Use Construction Public Relations to Recruit Workers Through Social Media

Of all the challenges faced by construction companies, recruiting skilled workers is a perennial sore spot. An estimated 30 percent of construction workers exited the field when the housing market crashed in 2006, and the labor pool has never recovered.

Digital recruitment is becoming mandatory in all fields, and construction is no exception. The importance of using social media for brand development and recruiting continues to grow. That’s where partnering with an experienced construction public relations agency to implement a long-term social media strategy can pay dividends for your construction company.

The importance of social media

According to a report, “Attracting Young People into Construction Field Positions,” prepared for The Foundation of Wall and Ceiling Industry, the construction industry can no longer rely on traditional ways to reach potential applicants:

For young people, communication involves the use of social media. Social media networking will play an important role in future recruitment. Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming the primary ways of recruiting talent in America right now, (Mark) Breslin says. “It’s not Craigslist anymore. It’s definitely not newspapers. It’s social media. Now that’s a problem, because most people in older generations have no idea what it’s about. They may need to hire a consultant to assist them in crafting recruitment strategies through social media.”

Digital recruitment and public relations

According to research, about 94 percent of U.S. residents seeking employment check corporate social media pages when looking for jobs; however, according to LinkedIn, about 75 percent of potential candidates aren’t even actively looking for a new job. That leave a huge pool of potential applicants that could be reached with the right social media strategy.

A construction PR partner can advise your business on social media outreach and advertising strategies to find the skilled craft labor candidates you need. A social media strategy will also improve your brand recognition while educating potential applicants about your business.

Ripley PR can craft the right social media strategy for your construction firm. Let us help you recruit the best skilled laborers in the industry. Contact us today at 865-977-1973.

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