Using Construction PR to Recruit Gen Z

Construction projects don’t build themselves, but where will the skilled workers to build them come from in the future?

The construction industry is in the middle of a long-term skilled labor shortage, made worse by the ever-accelerating rate of retirements as older workers leave the field.

Your construction business is probably fighting the same fight as your competitors: How to recruit younger workers in an impossibly tight labor market?

Looking for Gen Z

In a Construction Dive report on trends in the construction industry, Kim Slowey and co-authors emphasized the importance of recruiting new skilled workers from Gen Z as they enter prime employment age:

Based on what we know about this generation, construction companies would do well to attract Gen Zers with earn-as-you-learn programs and a clear path to career advancement. According to a recent Barna study, 66% of Gen Zers want to start a career before they turn 30 compared with only 51% of millennials. The industry would do even better to make the case for not just a career, but career success at a young age, and even the opportunity to own a small business.

That’s where Ripley PR, an experienced construction public relations agency, can help. Our team of experts can develop a long-term construction PR strategy for your company that is tailored to reaching potential workers.

Press Releases Are Just the Start

Getting the world out to Gen Z will take more than press releases or posting on Facebook. The old rulebook has been thrown out the window. You’ll have to reach them through the platforms and mediums they prefer — from Snapchat to Instagram, from short videos to influencer marketing, according to Adweek:

To some, Gen Z’s social media habits may seem contradictory: They’re spread across numerous platforms, yet united in their thirst for brand advocacy. … The truth is, Gen Z is a product of the complicated world they grew up in, and marketers shouldn’t expect their social habits to be so simple, either.

Ripley PR’s construction public relations experts can help reach Gen Z and other jobs candidates with the right messages in the right ways. Contact Ripley PR or call us today at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.

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