Using PR to Promote Your Industry Event

Events don’t organize themselves.

It takes a lot of hard work to organize any conference, trade show or franchise event. It can require coordinating the work of dozens or even hundreds of people, all coming together to create a venue that can promote products, business opportunities or celebrate an organization’s successes.

Drawing a Crowd

After all that hard work, what makes the event itself successful? Quite simply, it’s people in attendance — and lots of them. Nothing is worse than organizing an event, only to have attendance fall short of expectations. Getting the word out about your event requires knowing where to find your desired audience and how to reach them in the ways they prefer.

An experienced B2B public relations agency can connect organizations planning B2B events with the audience of decision-makers, vendors and potential customers they need. A solid B2B PR strategy can help promote your event with just the right messages and the right tone to generate interest from the targeted audience.

Writing in Forbes, Jenna Gross emphasizes the importance of creating an attractive narrative about your industry event that will get people excited about attending:

A sense of fear of missing out, commonly known as “FOMO,” (is) the holy grail of event promotion. For example, if you’re running an event, it’s the sweet spot where people are so afraid of missing out, they can hardly stop themselves from attending.

Let Us Help

If you’re planning a trade show or industry event and want to ensure its success, consider partnering with a B2B PR agency like Ripley PR. Our public relations experts and content professionals can implement the right strategies to get your event the visibility it deserves. Want to learn more? Call us at (865)-977-1973 or check us out online.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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