Use PR to Expand your Franchise’s Message

At some point in life, most people dream of opening and starting their own business. Whether it’s a young entrepreneur looking for a first opportunity or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh start, owning a franchise is a good route to go.

Franchises give potential buyers a chance to reinvent themselves by opening up a business with an already established name. According to Franchise Business Review, buying a franchise gives you an advantage because of low risk, collective buying power, brand recognition and extensive franchisor support.

But how do franchises put themselves in a position to be the choice for potential buyers?

If you are a franchisor looking to sell more franchises, franchise public relations is the route to go. Franchise public relations allow you to expand your visibility and reach the prospective candidates you need. Ripley PR has franchise specialists who can broadcast your company’s message and get your franchise brand the exposure it needs through regional publications.

When you have an achievement or any news, Ripley PR has writers who can develop an impactful story to be picked up by local media outlets near you. These stories can further assist in getting your brand out to potential franchisees.

Ripley PR has a plethora of experience when it comes to franchising. We were recently named by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top 10 PR agency for franchises. Our experts will assist you with the necessary tools to help your franchise brand develop and expand.

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