Versatility, planning and confidence sets Ripley PR content apart

In today’s public relations environment, content is king. But it has to be good. Poor, dashed-out blog posts that are written without much thought do little to advance client goals of search-engine optimization, positive page ranking, driving traffic and getting brands and stories in front of potential customers.

Here are five things we do at Ripley PR, a global B2B public relations agency based in Knoxville, to ensure the content we produce for our customers is the best in our market and beyond.

  1. We keep it unique. Our content producers regularly brainstorm with clients, brand managers and each other to ensure our work is relevant, engaging, topical and timely.
  2. We adhere to tight deadlines. This helps us stay on task, gives us ample time for quality work, and makes sure we are not just another content farm cranking out content for the sake of content. This also allows clients ample time to review our work, and gives us ample time to perfect it.
  3. We are professionals. We are fortunate to have journalists with years of real-world reporting, writing and editing experience on staff. Ripley content producers are confident in their writing ability, allowing us to focus on producing high-caliber work rather than just making sure our work is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. We don’t just promote your brand, we tell your story.
  4. We write with confidence and authority. Our proven expertise allows us to stick to the proper tone and write for your targeted audience. Years of work within the sometimes technical realms of the franchise, manufacturing, construction and home service industries ensures we can boil down complicated material into accessible content for your customers.
  5. We are versatile. We have a range of expertise in complicated fields and can tailor our work and platforms to meet your goals. Be it blogs, social media, white papers or case studies, our customers can rest assured we’ve been around the block a few times and know ways to get your brand – and story – in front of customers.

As quality content continues to be a major driver in successful public relations campaigns, rest assured we have a stable of writers here who can exceed your goals and expectations.

Content is king, but we’ll make sure at the end of the day you are king of your content.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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