Using Public Relations to Manage the Reputation of Your Automotive Businesses

What drives the success of your automotive business? In many ways, it’s reputation.

As your business seeks to make a name for itself in the automotive technology or manufacturing world, it is vulnerable to the negative online reviews of how it treats both customers and employees. Learning how to manage online reputation is part of effective automotive public relations.

By the Numbers

These days, most potential customers or job applicants do their research online before making direct content. They’ll not only check out your website, but they’ll look at reviews and social media to get a better idea of the quality of your company.

According to a 2016 consumer survey by BrightLocal, online reviews are an important factor in public awareness of any business:

  • It takes reading less than 10 reviews before 90 percent of consumers form an opinion about a business
  • Online reviews are as trustworthy as personal recommendations to 84 percent of people
  • Positive reviews lead to 74 percent of consumers saying that they trust a business.

Reputation Management

Not paying attention to online reviews of your automotive company will lead to nothing but trouble, but monitoring reviews requires a consistent investment of time and effort to work. That’s not the end of the story, though. Partnering with an experienced automotive PR agency like Ripley PR can relieve you of the administrative burden of reputation management.

Ripley PR offers comprehensive reputation management services including:

  • Enhancing your reputation by spreading good news about it through social media as well as to traditional and online news media. We make sure to get your name out here in a positive, professional manner.
  • Monitoring reviews of your automotive business on the major social media platforms.
  • Responding to all reviews, positive and negative, promptly and professionally.

Reputation management is just one part of successful automotive public relations. Look for an experienced agency to help you develop a winning strategy for your company. Give Ripley PR a call at (865) 977-1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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