Use PR to Manage Your Construction Business’s Reputation

Construction meetingIn the construction industry, reputation means everything. The problem is that good reputations are generally built on shaky foundations. Sometimes one negative story or event can bring the whole house down. A company can build 100 sound structures in a row, but if the 101st one collapses, that one bad job overshadows the 100 previous good ones.

That is why it is important to stay on top of your company’s reputation at all times. Construction public relations can not only help mitigate the effect of negative stories, but it can also help build that foundation of positive reputation that can be crucial if you do encounter a crisis communications situation.

How does it work?

As a builder, you know that everything starts with a foundation. If your foundation is solid, then any potential threats can be mitigated.

Having a good reputation within the industry is a great start to laying the ground, but most of your potential clients aren’t builders. They’re business executives who work in a variety of industries, and if they don’t have a current construction need, they probably haven’t examined your business.

That’s where public relations comes into play.

PR serves as the building blocks of a solid reputation that can help spread good news about your construction company beyond your local or industry circles. This can help increase leads, as people connect your name to projects, and it can also build your construction brand in the public consciousness. If the first time someone hears your company’s name is due to a negative story, then you’ve put yourself in the position of fighting an uphill battle on a steeper slope. First impressions are important, and it can take years to change sentiment if people become familiar with your business during a negative situation.

Ripley PR has an extensive portfolio of construction clients. If you want to start building the foundation of a good reputation, contact us today.


Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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