Using public relations to showcase manufacturer diversity and authenticity through employee spotlights

Most people don’t think about where the products that provide them with comfort and flexibility come from, they just want them to work.

But, more and more, manufacturers are competing to build awareness about their brands among consumers rather than just among the distributors and retailers that sell their products.

Consumer preferences for particular brands are not primarily driven by practical factors such as quality or price. Rather, they revolve around the emotional connection they feel toward a brand.

Due to heightened consumer awareness about such things as DEI and corporate ESG efforts, consumers primarily base their buying choices on feelings rather than factual or objective details regarding a brand.

Many manufacturers are now pursuing avenues to build awareness of their brands among consumers. According to a Deloitte Insights study, authenticity wins customer loyalty. Appealing to the loyalties of future customers can require brands to demonstrate they are promoting equitable outcomes in all their spheres of influence.

One way manufacturers can reveal who they really are is by highlighting the people behind their brands. This is no easy task, but armed with an intentional manufacturing public relations plan, many manufacturers can rise to the top of consumer favorites.

Behind every product stamped with a logo lies a team of dedicated individuals who bring it to life. How can manufacturing companies bridge the gap between the assembly line and the human touch? Teaming up with an effective public relations agency, like Ripley PR, can help you highlight employee accomplishments, showing your end users who you really are.

By creating compelling content such as blogs, website content or LinkedIn articles, your PR team can showcase the faces and stories of the people behind the scenes, helping your brand connect with your audience on a personal level. Whether it’s featuring a long-time employee who has dedicated decades to perfecting their craft or shining a light on a newcomer with innovative ideas, these spotlights celebrate the diverse talents and contributions within the company.

Highlighting employee achievements not only boosts morale internally but also fosters a sense of pride and loyalty among team members. When employees feel valued and recognized for their hard work, they are more motivated to go above and beyond, driving productivity and innovation within the company.

By incorporating employee spotlights into their public relations strategy, manufacturing companies can humanize their brand, strengthen employee morale, and enhance their reputation among consumers. If your company needs a boost and you’re ready to stand out from competitors, give the PR experts at Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973 or inquire online here.


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