Using PR to Create Goodwill for Your Franchise Business

So, you’re a franchisor, and you have the perfect business model. You offer a low barrier to entry for entrepreneurs, a smokin’ hot value proposal, and the time is right to dominate your chosen market segment.

With everything in place for success, why would you need help from a franchise public relations agency? It comes down to what your franchise business is actually selling. Here at Ripley PR, we’d argue that what entrepreneurs who might sign on the dotted line are looking for a franchise chain with a great reputation and a reservoir of goodwill.

The Importance of Goodwill

As you build your franchise network, you’re also, story by story, building up the non-material assets that can break your company or push it to the heights. A good name and a great are tremendously strong marketing tool for you.

In March, United Airlines found itself in yet another PR disaster when a person who claimed to be a passenger said their dog had died after crew forced them to keep it in the overhead bin. The company issued an apology, but, according to a story in CNN Money, it fell flat and that expectations for the company were already very low:

For United, or any company, it’s a public relations disaster. But United is in a particularly tough spot given its recent history.

Last April, United was roundly criticized when a passenger was violently dragged off one of its planes to make space for commuting crew members. Dr. David Dao’s treatment gained national attention in part due to United’s bungled response.

How PR Can Help Your Franchise Business

Goodwill matters. Once you’ve lost your good reputation, you’ve lost the communications battle without experienced help. Keep that from happening by partnering with a franchise PR agency. A focused social media strategy and outreach to public and the media will keep the good news about you company in the forefront.

The experts at Ripley PR are ready to help. We can boost your name recognition, promote your business, and helping develop contingency plans to keep your good reputation intact even during a crisis. Contact us today.


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