies as well those that represent businesses directly serving consumers.

According to Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report, journalists most value story leads they glean from news releases provided by public relations firms. They might end up writing about an industry rather than a particular company, but a steady stream of information keeps reporters nourished.

The second most valuable resource public relations firms provide journalists is a conduit to experts. Experts can add credibility to a reporter’s story and raise the visibility of their own companies.

The State of the Media report also tracks trends in the news industry, and this year’s notes that journalists are increasingly reliant on public relations firms for video. The migration of news consumers to digital platforms has increased demand for video exponentially, even on the websites of newspaper companies.

Mobile devices and social media have changed the way people receive – and interact with – the news. But regardless of platform, journalists always want to tell compelling stories. Public relations professionals play a vital role in bringing those stories to a broader audience.

Here at Ripley PR, we understand journalists – some of us have been reporters – and know how to give them the support they need to tell our clients’ stories. If you want to tell the story of your business, call us today.

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